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Found 13 results

  1. I’m about to purchase a new car and I’ve got to choose between Audi SQ5 plus 3.0 litre tdi Quattro 2016 plate with 114,000 miles on clock or VW Touareg R line 3.0 tdi 2015 plate with 70,000 miles on clock. both are same price, have similar road tax but insurance is £200 per year higher on Audi what would you choose??
  2. Hello everyone, so I've Polo 9n 1.4l petrol So right after the job I started the car and EPC light came on, the throttle had no response and there was a slight rpm fluctuation between 1000 - 1200 rpm even when in neutral. I will attach videos below for a better understanding.' Every advice will be much appreciated polo1.mp4 polo2.mp4
  3. Make up to $427 per click and qualify for $3,000+ in JV cash prizes, with Commission Abduction! Commission Abduction is a LETHAL high tech app that legally and ethically "implants" FREE ads into top YouTube videos and websites. Our app is proven to generate leads and commissions like MAD, and our sales page is packed with real income shots and testimonials... Official website- https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/qr0df/0
  4. 03 Volkswagen Jetta, car horn and steer wheel controls are not working, checked fuse box and everything was fine
  5. Asuh fam, new here hope yall are well. I'm trying to install a turbo in my car but I dont know where to start. If anyone could tell me what would need to get changed/installed/removed for me to get a turbo put in would be awesome n' dank!
  6. Hello my name is Dennis and I work for a Bay Area Volkswagen Dealership. I got the deal that will make buying the Volkswagen e-Golf a no brainer. Right now if you contact me at 510-910-2237 or email me at duldennis0106@gmail.com. I will work out a $10000 off MSRP when financing on an in-stock 2019 e-golf vehicle. That's right, \you can own a fully electric car at that big discount if you call me today before the promo ends. Act fast before I sell out.
  7. I have an 02’ vw Jetta and I don’t know how to tell if just my rings or bad or just my turbo or both it smokes on decel and on accel but very little on accel please help!!!
  8. So I'm planning on buying a set of wheels that are 16 inches to go on a 6n2 that has 14 inch stock wheels. Are there any issues i might have with doing this like the tires rubbing or anything?
  9. New Energy Vehicle Layout for Multinational Vehicle Enterprises-Volkswagen Volkswagen Group announced that it invested 52 billion US dollars to develop electric vehicles, and began to produce 50 million electric vehicles of various brands worldwide in 2020, and has signed corresponding battery purchase contracts. As soon as the news came out, there was a wave of excitement in the new energy automobile industry. According to the official data released by various multinational automobile companies, Volkswagen won the crown with sales data of 304,000 vehicles, becoming the top multinational automobile company in China in the first three quarters of this year. Over the next two years, Volkswagen's brand will launch more than 30 new energy vehicles, more than half of which will be localized. By 2020, Volkswagen plans to deliver about 400,000 new energy vehicles in the Chinese market. By 2025, the number will rise to 1.5 million. Factory layout: Volkswagen operates 45 manufacturing plants in 11 European countries and 7 countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Among them are three German electric vehicle factories under renovation in Emden, Hanover and Tsveko.
  10. South Korea banned the sale of 10 models built by Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen Group's Porsche brand after an investigation found the automakers fabricated documents related to emission tests.
  11. Hey guys I recently got my beloved VW Mk3 Golf MOT'd, I was considering scrapping it and buying something else but we've got a lot of history togetherso wanted to keep her going. Before The MOT I got 2 new tyres, tracking sorted and a whole new exhaust system because the Cat had gone (except manifold) fitted at Wilko Direct. (The cost of the down pipe and cat was only £100 including fitting, I've been told this is very cheap for a CAT, even for a non type approved one and may be the problem?) I though she would pass easy now, it did on everything except the emissions! It was passing the HC but failing the C02 giving reading of around 0.600% out of 0.200% and only just failing on the lambda. Long story short, I've fitted a new lambda sensor, new air filter, new spark plugs, Forte fuel additive thrashed the car about for an hour to clear out the engine and warm her up and still failing on C02 (but only just passing the lambda now, still passing HC) I went back to Wilko and they checked the exhaust for leaks and took the car to a garage that they use for another emissions test. Same problem again. They ordered in a new CAT and fitted it incase the old one was faulty, still failing on C02!!! I've been to a couple of independent garages and they've basically said that I should scrap it, although it's not worth any money I love the car and seems such a shame to scrap her when it runs absolutely fine and passed everything but the C02 emissions... N.B. the exhaust is emitting a fair amount of white smoke but not at start up, only when the car has been running for a while and warmed up. I've got no loss of oil, no loss of coolant water and no gammy mayonnaise on either caps. I've cleaned the throttle body and the engine seems to be running fine... It's done 107k miles so is getting on but was hoping for at least another year on the road... Any help would be great!!! Thanks
  12. Hi Guys my Name is Mash from Johannesburg As someone who is from South Africa where Volkswagen is the vehicle maker of choice for most, I am so obsessed with cars from this brand. And I hope to find like minded VW and Audi enthusiasts on this forum.
  13. Hello People, I just want to let you know that i've started a cheap car blog, for new drivers, second car buyers, and other that are interested in the cheap car category. Follow my blog, and get filled in by funny car reviews of cheap cars sold in Europe. The more people you share it with, the more cars I get to review! The link is: autoreviewed.wordpress.com Thank you for your time, and happy drivers day, every day!
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