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Found 8 results

  1. I just got my first car last Wednesday, a Mercedes Benz 2017 C300 4MATIC (AMG package), with 14,000 miles. Yes I know that is quite absurd to get as a first car but please don't roast me saying I'm spoiled or something. My Dad is very aware of long term durability and overall quality and only accepted to buy a Mercedes if it was from my cousin who sold it to us straight after getting it from the auction (pretty good deal). Anyways, after getting my car, I continued doing research on interior detailing and was trying to figure out what were the best cleaners, microfibers and brushes that I could buy for interior cleaning and detailing. I've been doing a bunch of research but can't figure out if certain things are exactly safe or preferred for the materials in my car. I just really don't know what are the best tools, can anyone help me?
  2. Hi guyz , im 20 yo and i decided to buy my first car ,( not first car i drove tho i was driving shitwagen sharan for 2 years but car belongs to my parents) im stuck between 2 cars. Lexus is a bit cheaper options in my country also a bit older car (produced to 2004) but i heard its really reliable , on the otherhand impreza (the hawkeye im interested in) is awd wich is awesome considering i live in smalltown and have many non asphalt streets also in hard winter roads are really slipy. From what i said i should choose the impreza but i heard they are non reliable and the car i buy is going to be more of weekendfun i want to learn a mechanic a little bit , modiffy it , learn how to drive a little more hmmm sporty i think , i mean i do not aim to purchase is300 or wrx but still learn how to drive a bit faster. Any opinons , maybe advice from previous owners?
  3. Hello, as of right now, I'm a 16 year old teenager and starting to looking into getting a first car. My budget is up to around $5000 and recently I've been looking into the Pontiac Firebird. I have to admit I'm not the biggest car enthusiast which is why I've come here. From what I've seen so far, I really have been liking the 1991-2002 Pontiac Firebirds. I wouldn't mind driving and automatic or manual which is why I wanted to ask everybody here a few questions. Which car would be the best to drive for a first car? Are there any major issues that I should worry about them before buying? What would be the preferred amount of mileage to buy at it? Should I swap out any parts as soon as I buy one? If you guys have any other information for me I'd really appreciate. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and hopefully respond.
  4. I'm currently looking at a first car for around 6k max. Right now I'm in between the Acura TL 2005 and the Infiniti 35 2007 Sedan. What are the real determining factors between these two cars that I should be looking at?
  5. I am a teenager, looking for a used either SUV, truck or sedan(Preferably a SUV or truck). I have up to $35k but I would love to keep it under $32k. I live in the Northeast so it needs to have AWD or 4WD. Also I don't like Asian cars, I just don't think they look nice. Reliability is not really an issue. Mostly looking for a car with good looks and good features. I've been mostly looking at 2012-2014 Grand Cherokees, Explorers and F-150s.
  6. I honestly DO NOT know where to post this, hope it's okay I am doing it here. Hello everyone, I am 24 years old from Toronto and I obviously have a G licence. (I am from the suburbs actually but it's close). I drove my father's car for years and now I need my own. I have not more than $10,000 for the car and that price should cover EVERYTHING I need for the car other than upgrades I will spend on individually later on Facts: 1) I can't drive manual (yeah it sucks) so please don't ask if I can. 2) I want something sporty (2 doors or 4 or a hatchback). 3) I will share this vehicle with my mother and sister so it can't be something like a Toyota Celica which according to them is " too small and uncomfortable". 4) I love how reliable Toyota Camry is and honestly the car looks great but I want something more powerful but as reliable or close to it at least. 5) I already said I can ONLY afford in TOTAL on EVERYTHING not more than $10,000CAD so if it's even a dollar more it's out of my budget. 6) I LOVE MUSTANGS but doubt I can get a nice one in good condition for the price (they're coming with a face-lift on 2015 and I will probably finance that if I will be able to afford it then) I also hear that the Mustang V6 2004 has a good name when it comes to power and reliability but I am not sure how true it is, so let me know. 7) I love the 2014 Subaru BRZ and I checked it for insurance and it was $245/month. (I don't know how accurate it is but just saying) I love that car. As a side note I also really like the Acura RSX but I think they're too pricey mainly for the fact it's still a Honda. Anyway correct me if I'm wrong. Keep in mind that this is my first car so even if a Lamborghini is only 5 bucks, I still won't get it because the insurance will rape me. So please be mindful when it comes to cheap but insurance costly cars. I will periodically add more points but for now this is it. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am in desperate need for help to choose between a early 70's camaro or a evo 8! My dad had a camaro when he was in high school and said he fell in love with everything about the car. He is convinced that american muscle is the way to go. I on the other hand, think that an evo would be a better car because of its AWD compared to rear wheel drive. Plus how much newer the evo is compared to the 70's camaro. My dad wants me to get the camaro mainly so me and him can build up the car and make it a fast, high hp car. If i get the evo i'm afraid that he will not be as happy with my choice of the evo over the camaro. So me and him decided to put this thread/post to see what everyone else thinks. Keep in mind this is for my first car. thanks in advance!
  8. I am a guy who knows nothing about cars looking to learn everything. I am 21 and trying to buy my first car by January, and feel like if im gonna work my ass off to buy something so expensive i should not go in blind so any help is vary much appreciated. I am 6'7 so room is tied for first priority with fuel-efficiency because in June i plan on moving to CA from MD via roadtrip. almost everything else about the car i am vary flexible with i just need something that will drive and keep driving, and worse case would like to know my ass from a hole in the ground should something happen to it. a friend of mine suggested buying a minivan and taking out the middle row of seats jokingly but if thats plausible i have no problem with that i just NEED HELP
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