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Found 3 results

  1. Unique car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TVCUNKxqkk&t=6s
  2. Hi, i drive a toyota camry it is my company's car and they disabled the cruise control on it i don't know why but they did it on all cars there's like 10 cars and all of them are new but cruise control feature is not working, so can anybody tell me how do i make it work i think they removed fuse or something like that.
  3. Gday having a problem with my car not charging the battery i can just start the car but as soon as i turn it off I am unable to turn it back un unless if I jumpstart it. I had Road Side Assist come over and they tested the voltage of the alternator and the battery, the battery outputs 1VT and the alternator outputs 44VT I was told that these is something using alot of power and this will need to be fixed by a mechanic, mechanics in my area are rip offs and I will like to see if I can address this problem without some shifty mechanic trying to charge me for a new alternator or something. When Road Side Assist left I asked him to keep the motor running and I noticed I had the air con on so I think maybe this is the reason why the alternator had a high output. I took the car out for a drive for 40 min to try and charge the battery but when I got home and turned the car off the motor would not start when I turned its back on but all other electronics were working (radio, headlines ect) I work a lot so it will be a while before I get the time to get this car relooked at so this post is just to give me some piece of mind until then. These problems started when I left the headlights on overnight so that drained the battery. Now bear with me my knowledge about battery’s is rusty, my battery is new (under 1 year old) and the fluid levels are fine. I think that leaving the headlights on just completely drained the battery and it needs to be recharged at a battery recharge centre (can’t be recharged by driving it) , and the reason why the alternator was outputting a high voltage was because I had the Air con on when Road Side Assist was testing the voltage levels. So what do you think? Should it just be a simple job of charging the battery? Or Is there a problem with the alternator? I am thinking if could just be a simple unconnected wire, a lose alternator belt or maybe something rusted (I’m also having problems with a leaking power steering pump, maybe the fluid rusted something on the alternator) Oh and if it helps my car is blue.
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