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Found 3 results

  1. New Energy Vehicle Layout for Multinational Vehicle Enterprises-General Motors According to official data released by various multinational auto companies, Volkswagen won the top prize with sales data of 3.4 million vehicles, becoming the highest-selling multinational auto company in China in the first three quarters of this year. General Motors followed with 2.68 million vehicles, and Nissan ranked third with sales data of 1.1 million vehicles. GM will sell 150,000 new energy vehicles by 2020. Capacity planning: As the mainstream joint venture in China, GM is the first company to realize the layout of new energy vehicles from HEV, PHEV, EREV to EV. By 2020, sales of SAIC GM new energy vehicles (including hybrid power) will reach 150,000 vehicles, and by 2025 the number will rise to 500,000 vehicles. In terms of vehicle models, SAIC GM will put into production 10 new energy vehicles in 2020; by 2025, all GM's Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet brands will basically achieve different degrees of electrification, covering pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Factory layout: At present, SAIC GM has four bases in China: Wuhan base annual capacity of 600,000 vehicles, Yantai Dongyue base annual capacity of 600,000 vehicles, Shanghai Jinqiao base annual capacity of 480,000 vehicles, responsible for the production of mixed version CT6, Velite 5 and other models, and Shenyang Beisheng base annual capacity of 500,000 vehicles. At present, new energy vehicles are only produced in Shanghai Jinqiao Base. SAIC General Motors said that in the future, Wuhan Base will join in the production of new energy vehicles.
  2. I have a 99 Grand Am SE with 186K miles on it. It has had its share of problems within the past 6 months. To call it an oil "leak" would be an understatement. The oil is literally dropping right out of the bottom. I have to carry a quart of oil in my car and top it off a bit to get the "low oil" light to come off. The car will drive about 20 miles before the "low oil" light comes on again. I have to refill the oil every time i park and restart the car. A little history: For the 6 years or so, I'm pretty sure I had a head gasket or lower intake valve leak. These engines are known for this. But I was able to easily manage this. This would cause the coolant to slowly leak, and every month I would top off the reservoir. The oil would leak/burn too, but not much - I'd use just a quart in between oil changes. Then within the past couple years, it became progressively worse. The coolant began to leak faster, perhaps weekly, and the car would tend to overheat in the summer - so I had to run the heat in the summer to keep the thermostat level. In the winter, with the heat already running, the engine runs too cool and thermostat never reaches 200 degrees. At one point this winter, my oil was so thick and yellow sludge from not warming up enough. I am probably going to buy a new car at this point, I think it's done. Just wondering what the problem is or if I could plug up the hole somehow at home.
  3. General Motors and Honda Motor Co. plan to invest $85 million to build hydrogen fuel cell stacks for next-generation green vehicles at a factory in Michigan.
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