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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, helina here, I have just join the forum.
  2. Hello, I’m fairly new to car repair. I just replaced my starter on my 2004 GMC Sierra. After replacing the starter the truck seems to have difficulty starting up. It sounds like it’s having to turn over a few times before the vehicle actually starts. I’ve included a link to the video. Video was too large to add directly to post. Thank you for your help. https://youtu.be/3Pv9iTVYGMU
  3. So here’s the deal, I’m gonna buy a car. I have a couple of ideas but I’m not sure what to buy. Here’s what I’m looking for: some rwd or awd, weighs less than 3,700 lbs, is fun to drive (in the sense it handles and corners well or has the ability to be modded too), 2 or 4 door, mpgs don’t have to be amazing, and moderately reliable. My budget is $5,999. So far I have considered E36s, E46s, and Imprezas. I know my budget isn’t high, but I would suggestions. I really just want a fun light car to do some suspension mods on and rip a back road. Also is are there any cars that would be worth extending the budget for?
  4. Hey guys, i'm new to the forum! Just wanted to let everybody know about my new website theaudiauthority.com! It's a cool place thats going to have pictures, videos, and more articles about everything Audi! Just to let you know i'm not a spammer, i'm a 17 year old kid trying to get a big website so that I can stop working at Wendy's(lol). Also if you wanna send me some pictures or videos to put on the site I would really appreciate it!
  5. I am about to buy my first new car. I've owned 3 used cars in the past (only one bought from a dealer). I live in Alaska so all wheel drive is a must. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me for the most fuel efficient buy that will fit these options. AWD sedan, SUV or crossover under $30,000 >30 combined MPG The most promising one I've come across so far is the Subaru XV Crosstrek. Thank you!
  6. so um, my mom has a chrystler right now, and she was wondering what the most affordable car that she could get that has bucket seats(7 seats) and maybe around a 2011-2014 model. Does anyone know or can maybe give me a list of cars that meet those requirements? thanks , btw it can be in any price range....she usually buys used.... but if its cheap enough, she may let me have her old car, which would be awesome since i dont own one.
  7. Hi, My dad's looking at Lexus SUVs for around $15k (dealer price), but around that price you can only find older 2004-2006 SUVs with 130k+ mileage here in Alabama whereas for the same price you could get a 50k mileage 2011 RAV4, CRV, or other Honda/Toyota SUVs. But he still thinks that even older Lexus SUVs will still have better reliability, will last longer with less maintenance, have better features, have better parts like engine/transmission/suspension/etc than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs. How can I convince him otherwise? Like, are there any good sites/resources/articles with comparisons or sites where I can get detailed car specs as proof? Or am I wrong here, and older Lexus SUVs actually are better buys than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs at the same price?
  8. Is it that time to buy a car? We got you covered! Check out our website http://www.wndauto.net/ and facebook
  9. Hi everyone, my name is Kory and I am looking to get some feedback from a range of car owners. Below I have listed 12 questions which would help in the development of some new technology which is looking to extend the life of every vehicle out on the road. If you could please find some time to answer some or all of the questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time 1. What is the age of your car? 2. What types of cars are they? (For example: muscle car, hot rod, regular daily use, etc.) 3. How much longer are you planning on keeping the vehicle(s)? 4. Are you concerned about the appearance or durability of your car? a. Scale of 1-7 with 7 being most concerned 5. What appearance or durability factors concern you the most? 6. What, if anything, are you doing to alleviate these concerns? 7. How are you monitoring these concerns? 8. What would you say are the biggest problems or challenges regarding monitoring these concerns? 9. Are you using any computer/phone technology to enhance your cars performance/maintenance experience currently? a. If yes, what? 10. Are you comfortable with using that technology? a. If no, what could be done to help? 11. Do you gather information about car trends? a. If so, what’s your main source of information? 12. Do you belong to any car club type organization? a. If Yes ______________(Name of organization)
  10. I'm new and I like cars.
  11. Hey all, in an effort to educate myself and become more self reliant (saving money doesnt hurt) Ive decided to take an active interest in learning more about cars. I drive a 98 pontiac Grand Prix. I just bought it for an in town commute car. So, it seems like a great starting point! I already plan on picking up the appropriate Haynes manual. Also, it helps that I already own a collection of tools (Im handy, just never put that skill into an automobile) So some Q's -I bought this car like two hours ago. What are some things you do immediately after buying a used, high mileage car? Things to check, fluids to flush etc.... -The car runs a but rough (Doesn't effect performance really). From my little knowledge, I think it could be related to a spark plug not firing off. Would you suggest testing them or just replacing the lot as part of a new ownership tune-up? -How hard is it to change brake pads? Thats all for now, but really excited to learn more and work on this thing. Im a big DIY guy, thanks for any help in advance!
  12. So I'm looking for a new car, and have done a TON of research. I'm going to go test them out and look at them physically within the next week or two, but I want other peoples opinions I'm going to type out the list of possibilities, my price range goes from $0 to about $60,000, so if you know of a car that is better than the ones listed, let me know THANKS! 2013 Subaru WRK STI (4 door) - 2013 Subaru BRZ - 2013 Scion FR-S - 2013 Dodge Challenger srt - 2013 Camaro zl1 - 2013 Mustang Boss - 2013 Cadillac ATS - 2013 Nissan 370z - 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - 2013 Audi TT-RS
  13. I honestly DO NOT know where to post this, hope it's okay I am doing it here. Hello everyone, I am 24 years old from Toronto and I obviously have a G licence. (I am from the suburbs actually but it's close). I drove my father's car for years and now I need my own. I have not more than $10,000 for the car and that price should cover EVERYTHING I need for the car other than upgrades I will spend on individually later on Facts: 1) I can't drive manual (yeah it sucks) so please don't ask if I can. 2) I want something sporty (2 doors or 4 or a hatchback). 3) I will share this vehicle with my mother and sister so it can't be something like a Toyota Celica which according to them is " too small and uncomfortable". 4) I love how reliable Toyota Camry is and honestly the car looks great but I want something more powerful but as reliable or close to it at least. 5) I already said I can ONLY afford in TOTAL on EVERYTHING not more than $10,000CAD so if it's even a dollar more it's out of my budget. 6) I LOVE MUSTANGS but doubt I can get a nice one in good condition for the price (they're coming with a face-lift on 2015 and I will probably finance that if I will be able to afford it then) I also hear that the Mustang V6 2004 has a good name when it comes to power and reliability but I am not sure how true it is, so let me know. 7) I love the 2014 Subaru BRZ and I checked it for insurance and it was $245/month. (I don't know how accurate it is but just saying) I love that car. As a side note I also really like the Acura RSX but I think they're too pricey mainly for the fact it's still a Honda. Anyway correct me if I'm wrong. Keep in mind that this is my first car so even if a Lamborghini is only 5 bucks, I still won't get it because the insurance will rape me. So please be mindful when it comes to cheap but insurance costly cars. I will periodically add more points but for now this is it. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Everyone... I am new to this and I have keen interest in getting information and sharing my views that's why I am here and hope you all will appreciate me.
  15. Hi i just turned 16 and have started to look at cars to buy. My budget is up to 8k. Two cars i have been interested in are the Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix. I have done some research and know that they are practically the same (toyota made a deal with pontiac and made the same car) but found two similar deals in my area of residence and cant decide between the two. Heres the link for the Pontiac :http://denver.craigs...2802330271.html. If the link doesn't work then this is what the description says: 2007 Pontiac Vibe, 71,000 miles. Exact same car as the Toyota Matrix. You can expect the reliability of a Toyota. This is a solid car, great brand. Automatic Transmission. Four door. Hatchback liftgate with separate liftglass Large carrying capacity - great for hauling bikes, skis, strollers... Seats in back fold flat, great for car camping - you could even make a bed back there. Air Conditioning, Dual Air Bags, Roof Rack, Sun Roof The front console has a handy 115V plug outlet (that is like a two prong wall outlet). Front wheel drive. New wipers. Tires recently balanced and rotated. Recent oil change. Cautions: Windows and locks are manual; CD player doesn't work (radio does), no back wiper. This car doesn't have bells and whistles but it has a reliable brand. -$6900 The Toyota Matrix i found said its a 2003 matrix xr automatic transmission with 60,000 miles and has a sun roof also. The seller is asking for $7900 but im pretty sure i could bargain him down to $7500. My main delima is that the pontiac is four years newer, a bit cheaper, but has 10,000 more miles and does not have a working cd player (cheap to fix), has manual windows and locks, and has no back wiper. Both cars are in good running condition and seem to have been taken care of well. If anyone knows anything or might have some advice, please comment. Thanks.
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