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Found 5 results

  1. A friend of mine was involved in an accident and his Toyota Camry 2008 was hit from the rare side. The car was taken to the panel beaters. The panel beaters have cut the boot of the car and are trying to replace it with a new boot from another car. The car pictures are attached below *The red car is the one to be joined. I am worried as to how safe the car will be after the work. Your advice will be appreciated as to how safe and durable the car will be after the repair.
  2. Hello everyone! So I bought a 2008 Camry with under 100,000 miles on it for about $8,000. It now has hit 150,000 and I am debating when I should consider selling it or just keeping it. Big caveat is that it is a salvage title. After careful inspection, there was no internal damage on the front but after a couple of years, I have noticed that the paint job was not done well and now it's peeling and there are some rust spots. The car drives fantastic and I've had no issues with it other than standard servicing when it was due. I am a big Ramsey guy so I only plan to buy cars in cash.
  3. I have a 2008 Hyundai Accent. About 4 months ago, it started to present a bunch of issues over the course of a week. I'll list them, to keep it short. Usually doesn't start in park Usually starts in neutral (if not, letting the car move a little in neutral usually fixed it) Usually doesn't go in reverse (some days it would work fine, other days, it wouldn't go in reverse at all) No PRNDL lights on dash (the area is blank where it usually is) Not shifting gears properly, downshifting suddenly when driving, starting in 2nd gear "Lurching" when put into drive or reverse (when working) Check engine light reading the "neutral safety switch" Some unrelated issues that I don't think are relevant, but I'll list them anyways. This car is a piece of garbage, afterall. TPSM light on Airbag light on The following repairs were attempted (in this order) to solve the problem. It was mostly fixed the problem, temporarily (for about 3 months, and now it's worse than ever) Neutral safety switch replaced Transmission output sensor replaced Transmission input sensor replaced Transmission oil pan replaced (it was cracked) Transmission oil drained + replaced As of today, I took the car to a transmission specialist. I believed it was a wiring issue, considering I'd replaced nearly every "part" that it could have been, besides the transmission. He too told me he believed it was a wiring issue. After looking at it for a whole 4 days, he calls me and just tells me "the transmission has an internal error", and that it needs to be replaced. The PRNDL switch is a symptom of transmission failure. I pressed about it a little bit, asking why he thought it was a transmission failure, and he gave me a loop around and didn't say anything else. I am not a car guy, so please tell me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't make any sense to me. Why would a PRNDL switch error reading on my check engine light be a symptom of a failed transmission? And why did I go 4 months with it driving nearly fine? Any, ANY help would be appreciated. I'm not really sure where to turn.
  4. Hey guys not sure if I can post my car problems here but I’ll give it a try anyway, my Mercedes sprinter 2008 315 CDI has been having problems lately with losing power and a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust... my local mechanic did a forced regen on the dpf plus a second hand transmission has also been put in. The air filter is fine also.The mechanic checked with a code reader and he said it was a dpf problem and was blocked 60% but after the forced regen it went down below 5% which was good.however today when I drove It was driving fine for about 20 minutes and then the engine light came on and starts flashing and as soon as this happens the car loses all power. I was going up a hill on the highway doing 40km/hr in a 110km/hr zone With my foot fully on the pedal and no power at all! my mechanic said it isn’t normal for it to be losing so much power and I’m bringing the van back to him soon but I’m curious myself with that’s happening. He said the engine light flashing is because it’s doing a clean through the dpf but He said that it should lose that much power. If you guys could help me at all with what you think is wrong would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  5. Gfs 2008 Jeep Patriot strange noise? Description on video explains any ideas or advice?
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