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Found 2 results

  1. I am buying a Unregistered vehicle. It's a 1994 Toyota Hilux Ute/Tradie Vehicle. The original wheels are too large and will not pass the Road Worthy Certificate (RWC). I would swap my Dad's 5 stud wheels with the ute's 5 stud wheels for the RWC test. My parents wheels are 14 inch rims and should be small enough but I read somewhere that the tradie vehicles fall under a heavy vehicle or transport vehicle classification or something like that which means they need heavy or heavier duty wheels and that the standard (Wagon) wheels are illegal. Is that correct or shouldn't I worry for the Roady test? Do I need to buy the original second hand hilux wheels for it to be road worthy? please help I also don't know anyone to sell me the original toyota wheels so this could become a huge headache. Stupid vehicle legality laws
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking at getting my first car for uni and adding better speakers. So my first question is: Ute vs Sedan? I'm trying to decide between going for a 2011 Holden SV6 Ute or the 2011 Holden Commodore SV6 sedan. I just can't decide which to go for however my next question may decide it. Car Audio; firstly, can you install subwoofers in a 2011 Holden SV6 ute? if so what are some decent subs? I know quite a lot in regards to pro audio however I'm a little unsure when it comes to car audio. My budget for audio is around $1000-$1500 One final thing, your probably all going to jump up and down at me saying that a bad car for my first car at uni however i have to regularly drive between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Cairns - up to 1200km at a time and also i have access to very very cheap finance from the government due to joining the defence force. Cheers for any help guys Chris
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