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Found 6 results

  1. We own a 2008 Vauxhall Vectra (Diesel). When taking off in first gear, the vehicle has little power and struggles to build speed until we change gear or accelerate for long enough. This also happens at around 60-70mph... theres just no speed. We have noticed that after filling the fuel tank to the top, the problem goes away. Im thinking fuel pump, injectors, filter maybe? This problem started after we went through a small flood and got a engine management light... water in the system? Or maybe because we didnt bleed the system after we ran out of fuel? Someone suggested the turbo however theres no strange sounds, noises, or smoke coming from the car. However i have noticed a string smell of fuel/emissions coming from the car while idle. Apart from this the car is perfect and everything is fine. Please help!
  2. I have a 2004 Ford Everest diesel, that is a finicky starter. Where I live (1540m elevation and average temp of around 20° C) she will not start (first start of the day) until about the 3rd round of cranking. While cranking, white smoke puffs from the exhaust, and upon starting it belches grey smoke. After running, she may start right up after a few to several hours, but once sitting for a prolonged period or overnight, the hard start cycle continues. When I was at sea level and about 30° temp she started right up after sitting for an extended period most of the day, overnight, and into the next day. I've tried cranking when the glow plug indicator goes out, I've tried keeping the ignition on for an extended time, and I've even tried cycling the glow plugs a few times before cranking, but it's the same issue. The glow plugs are good (recently replaced), starter is good, and battery is good, so now I'm at a loss... Thanks!
  3. I was wondering if a car with low redline (really low , as in 3000 RPM at most) can be competitive in racing against your average modified car (300 hp , 230 ftlb , 2500 lbs)provided it has enough power. Also can a car with really high toruqe but low power be competitive as well ,?
  4. Hi, first time here but looking for some advice from someone with some experience. Im looking to get a new car, mainly because I sail small dinghies and need to tow one around without destroying my fuel economy and I was under the impression that the torque of a diesel would deal with the added wind resistance better (they don't add much in the way of weight, just size). Due to some good reviews and some drives in a friends I was looking at a ford focus hatchback, no more than 3 years old, and found that around my price range (8k) I could get either a 2010 1.8l or a 2011 1.6. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations as to which would better for dealing with relatively long journeys with a boat behind?
  5. People travel states to get to our cars, trucks and suv's. SERIOUSLY the best prices on pre-owned high end vehicles in the state of California. Surf our inventory and see for yourself. www.bandbmotorsports.com Call me anytime if you have any questions about any of our vehicles or if you just need advice about a purchase. I'd be happy to help you out. Shon Miller Internet Sales Director B&B Motorsports 925-222-1317
  6. Hi guys, I read that BMW M performance now puts diesel engines in their cars ( http://www.autocompa...ce-goes-diesel/ ), what do you think? A diesel in a sports car...? Hmm, I don't know.. The specs are great though!
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