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Found 4 results

  1. Trust Christian von Koenigsegg to do something insane, like hosting a press conference in the halls of the now-canceled Geneva International Motor Show. But when Koenigsegg does something outrageous, they go big; or in the case of the new Koenigsegg Gemera, they go 'mega'. While Koenigsegg has previously only developed two-seater hypercars, the Gemera is the first of a new breed, the first Koenigsegg built to be enjoyed by four occupants. It's not a hypercar, it's a 'Mega GT' car, and it's changing the high-performance game before it's even a week old. Not only will the Gemera seat four (the name is derived from the Swedish term 'to offer more'), but it'll do so while providing stellar performance to the tune of 1,727 horsepower and an incredible 2,581 lb-ft of torque. Making use of a mid-mounted three-cylinder engine and three batteries, Koenigsegg claims the Gemera will sprint from 0-62 mph in 1.9 seconds and reach speeds in excess of 240 mph. It's a brave new world for the Swedish hypercar maker, once again innovating where others stick to the tried and trusted. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THE CAR LOOKS: https://shrinke.me/6b8d
  2. Hi all, As someone who doesn't know anything about cars, I was wondering if I could get some advice about Hybrid 4WDs. I am thinking of replacing my car this year and hoping to buy a hybrid vehicle to become more environmentally friendly. I do a lot of driving, approx 12500miles a year, including commuting, driving on country roads and regularly driving for 3hrs + continuously. My current car is a Toyota Auris diesel 2.0 engine and I like the acceleration it provides. I have been thinking about getting a 4WDfor SUV type car but I don't known much about them. Is it likely there will be many second hand/previously owned cars available or will buying it brand new be more realistic. I want something that will go the distance and have good acceleration that isn't too ridiculously expensive. Any thoughts welcomed! Thanks
  3. I'm currently 17 and I live in Lithuania. 6 months later I will receive my drivers license. What should I focus on buying my first car? I don't have like a favorite manufacturer or a car that I'm liking. My budget - about 900 EUROS (~ 970 USD). What should I consider? I prefer gas+petrol or diesel only. 4 door Sedan or Universal would be best.
  4. Hi everybody. I need some opinions. I've had my license for about a year, and I'm going to be needing a car before I move off to college. I'm moving from California to Kansas within a year or two. I have no preferences other than: 4wd, decent gas mileage(~20mpg) and reliable. Could settle for a small truck or a jeep-type vehicle. Also, being a soon-to-be college student I have a measly budget of around $10k. Any opinions and explanations are welcome. Thank you all!
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