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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! I am tired of surrounding noise while travelling that's why I planned to install sound deadening mats in my Nissan. However, I am confused between two options Dynamat and FatMat foams. If we talk about features then both are self-adhesive and probably most of you have already heard about Dynamat because its a popular option. However, I am also considering FatMat thickness and durability features. All in all, I am confused. I also found several other sound deadening options here https://soundproofempire.com/best-sound-deadening-for-the-money/. So, you can also suggest me any according to your experience. It would be great if you share your experience and then suggest me any self-adhesive sound deadening foam. However, you are also sharing your views about Dynamat and FatMat as well. Secondly, did you ever use any DIY sound deadening mat? If yes, then share its tutorial with me. I am waiting for your serious suggestions and ideas.
  2. For all you PetrolHeads and GearHeads our these I introduce an app to you for Android! Rev-Amp Car sounds! Featuring ★A Huge collection of car sounds spread across 3 Apps!! ★over 400 Unique High quality sound clips with no re-used sounds or duplicates! ★Separate Revving and Acceleration Sound buttons for you to enjoy what sounds you want, whenever you want ★MASSIVE 2000x1200 Resolution car pictures, showcasing amazing detail of every car with FULL HD SUPPORT! ★Beautiful animated interface, allowing easy use and convenience when finding your favorite cars! >>TRY FOR FREE! NOW Rev-Amp: Lite | http://goo.gl/2J1h1x >>Get it now for ANDROID on GOOGLE PLAY! Rev-Amp: Muscle Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/a2mDTg Rev-Amp: Exotic Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/RLMsW1 Rev-Amp: Tuner Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/UCBnZy scan the image above for QR Codes! This app has been developed by Sockeater Studios Follow us on Twitter! : https://twitter.com/SockeaterStudio Like us on Facebook! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sockea...319?ref=stream
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