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Found 6 results

  1. I got my car protected with PPF at Line Zero Protection in Camarillo, CA. They did an amazing job and have great customer service. I can't wait to get my other cars done by them. They also offer ceramic coating and vinyl wraps as well. An example of their work.
  2. Smart Contract Analytics (SCA) Platform is based on AI / ML and specifically uses NLP and pattern recognition to process the contracts and extract the metadata. The platform is hosted on the AWS cloud that takes advantage of all security features that AWS provides along with the high availability and scalability features with GDPR compliances. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning capabilities: The SCA Platform uses Deep learning Neural Network models like Bi-LSTM, CNN, and other models that leverage state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) based modeling techniques such as Word2Vec and Bi-directional Encoder Representations with Transformers to develop a semantic understanding of the document contents and further extract relevant entities and clauses. Product features: 1) NLP and deep learning techniques for extracting metadata 2) Export the extracted data to Excel or client desired format and push the extracted data into any CLM or downstream system 3) Support of foreign languages (currently supported languages include Spanish and German) and rest of the languages are in the planned roadmap 4) Generate dynamic ML models based on the contract type 5) The Platform has adaptors to various data sources to obtain legacy documents (FTP, Google Drive, SharePoint, dropbox, box, S3, and others, etc.) 6) The Platform can segregate the contracts based on the type of the contract (i.e. MSA, NDA, and SOW, etc.) 7) Ability to rename the contracts – standardize naming conventions if needed. 😎 Document OCR capability with the ability to convert images, unsearchable pdf, and scanned documents into text. 9) Metadata configurability 10) Integrated Quality Control tools for verification and validation of extracted clauses/metadata. 11) Compare two executed contracts of the same type to show the differences 12) Compare executed contracts with the standard template at a section/clause level 13) Notifications / Alerts engine that sends out notifications to email/text messages ( for example contracts expiring in 30/60/90 days, contracts that have an “Auto Renew” clause or Contracts that are not countersigned and several others based on the configured attributes. 14) Show all the contracts executed with specific Vendor ( or by account) in a hierarchical manner 15) Hierarchical mapping of the contracts assuming enough linkage attributes are available within the executed contracts or tracked in a CLM system 16) Open API that can be integrated with any 3rd party systems Analytics capabilities: The Smart Contract Analytics Platform comes with the following out of the box analytics capabilities based on the metadata extracted from the documents: • number of contracts that are coming up for renewal by period (30 /60/90 days) • Number of Contracts with Net payment terms as 30 days, 45 days and 90 days, etc. • Number of SOW’s / MSAs / Other Types of Contracts by the supplier • Show contracts by the specified metadata (ex: “tell me how many contracts have clause ‘Indemnity’.”) • number of contracts that have “Auto Renew” option • number of contracts that have an Insurance Liability clause with specified $ amount • Several others based on metadata and meta fields. For more information visit now: https://www.docskiff.ai/
  3. I'm about a month new I have a truck with more rust underneath it that I know what to do with.I replaced my rear differential by myself amazing since it still makes that knocking sound. thanks YouTube. My Ford F-150 has so many miles on it I'm surprised it still runs🙄 a lot keeps happening to it so I'm going to be on here asking people a lot of questions because like I stated if it's on YouTube I think I can do it. let me tell you something the bunch of BS and because my husband is mechanic he won't work on it. 🤬 he thinks I should trade it in? which entitles me to have to get what he considers a "real job" 🤨 and I don't want to👎 I'm hard-working, I just dont want to work for anybody else! I work for myself. I'm 35 and eager to get my hands dirty. I waited three years to get a bearing in my wheel fixed because "he just doesn't want to do it." And now I've come to the plethora of men and women in this car forum to get some much-needed help and advice. So think what you want 🤔just help when it's needed. Please .... it is my pleasure to meet each and every one of you that I come acrossed and get advice from and know that it's always appreciated. 👋
  4. Waymo, Google's self-driving car division, will start testing its new fleet of minivans on public roads in California and Arizona later this month. The minivans, built in collaboration with Fiat Chrysler, are Chrysler Pacifica hybrids outfitted with Waymo's own suite of sensors and radar. Waymo and FCA announced their partnership in May.
  5. have purchased “i10 Magna” car from Sanjay Hyundai, Pune. This car was delivered to me in the second week of January 2008. My car has developed two faults in less than three moths of use, when the car has not even run 3000 km. These are obviously design problems or serious quality issues in Hyundai i10 car. 1. On April 07, 2008 major accident was averted when my car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, when I was negotiating a ‘U’ turn. I was later told by the mechanic, of Sanjay Hyundai that the left side axle had come off. This is a serious problem which can cause injury to life and property of driver/passenger. I consider my self lucky that no fast moving vehicle banged into me when the car stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. I fail to understand how a new car that has not even run 3000 kms can develop such a serious problem. This clearly shows that there is a design problem in the model i10 or quality problem with the particular vehicle supplied to me. 2. Another minor problem cropped up within one month of purchase of the car. Wiper motor of the vehicle suddenly started and stopped, on its own, without switching on the wiper. Wiper motor had been replaced to solve this problem.
  6. RSVP & info ON FACEBOOK!!!: http://www.facebook.com/events/493038784063584/ Pre-Register before 12/15 and SAVE!! Email any Questions to: MulhollandAutoClub@Gmail.com What: Mulholland Auto Club is hosting an Open Track event! Open to Any Make & Model All Grip, NO Drift. When: December 22nd; 8am-5pm (AM Session: 8-12; PM Session 1-5) Where: Willow Springs International Raceway - Streets of Willow Price: Preregistration: 1/2 Day: $65 (8am-12; 1-5pm) Full Day: $120 Week-Of Registration: (After 12/15) 1/2 Day: $80 (8am-12; 1-5pm) Full Day: $150 Skid Pad: $10 (included in Full Day Package) Helmet Rental: $10 1/2 day registered drivers are encouraged to stay and spectate! A 50% Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations. No Cancellations may be made after Dec 14th. All drivers must have Valid Drivers License. Spots will be on first come, first served basis. Day-of Registration is not guaranteed. Spot will be reserved when payment is received. Download Registration form & return to: MulhollandAutoClub@gmail.com https://www.dropbox.com/s/89io479p4ditmpn/MulhollandAutoClub_Registration.doc Grouping: Drivers will be placed into groups according to Track Experience and vehicle specs. No more than 12 vehicles will be on the track at any given moment! -Beginners (FIRST TIME TRACKERS) -Intermediate (MUST HAVE TRACK EXPERIENCE) -Experienced (MUST HAVE 10+ TRACK DAYS) Schedule: (AM: 8am-12am; Skid Pad 12-1; PM: 1pm-5pm) 7 a.m.: Gates Open for Tech-Inspection and preparation! 7:30: MANDATORY Drivers Meeting for all FULL DAY and AM Participants 8-12: LIVE Track for Full Day & AM Participants 12-1: Skid Pad!!! ($10 additional Fee, INCLUDED in Full Day Package!) 12:30: MANDATORY Drivers meeting for FULL DAY and PM Participants 1-5: LIVE Track for Full Day & PM Participants Full schedule will be released shortly. Open Track means NO Wheel-to-Wheel RACING. Any out of control drivers will be removed from the track IMMEDIATELY for the remainder of the day. No refunds will be issued!
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