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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there everyone. How's this for my first post. I've been having trouble with my partner's 1997 ford laser. We had completed a head unit swap over with no issues, and all had worked fine. A little while later we had changed the battery out and something must have surged as we had blown the main 100amp fuse in the engine compartment. No worries, we replaced it and everything was fine.... but not the radio, clock, or interior lights. Now I understand checking fuses if the very first thing you do. So I did just that. I had checked every single fuse from the engine compartment, to the drivers kick panel, and even inline fuses under the dash all with the help of a multimeter. Every fuse I had checked though was perfectly fine and was putting out the 12 volts. Yet for some reason, they don't want to work. As for the radio, it's only the yellow 12 volt constant wire not receiving any power. As for the clock and interior lights... not too sure as to why they're not working. I'm not too bad with these sorts of things. But after going over every single fuse, forum, owner's manual, and everything else you could imagine... I'm finally stuck. If there's anything obvious I may have missed or someone who has had a similar issue, please let me know so I can get this damn thing off my mind once and for all. If the above is not as descriptive or in-depth enough, I'm more than happy to provide either a photo or video to help make things a little easier. Many thanks in advance guys, really appreciate anyone going to the effort to help us out. Cheers, -Michael 😁
  2. I found a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 200k miles on it on Craigslist and also a 1997 Chevy Cavalier with 88k miles on it. Obviously, 88k miles is a lot less than 200k miles, but I'm wondering if it would even matter considering Toyotas run forever. I need a reliable car for college (I will be commuting everyday for college this fall) and both have minimal/no rust. My mom owns a 1999 Toyota Camry and it is still running today (over 200k miles, check engine light is on but not sure what the problem is, it is also very loud), so a Corolla would still be a good choice based on what I've heard and seen. Which should I go with? I do not drive a lot outside of the fact that I will be going to college (about 20-25 miles there and back). I also would take very good care of whichever one I go with (oil changes, washing, driving), but is the Chevy the best choice because it has the lower miles? I live in Upstate NY, so the winter is definitely harsh on cars here. Thanks for the help!
  3. G'day, I recently purchased a 1997 Anniversary Edition Honda Accord Vti, 2.2 Lt V4. It is in immaculate condition, silver and golden grace notes, electric sun roof ect. You can look it up. This is my first car and I could not have wished for better! I really prefer luxury riding over sports interiors, but I do like a good performance engine. This car has a bit more grunt to it than my mums Suzuki swift, but the Honda Accord weighs about 300 kg's more to be fair.... I am seriously considering having a cold air intake installed in the Accord, which I ascertain could improve acceleration, increase fuel efficiency, and protect the engine with a better air filter. I understand the engine will sound different, but that does not concern me. I am fairly new to car engines (coming from an aviation background), so I am wondering if there are some people here who can share their experience with installing cold air intakes. Was there a noticeable change in performance? Did you burn less fuel? Does it increase engine life? Is there any reason I should not get the cold air intake? Do I need to upgrade the handling if I get one put in? Front strut tower brace perhaps.... I appreciate any advice and information. Thank you.
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