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Found 59 results

  1. Dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number at +1 877-781-0690 and get second reactions for all QuickBooks Errors. QuickBooks can tailor to the essentials of each connection and expenses not as much as Enterprise. It works marvelously with Medium surveyed affiliations. It is gotten to say that you are referencing what motivation to dial QuickBooks Support Number? Undoubtedly, it saves you a huge load of time. You need not go through hours getting objections and endeavoring distinctive technique frameworks. Basically get on a call with QuickBooks Technical Support Team and license an expert to pick the issue from the middle. Their basic length of alliance and all around data on QuickBooks will help you with discarding the issue at all possible time. Also, the expert will settle the issue from the surface likewise as from the focal driver. You other than get practices from the QB Support Team on the most able framework to avoid such issues in future. Stay by no more and get on a call with QuickBooks Technical Assistance Telephone Number right away. QuickBooks Technical Support Features QuickBooks Helpline Number +1 877-781-0690 is your go-to respond in due demand concerning any issue related to QB. The most astounding perspectives about the QuickBooks Tech Support Team are: – 24X7 availability – Experienced and guaranteed experts to pick the issues – Seek free admonishment about QuickBooks merges and sort out some way to deal with use it to its most unbelievable cutoff. – Helps you with foundation and uninstallation – Helps you discard ruin codes – Integration issues with untouchable applications – Technical assistance to move your data – Learn tips to help your business execution using QuickBooks – Payroll help – Data conversation – Data fix and recovery – Minimal holding up period – Quick and best systems Whether or not it is a chief interest or an astounding issue – the correlative QuickBooks Technology Assistance Number is here to your rescue. What To Resemble For Certified QuickBooks Proadvisors? Call the QuickBooks Technology Assistance Number to contact an ensured QuickBooks master. The correlative number is open 24*7. The Tech Support group melds a segment of the business best experts who help with settling your QB-related issues. The experts take a gander at the matter from its essential driver and resolve it as necessities be. The Assistance Helpdesk will put you on a concise call with a capable proadvisor. With no further ado, just contact QuickBooks experts by dialing the QuickBooks Helpline Number.
  2. I'm trying to put a rack in my roof for a 2008 scion xb. I found these bolts already is there anyway I can use them. I'm trying to carry a ladder maybe 2 if possible
  3. We own a 2008 Vauxhall Vectra (Diesel). When taking off in first gear, the vehicle has little power and struggles to build speed until we change gear or accelerate for long enough. This also happens at around 60-70mph... theres just no speed. We have noticed that after filling the fuel tank to the top, the problem goes away. Im thinking fuel pump, injectors, filter maybe? This problem started after we went through a small flood and got a engine management light... water in the system? Or maybe because we didnt bleed the system after we ran out of fuel? Someone suggested the turbo however theres no strange sounds, noises, or smoke coming from the car. However i have noticed a string smell of fuel/emissions coming from the car while idle. Apart from this the car is perfect and everything is fine. Please help!
  4. I wish choosing my project car was easy but living where the snow seems to never to stop and being too tall for popular project cars like the civic and miata narrowing down a choice harder than it needs to be. So if anyone has any good opinions on a choice I'd appreciate it. But even though I wanna believe I'm flexible on choices my first choice would be a combo of: .something easy to maintain and mod. . Fwd or Awd. . A sedan. . Something that'll last as a daily driver
  5. Jamel

    Please help me

    Hello everyone, i need help to raise a fund for me to afford buy car, recently my car was sold due my father got sick and sadly passed away i sold everything even my own favorite honda city type z for paying hospital bills and funeral., As i am much a car enthusiastic i need this much also for my daily work transportation. I wish to buy a pre owned car worth around 7kgrand. If you wish to help me pls email me: nsidenetserver@gmail.com I appreciate your time. Thank you!
  6. I'm trying to put a rack in my roof for a 2008 scion xb. I found these bolts already is there anyway I can use them. I'm trying to carry a ladder maybe 2 if possible.
  7. I’m trying to find a new gear linkage for my 2005 1.3 smart forfour but can only find spare part for the same car with a 1.1 engine, can I put that in my car even though it’s a bigger engine?
  8. Hi there! My name is Alex and I am 17 years young, and I just signed up for this forum. I am looking for a new car to replace my 2000 Honda Civic EX. The only real problem here is that my insurance will go sky high if I get any vehicle classified as a truck, sports car, or a jeep. My price range is right at 7k, and I need something that looks good. I don't want a stupidly fast car, the only kind of speed I really go for is when the red light turns green and I book it. So something quick, friendly to work on, and fun to drive. Anybody got any ideas?
  9. I’m looking to purchase a used AWD crossover or suv. I want a runner, something that’ll last 200,000+ with proper upkeep of course. Something with good gas mileage, mid 20s and above. I don’t want to spend more than $10,000 but also want it to have less than 100,000 miles on it currently. I don’t have a preference for year. So far I’ve been leaning towards Rav4, Highlander, and CRV. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  10. Hello, I’m fairly new to car repair. I just replaced my starter on my 2004 GMC Sierra. After replacing the starter the truck seems to have difficulty starting up. It sounds like it’s having to turn over a few times before the vehicle actually starts. I’ve included a link to the video. Video was too large to add directly to post. Thank you for your help. https://youtu.be/3Pv9iTVYGMU
  11. Hi,new to this forum page, has anyone had a problem with their bravos plastic engine under carrige trim? As mine has sunk down and is scrapping along the floor when I drive. It looks like it's just bent down in the middle part but all the screws keeping it in place look solid. Any advice?
  12. Hello, I have a 2005 Hyundai Tucson gls v6 And it was driving fine and then I tried to turn it on and it wouldn’t start then I finally got it to start and drove it about and hour with no problems to my home. Then I tried to start it again and it would crank but not start. I changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil pack, crank shaft sensor, and cam shaft sensor. Test all the spark plugs and it’s not getting spark. There’s fuel in the car and it’s getting fuel because the spark plugs smelled like gas and were wet. The battery is only a year old we even jumped started it and it still cranks but won’t start. Checked & cleaned all the fuses and there was a broken wire so we re-wired it and still no start. What else could it be? thanks in advance
  13. grylherme

    My dream car

    Hey i know this is a long shot but I started a go fund me so i can buy the ford F-150 and i would appreciate if you could donate any amount of money just so i can fulfill my dream. Also I’m a great fan of the pickup truck community.And here’s the link https://www.gofundme.com/f/welp-me-buying-a-pick-up?sharetype=teams&member=4757778&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=9e6b78d432994097a41df849551fd038 thanks a lot.
  14. Just had to change the pure valve because my hyundie Tiburon 2006 gt kept on dieing on me after getting gas. the pure valve was really stuck took me 3 hours to remove. Had to use a screwdriver and wd 40 to remove it after I had to go some where so left it for 8 with the battery unplugged but now it won't stay on. it will start than it will make a loud squealing sound like sound than turn off unless I keep my foot on the gas but after I let go it will shut off please help
  15. let me start by saying this is a shot in the dark, but I need all the help I can get!!!! I am trying to find my grandfathers 1984 Porsche 928 and return it to him on his 80th birthday coming up this September. He fought on the front lines of the Vietnam war, and is the most humble guy you could ever meet. The only information I got from him ( I told him it was for a school project ) was that the car was bought in Germany in 1984, and shipped to the U.S in 1985. He bought it for 14k back in the day. It is silver in color with black leather interior. He said that he converted the manual transmission to an automatic because my grandma hated driving stick. smh. He wanted to give it to my mom when she was in college, but my mom didn't have the money or the time needed to keep the car up to shape. She said every time it went to the shop it would cost over 1k, and because it was an import she would have to wait 3-6 weeks for the part to come in. It was a very impractical car for her at the time, so she didn't accept the offer and took the Cadillac instead. lol. My grandfather traded it in for a Ford freakin Probe. omg. He said he traded it in at a ford dealership in Petersburg Virginia around 1988-1991, and apparently some doctor bought it. Thats all the information I have other than the cool stories of his two daughters going over 120mph on highways ( my mom and aunt) and many other stories. Without the vin I can't fin the car. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION THAT MAY HELP PLEASE SEND MY WAY. That includes Porsche forums, or anyone you know or anything about 928s. Thanks and wish me luck. Im gonna need it!
  16. Hey everyone, this will be my first time buying a car since I'm going to college. My budget is under 7000$ and I was looking for a car that's reliable. I will be driving a lot (mostly highway miles) and did do some research on cars and what should I pick. Problem is, different websites had different opinions and that's what really confused me. But so far the most reliable cars I've seen are Toyota Corolla, Mazda3 and Honda Civic. I also saw Honda Accord but a lot of people said its not that reliable over 120k and has few issues. I was gonna go with either Toyota Corolla or Mazda3 but both of these cars are expensive and the ones I found in my area had over 120k mile on it. Which made me a little worried about whether if that's okay to buy. Someone told me miles don't really matter as long as it was well maintained. But like I said, this is my first time buying a car and my experience with cars aren't that high either. If you guys could give me any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
  17. Hey there, Currently, I'm struggling to diagnose a problem with the electric windows of a Suzuki Vitara 2008. All electric windows work at each seat positions with their corresponding switch to control them, they all go up and down no problem. The problem is the main switch in the drivers seat cannot allow the passenger windows to go down, it only allows them to be brought back up again. Im able to get the driver's seat window up and down though. To note when pressing the switch to make the passengers windows go down it does semi push them down ever so slightly you can here the window move. Does anyone know the possible issue and fix??? I'm confused.
  18. So guys i need help Recently i bought a used 1998 toyota camry low milage great gas saver but there's this thing bugging me it has this ani theft system that idk if it's intalled or not because there's no flashing light or anything i have the key fob that came with it as well, i want to know how to check if its installed or not and what to check for to see if i have one installed.
  19. Hey guys so i’m in a bit of a dilemma I am planning on buying a 2012 Nissan either Maxima or Altima. Both cars are the same price but the Atlima’s headlight is broken, however it does have only a 150,000 kms on it compared to the Maxima I am looking at which has 195,000 kms. Both are fully loaded and all but I’m just debating which one to buy I like the fuel effiency of the Altima more but I don’t want to have to wait 2 weeks to get the light and tiny crack (tiniest crack below the headlight) on the bumper fixed. So I ask you guys for your advice which one do you think I should buy?
  20. Hello there, So I am repairing an old Audi A6 C5 Avant 2.8 Quattro Triptronic, and when I wanted to change the rear brakes everything went smoothly, but when I then screwed on the wheels again both brakes are now stuck. I have tried reading about what it could be and the only thing I could find out is that the parking brake might be stuck or rusted in place, since the parking brake was on for over 2 months straight. I have tried taking off the brakes again and putting the old ones back on but the wheels still are stuck when I screw them back on, so it is not the new brakes. Kind Regards Kean Almskou
  21. Asuh fam, new here hope yall are well. I'm trying to install a turbo in my car but I dont know where to start. If anyone could tell me what would need to get changed/installed/removed for me to get a turbo put in would be awesome n' dank!
  22. So i have e 4 cyl. 2.0L Chrysler Stratus LE Automatic, 16 Valve DOHC. Problem: 1. Ticking noise in engine. Probably a valve, right? (I have hydraulic tappets) 2. Main problem. Whenever i hit the pedal to the metal, or push it too quick, or im in a steep hill standing still and trying to start driving, the car jump to 3 cylinders. Even had it going at 2 once... I pull out the ignition tubes that go down to the spark plugs and it runs the same, so it doesnt ignite. But why? If i press the pedal slowly and im on a flat road, the car drives on 4 cyls. But if i press the pedal too far too quick it switches to 3 cyls. Again. The AMS (air mass sensor) is not broken as the car fucks up if i unplug it. So i was thinking maybe a injector? But i dont know. I think it's weird its only happening when the engine is under heavier use. Pls help.
  23. I'm looking to purchase a sedan in the coming weeks. I've narrowed it down to the vehicles below. I need some help making a final decision so please offer up your input. Thank you. Here's the parameters: Must be under $20,000 Must be a 4 door sedan Automatic preferred but manual okay Must be under 40,000 miles Black interior(cloth or leather) preferred Here's what I am considering: '16-'17 Accord Sport or EX I like the styling and they are super, super reliable and easy to repair. I don't like the lack of power and FWD. '15-'16 Mercedes Benz C Class Love the styling and interior. Decent power. Concerned about reliability and repair bills. '14-'16 BMW 3-Series Love the styling and interior. Decent power. Can get the AWD model for similar price to RWD. Concerned about reliability and repair bills. '14-'16 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Quattro Love the styling and interior. Decent power. Concerned about reliability, repair bills and electronics issues. '15-'16 Infinity Q50 Premium I like the styling. Plenty of power with the V6 motor. The interior kind of sucks. Reliable/proven Nissan motor. '16-'17 Cadillac ATS 2.0T AWD I like the exterior styling. Reliability is a slight concern but repairs shouldn't be as expensive as its European counterparts. A little underpowered, to get the V-spec you have to add about $20k and they are rare. Interior is so-so. Don't know if I should get the 4-cyl turbo or the 3.6L V6? I'd love to hear what you guys think? Or what you would personally choose if you were in my shoes. I'm also open to other suggestions as well. Thank you for your time and help.
  24. Okay so here it is I wash my engine with the hose and I didn't cover anything because I didn't know I was supposed to I probably should have asked and looked it up before I did this was already raining I have a 2001 Ford F-150 4 ×4 . So I rinsed off a couple of things underneath the hood because it's always really dirty underneath there and I washed underneath the truck as well because ive had this bad oil leak, at least I think it's oil. It's not transmission fluid I know that and it doesn't look like brake fluid. Anyways it looks like oil. I just don't know if it's coming from the oil pan or from the four-wheel drive or the front or rear differential I just know it looks like oil and it's coming from the front of my truck. Anyways that's not my problem per say my problem is I washed the damn engine I let it dry for two days. I also took out the air filter and had it cleaned.< my husband did that> but I had to put it back in so I thought maybe I put it in wrong. So I pulled over and I checked it. it seems fine but the truck just runs horrible like it shakes now it makes this sound like I don't know a machine gun underneath the front like if you flick your tongue like that kind of sound. It's also running really low RPMs, I'm sure many of you guys are shaking your head but I need the truck for work and I've been letting it dry out with the hood open for quite some time. Also turning on the heater makes it shake 3 times worse. The way the engine is there's no way I can take all that stuff off to get to the spark plugs. I'm wondering if there's anything that I can do? I do notice that the oil leak that was just a few drops ever so often has turned into a much bigger puddles ever since I cleaned underneath it. Any help would be much appreciated my husband finds out that I took a hose to the engine and didn't cover all the stuff I was supposed to cover he's going to kill me he's also a mechanic and he's deaf and thinks that it's not so bad , but I can hear all the new sounds it's making and I can feel it . Please help me what can I do?
  25. I recently bought a pickup and none of the rims had center caps. I looked all over the rim and there isn't a manufactures name anywhere. This is a long shot, but anyone have any idea what brand they are?? Heres a picture of them. It looks like they might have originally had some kind of inserts if that helps any. TIA
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