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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I'm still learning my way around cars and some DIY maintenance and repairs, so any help would be appreciated! I've decided it's time to clean my car up and make it look pretty, like she once did long ago. Theres quite a bit of wear and tear done, and I'm not sure what type of grit I'm going to need. I figured I'd start out with just the trunk, hood, and roof, and if I can successfully pull that off then work to the other panels. I've seen numerous DIY videos from people using cans of spray paint, to using an actual paint gun. I feel as though using the cans of spray paint wont be as effective and last as long as using the gun. I live in Florida and my car sits outside, baking in the sun all day, and I do a lot of highway driving (100 mile commute to work and back). So that being said, my primary concern is the paint's longevity and resistance to the elements. Atleast, enough to last me another 3 to 5 years. I wanted to try and keep the cost of everything down to possibly $300 (max) or under. I had someone tell me to take it to Maaco if I wanted to keep it that cheap, but I havent heard very good reviews about them. All that being said, should I go with the cans of spray paint, or the gun? I'm confused as to what equipment I would need if using the paint gun, including the paint, which I wanted to be a shiny black. A few videos I've seen use varying tools, some say you need an air compressor, some dont. Sorry for the long post! I've attached some pictures to show the wear on the current paint right now.
  2. Just got into welding, so i would like to start a project. I wanted to get a little car, like a geo metro or a ford festiva (maybe even a pt cruiser) and weld a truck bed to it. However, after attempting to do some research, I don't see any similar projects or information for what I want to do, leading me to think it's not feasible. I'm looking for any input on what i would need to do to make sure it's safe, and that the truck bed can handle a decent amount of weight. What I was thinking as a substitute was to add a tow hitch to the car and pull the truck bed like a trailer, but I would want the truck bed to be as close as possible to the car, to give the impression of a single piece. I'm not sure if I would need to weld braces between the car and truck bed underneath, so that the trailer doesn't crush the back of the car when reversing or going over any large bumps, similar to what would happen when you jackknife a trailer. Please, any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey all, in an effort to educate myself and become more self reliant (saving money doesnt hurt) Ive decided to take an active interest in learning more about cars. I drive a 98 pontiac Grand Prix. I just bought it for an in town commute car. So, it seems like a great starting point! I already plan on picking up the appropriate Haynes manual. Also, it helps that I already own a collection of tools (Im handy, just never put that skill into an automobile) So some Q's -I bought this car like two hours ago. What are some things you do immediately after buying a used, high mileage car? Things to check, fluids to flush etc.... -The car runs a but rough (Doesn't effect performance really). From my little knowledge, I think it could be related to a spark plug not firing off. Would you suggest testing them or just replacing the lot as part of a new ownership tune-up? -How hard is it to change brake pads? Thats all for now, but really excited to learn more and work on this thing. Im a big DIY guy, thanks for any help in advance!
  4. Okay, so I got an older grand prix (2002) and have been searching for a way to access the OBD computer so I can view error codes and stuff. I looked everywhere and I just figured out what interface type it has. I found cables, but they're like $60!! I can't spend that much! I have heard of people making cables to interface the OBD computer from a laptop serial port. Does anyone have information on how to do this or a place to find a cheap (less than $10) cable? Thanks in advance!
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