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Found 9 results

  1. Car: 1999 Honda Accord V6. I recently started having problems with my car starting. It started a little while after I changed out my bad alternator. My other alternator went bad because of the voltage regulator (I think). I'm not car savvy but I want to try to address this problem myself before I take it to a shop and pay out the ass. The car will crank but won't start, and banging around underneath the steering wheel will eventually get it to start. Not sure if its related, but the light behind my D4 on the dashboard comes on when its able to start and it wont start when the light isnt on. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I just got my first car a few months back, a 2014 Honda Accord Sport, really good condition, about 120,000 miles on it now. It's an Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine, no modifications (yet), and it's dual exhaust. I'm just now *kinda* getting into the car enthusiast scene, and was wanting to start modding a car once I join the Army in 2 years. I was either going to keep this car, and maybe engine swap it to a V6 (if I can figure out how that works), or save up and buy a Ford Mustang when I graduate high school to work on. Does anyone have any stories or advice they could share to help my decision?
  3. Hi so recently my brakes went out on me and went to the floor. I could still stop the car but it was difficult so I took my 2001 Honda Accord to the shop and they said I needed new brake lines and calipers, rotors, and pads so I got that all fixed besides 2 of the 4 rotors and pads but the brakes were still spongy and I have no idea why. I thought this would make the brakes so they were in good condition but the brakes are still spongy and im not sure why. Please help me if you know anything about this.
  4. The car: 1983 Honda Accord DX My step-dad gave me his car before he left town. Before I had a chance to get it registered I lost the keys. He signed off on the title, but without taking through emmisions testing, I can't get it registered. The dealership and AAA say they will only make a key for the registered owner. How can I get a new key if I'm not the registered owner? I have the title signed by my step-dad. He's not able to come help.
  5. Hello folks, My 1988 honda accord dx hatchback with the A20A1 4cyl carb engine is having some issues. I need some feedback and ideas on what might be going on. I would post a picture from the web as to what the car looks like under the hood, but from what I read of the "new member" guide in the topic's root, I'm refraining from posting links. Here are a list of problems/symptoms: -While driving, Engine sometimes sputters and dies, or just cuts out. -Coolant blows out of the broken stem that should go to the reserve tank from the radiator. Often causes white coolant burning on the engine/exhaust manifold. -Moderately profuse oil leak. Seemingly from the Valve Cover Gasket, I can't identify any other sources. Car doesn't seem to burn it. -Battery fried. 2 years old. Oozing from terminal. -Replaced battery. Car drove fine for a few miles, but died again. I wasn't present for this instance, but girlfriend reported that smoke came from under the engine. (white color) I have some theories on why it's doing this... Theory 1 involves a bad alternator. I remember reading that if the Fuel pump doesn't receive the right voltage, it shuts off. If the alternator's regulator is fried, then it would provide too much power, frying the battery and possibly shutting off the fuel pump, killing the car. If the alternator is seizing up, that might explain some of the smoke if it burned the bearings, I'd imagine that the belt would squeal, but it might just burn the rubber. The fried battery may be explained by increased power drain (on a 2 year old battery) from trying to start for so long and so often recently. As soon as I'm able to get the car off the side of the road, I'll plug in my Black and Decker charger that has an alternator test mode and see if it agrees. Theory 2 is a bit more... expensive, and I've crossed my fingers, toes, legs, elbows and eyes hoping this isn't the case... but I think the head gasket might be blown. All the normal signs I'm aware of (knowing that a head gasket can fail in multiple ways.) aren't present... the oil isn't milky, the coolant doesn't seem to react when the car starts with the cap off, etc.... Anybody else have any ideas?
  6. Do you guys think these scratches will go away if I use the meguiars ultimate compound?? I have the worst car ocd even when you can't see it and it's under the front bumper. Here's some pictures http://tinypic.com/r/9av1mt/5 http://tinypic.com/r/j7qoo0/5
  7. G'day, I recently purchased a 1997 Anniversary Edition Honda Accord Vti, 2.2 Lt V4. It is in immaculate condition, silver and golden grace notes, electric sun roof ect. You can look it up. This is my first car and I could not have wished for better! I really prefer luxury riding over sports interiors, but I do like a good performance engine. This car has a bit more grunt to it than my mums Suzuki swift, but the Honda Accord weighs about 300 kg's more to be fair.... I am seriously considering having a cold air intake installed in the Accord, which I ascertain could improve acceleration, increase fuel efficiency, and protect the engine with a better air filter. I understand the engine will sound different, but that does not concern me. I am fairly new to car engines (coming from an aviation background), so I am wondering if there are some people here who can share their experience with installing cold air intakes. Was there a noticeable change in performance? Did you burn less fuel? Does it increase engine life? Is there any reason I should not get the cold air intake? Do I need to upgrade the handling if I get one put in? Front strut tower brace perhaps.... I appreciate any advice and information. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I was in the market for a car. I need some help deciding on what to get. So i wanted to ask people who has experienced the ride and is more knowledgeable about cars. I'm going to be as detailed as possible and lay down the situation so you guys could give me a better idea. I would also like it if you guys can contribute fair purchase prices and expense cost monthly. and would getting one over the other be worth it and why. The car is going to be used for commute for work. 40 - 60 miles a day. Whats important to me is (its in order, top to bottom) *most important - which is cheaper in the long run, i plan on keeping the car for 5 years. 1 - comfort 2 - relaibility/low maintenance cost 3 - fuel I have looked at 3 cars that I have in mind. Used 2009 BMW 328i coupe 30k-40k miles. from looking around it would cost me $20k-$25k, I dont care about the trims Used 2009 Infiniti G37 coupe 20k-40k miles. i think the same price as the BMW, i'm not sure. I dont care about the trims New 2013 Honda Accord coupe V6 Brand new. will run me exactally $31000 plus tax. Fully loaded. If you guys have any questions. please let me know. thank you. Your contributation and help is greatly apprecaited.
  9. I have a 92 Honda Accord LX with a brand new $500 stereo system in it, a new engine with only 20,000 miles on it, nice wheel covers, brand new shocks and struts, very clean interior, and good paint on it. Normally this car would go for around $3000 with all of this but with 200,000 miles on it when my engine only has 20,000. How much do you think I could get?
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