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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, can anyone recommend a good car design study program somewhere in Europe (preferably Portugal, Germany or Spain)?
  2. Maruti Suzuki has increased the price of the Ertiga minivan. The upgraded Suzuki Ertiga has launched 3 months ago in April and is priced at Rs 8.35. (Example: showroom). However, after the price increase, the car will cost more than Rs 6,000. The company said the price increase was effective immediately. Maruti has also announced that from now on all Ertiga variants will have ESP and hill-start assist as standard. Previously, these features were only available in the automatic and premium versions. The price increase will include all manual variants and it could be due to these extra features. The new generation Ertiga comes with a new metallic teak finish and two-tone fabric seats. The interior is equipped with a 7-inch Smartplay Pro infotainment system and a voice assistant that can be activated with the command "Hi Suzuki" with connected car technology called Suzuki Connect that offers more than 40 features. The vehicle can be accessed remotely via a compatible smartwatch and connected by voice via the Suzuki Connect skill for Amazon Alexa. Customers can remotely access and operate AC functions, lock doors, turn off headlights, hazard lights, alarms and more through these devices. Tech includes additional safety features like four airbags, electronic stability control, and hill-start assist. Other features include a parking camera, cruise control, automatic headlights, automatic climate control, color MID, power-folding ORVM, air-cooled cup holders and vents for both three rows of seats. The new Ertiga is powered by a new 1.5L K-Series twin turbofan, dual VVT with idling start/stop technology. It produces 101 hp and 136 Nm of torque. Customers can also opt for a 6-speed torque converter transmission with paddle shifters. It gives a speed of 20.51 km / l in the manual version and 20.30 km / l when combined with the automatic transmission. The new Ertiga is also offered with CNG in the VXI and ZXI variants. The CNG variant gives a speed of 26.11 km/kg. Maruti Suzuki has updated the Ertiga MPV with more standard safety features. This update will increase the safety rating of the popular MPV. With the update, all Ertiga variants will receive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill-Keep Assist as standard on all variants. These security features were previously exclusive to the automatic variants, and this decision has now added these features to the manual variants. Maruti offers four airbags and brake assist in higher performance variants, while the standard kit includes two airbags, ABS, rear parking sensors, ISOFIX child seat anchors, ESP and assist. steep departure mentioned above. Ertiga has received a three-star Global NCAP rating for adult and child safety. The test rated the minivan's fuselage and floor as "unstable". However, the new Ertiga offers a more standard safety kit. Other features of the Ertiga are the new metallic teak finish and two-tone fabric upholstery. The interior is equipped with a 7-inch Smartplay Pro infotainment system and it also comes with a voice assistant that can be activated with the command “Hi Suzuki” with Suzuki Connect offering more than 40 features. It also has compatible smartwatches and voice connectivity via the Suzuki Connect skill for Amazon Alexa. Customers can remotely access and operate AC functions, door locks, headlights, hazard lights, alarms and more through these devices. Vehicles are also equipped with parking cameras, cruise control, automatic headlights, automatic climate control, color MIDs, power-folding ORVMs, air-cooled cup holders and AC vents for all three rows of seats. The new Ertiga is equipped with a new K-Series 1.5L Dual Jet, Dual VVT engine with Idle Start / Stop technology. It produces 101 hp and 136 Nm of torque. Customers can also opt for a 6-speed variable transmission with paddle shifters. It gives a speed of 20.51 km / l in the manual version and 20.30 km / l when combined with the automatic transmission. The new Ertiga offers CNG in the VXI and ZXI variants. The CNG variant gives a speed of 26.11 km/kg. The new generation Ertiga was launched in April and is priced at Rs 8.35 (at the old showroom). But after the recent price hike, the car is currently priced at Rs 8.41 (example: gallery) lakh.
  3. Data from Wapcar automotive news shows that AfroDuck's record has fallen. A video posted to YouTube with little fanfare at the end of July shows the driver of a McLaren 720S whizzing through New York in 21 minutes and 3.16 seconds - breaking the 24:07 record that has put the AfroDuck on the hot list, making him a fugitive and forcing him into exile in Canada. The latest video taken by Fred Smith to Jalopnik's attention at Road & Track, shows the anonymous driver of a white McLaren 720S making a 24.5-mile detour around Manhattan on June 29, 2020, at 2:36 am. The driver claimed to have been stopped by 24 of the 58 red lights along the way, and a snapshot of McLaren's dashboard from the end of the race shows the car, with just over 1,200 miles on the clock, recording speed. the average speed of 69 mph and fuel consumption averaged 5.9 mpg in the 21-minute run. (For reference, the same route takes about 42 minutes if you follow the rules of the road.) The McLaren race moment was remarkable, as was the way the video was posted. As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, New York City went into lockdown on March 23, 2020. The city was still largely closed when the McLaren driver recorded this lap, in the early hours of the morning. Monday. Apparently, the driver hopes to avoid the fate of AfroDuck by keeping this record a secret for more than 2 years: the video was only uploaded to YouTube on July 21, 2022, almost 25 months after the race was announced. has happened. This is McLaren's 4x accelerated Manhattan lap story; We have also included live speed video in cars at the end of this article. Challengers of illegal public road speed records had a field day in the age of the COVID lockdown. Cannonball cross-country records have been set and broken with astonishing frequency throughout the lockdown era because of daredevils taking advantage of empty streets and the fact that police and emergency crews are busy managing a global pandemic that has killed more than a million people in the United States alone. It is a miracle that, as far as anyone knows, no one has been killed or injured in any selfish attempt to set records with no price, no regulatory authority, and fading glory. bland. Consider what happened to AfroDuck. He completed his 24-minute lap on August 26, 2013, driving a 2006 BMW Z4. AfroDuck's video went viral just three days later, and when Jalopnik first spoke to AfroDuck - whose real name is Adam Tang - in the days that followed, he was sure he would never be arrested. This optimism turned out to be naivety. On September 4, Ray Kelly, then NYPD commissioner, set his sights on AfroDuck's back. Just a day later, Tang, 30, was taken into custody by the NYPD on charges of speeding, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, traffic equipment violations, dangerous lane departures, and excessive monitoring. rigid. His BC-registered blue BMW Z4 was seized. Tang pleaded guilty and had his license suspended (he was later arrested for driving with that suspended license). After an experiment that sometimes turned into a comic comparison between Tang's knee and Formula 1 racing, Tang fled to Canada. His license and passport were revoked, but he was able to get his Z4 out of the NYPD and apparently he crossed the Canada-US border with his Canadian birth certificate. Tang was found guilty of second-degree endangerment and reckless driving in November 2014 and sentenced to one year in prison. He remains in Canada, blatantly appearing on television and blaming his treatment at the hands of the NYPD on his image as a "nice Canadian". As Tang wrote in an article published in Jalopnik, access to the famous automotive internet essentially ruined his life in New York, forcing him to flee to Canada – a decision that had the ability to save him from facing long-term legal consequences. This year, Road & Track interviewed Tang, who describes himself as the victim of "malicious prosecution" by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Since returning to Canada, Tang told R&T he was contacted once by a Canadian police officer, but he said the officer told him "we won't do anything what" about the US containment order. Here is the full, unedited video of the McLaren 720S doing a 21-minute lap in Manhattan.
  4. According to the news from Wapcar.my, Honda launched the 11th generation Civic at Gauteng in August, following the recently launched HR-V SUV. The Japanese automaker was once hugely known for great cars and even better reliability, but sales have declined in recent years. The launch of their latest models could revive the automaker's reputation and fortune in the local market. The new Honda Civic for sale in the market immediately impresses with its slim, clean sedan styling and purposeful stance, thanks to the placement of the wheels on the outer edge of the wheel arches. A continuous styling line runs from the nose to the sides of the trunk, and the car looks stylish. And that extends to the refined yet sumptuous interior, fully equipped with all the latest connectivity, safety and driving aids. Many of these features are operated from the spokes of the traditional Honda small-diameter steering wheel. It's only available in one model, and that's the Civic RS sedan. It has an impressive 1.5-liter four-cylinder multi-valve turbocharged petrol engine and CVT transmission. For fear that I will hear groans from readers at this point, let me hasten to add that this is without a doubt the most successful demonstration of a continuously variable transmission I have tested for now. It perfectly mimics the best examples of traditional multi-speed automatic transmissions, with programmed steps of how the belt interacts with the CVT's cone system. So you effectively benefit from appropriately kept fixed ratios during tough acceleration, but the transmission shifts continuously when the engine's red line is reached. So: there's no terrible humming that gets in the way of lesser CVT versions. The 131kW motor is a free-spinning gem, slamming through the 6,000rpm power peak with a thrill and a never-intrusive sporty note, even when you hit the pedals loudly. When operating smoothly, thanks to the distribution of maximum torque of 240 Nm at just 1,700 rpm, Honda claims an overall consumption of 6.2 liters / 100 km. This number is completely believable because the CVT gearbox is very efficient in cruise mode, allowing low rpm when opening the throttle lightly. The fuel tank can accommodate only 47 liters, which sounds small. But with great economy achievable, this translates to a range of 700 km or so, which is quite acceptable. The Civic's cabin is a very quiet place. The seat upholstery is a mix of suede and leather, elegantly stitched in red cotton to continue this Civic's sporty RS theme. And lest the question: what about the new Civic Type R? When it comes to Civic Type R, Honda has ensured that the next-gen Type R, will be launched next year, which is for a lot of car enthusiasts. And it is the last sports hatchback available. That sparks up the fact that the new Civic's interpretation is a sedan. Honda had attached homage to 10 predecessors of the Civic, which can be traced back to 1972. South Africans never liked this first interpretation, but in the early 1980s, the Honda brand entered the four-wheeler arena with a second version. In fact, this second version of the Civic, a small sedan, was launched here as the Ballade. And that name was used for several subsequent generations of Honda compact sedans in the 1990s. When the Civic's nameplate arrived in the late 1990s, it was in hatchback form. During the early years of Honda's presence in South Africa (Honda motorcycles have been sold here since the early 1960s), the brand quickly gained a reputation for exceptional quality. That is, customers can rely on them without any worry. The quality and solid air of this new Civic RS are evident from the moment you walk in and close the door. And once it's in motion, you realize that the fine balance between precise steering response and ride quality is once again the key feature you appreciate in a top-of-the-line Honda. The RS comes with standard 18-inch alloys and low-profile tires, but the ride is never harsh, despite the firm suspension. Road noise is also minimized. On the safety front, the new Civic sedan has six airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system), cornering assist and an electronic driver assist suite. These include Collision Mitigation Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Monitoring Camera, and Automatic High Altitude Control. To create a distinctive interior atmosphere, the RS also comes with a 12-speaker Bose Surround Stage sound system, seemingly tailored for the new Civic. In addition, for those in luxury, the power-adjustable front seats and body shape provide ample rear head and legroom for full-sized adults of a domain configuration. Typical South-African. Honda also pays great attention to the arrangement of control buttons in the front part of the cabin, and the placement of digitizers, switches and buttons so that it is reasonable and easy to see. I love that mesh feature in the dash that spans the entire width of the cockpit, giving the car a bit of retro-modern personality and breaking the rigor of the mostly charcoal interior. Overall, this is a car that competes very strongly, both in looks and in feel, with the compact sedans from Audi and BMW. It sells for R669,000 and includes an impressive five-year or 200,000 km warranty, a five-year service pack, and three-year AA roadside assistance insurance.
  5. The 500cc stage of MotoGP competition is considered by many to be the sport's golden age, a time when the world's best riders had to battle unruly, gearless two-stroke monsters electronic and up to 200 hp per tire. This was also a time when the USA was a global power in Grand Prix competition, with four different American riders becoming 500cc World Champions from 1980 to 2000. This begins with the final three title wins for the Great Kenny. Roberts was reserved by his son, Kenny Roberts Jr, who won the 2000 championship at the Suzuki factory. Before Roberts ascended the throne, however, he raced the previous decade for his father's team, who ran the Marlboro Yamaha factory team from 1990 to late 1996, when eldest brother Roberts took the unprecedented step of creating created his own machine called Modenas after failing out with Yamaha. The whole story speaks to the importance of this 1996 Yamaha YZR500 OWJ1, the last Yamaha run by Roberts. It was also the first to be ridden by his son, who, after graduating from the 250cc class, drove it to a season-best 4th place finish at the 1996 Czech Grand Prix. Rick Degan Now and his team at RMD Motors are pitching the richly sourced Yamaha for $400,000. For decades, Degan has been at the forefront of bringing rare gems out of Japan, however, this particular Grand Prix bike comes from Kenny Roberts' own personal collection, after having been sold to Degan a few years earlier. And we can look forward to the performance of Yamaha Motorcycle Philippines. When I sold the bike to my current owner in the UK three years ago, he cycled it up and down, says Degan. The suspension has been fixed, the engine has been reworked, and it recently received a little more maintenance before Kenny Roberts took the machine up the hill at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It is in full working order, though. even though there are no spare parts included with the purchase. And according to Degan, RMD Motors can package the bike and ship it by sea or by air. There is another interesting American connection to this bike that goes beyond riders and team owners. Legendary American tuner and racer Bud Aksland developed his own cylinders, pistons, and various internal engine components for Team Marlboro racers Kenny Roberts Jr and Jean Michelle Bayle. The team's third rider, Japanese Norifumi Abe, drove another engine spec under his contract with Yamaha Japan, while the other two were free to use any spec. they want. This means that their machines are generally faster and produce more power than Abe's, a fact that doesn't sit well with Japanese Yamaha, as you might expect. Degan said this is an extremely rare piece. In addition, factory 500cc Grand Prix bikes are rarely for sale, and this would make a great motorcycle for the right collector.
  6. Stonic made its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, leaving people with a deep impression of its youthful and urban design. After being officially introduced in Taiwan in 2019, Stonic precisely targets its customers from the young (especially those who are single) to freelancers. Stonic aims at a practical car with a European-style fashion appearance and a micro-motion control system. And perhaps it can explain why the tags like Kia Stonic Philippines, Kia Stonic Malaysia, etc, can draw so many individuals’ attention. Moreover, I learned the news that the latest model launched in 2022 introduces the smart petrol-electric GT-Line model for the first time. It enjoys a sporty look outside, a customized design inside, and is equipped with an electrical system that is both tax-friendly and fuel-efficient, which has made the competition in the Taiwan CUV market more fierce than before. Let’s start with Stonic’s exterior design, which is the most charming part of the car, like a pearl on a crown. Stonic, led by KIA Europe's design center in Frankfurt, Germany, was awarded two international design awards, the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Product Design Award, shortly after its release. The exterior design of the Stonic 1.0T intelligent petrol-electric GT-Line further enhances its sporty atmosphere. The front end is designed with KIA's exclusive tiger-nose-style water shield, combined with the GT series' sporty exterior with three contrasting colored air vents below. The design, as well as the four-point, LED DRL and the Tiger-Eyeliner-style headlights, with their metallic-like geometric LED fog lights on the outside, step away from the stereotypical uniform face that the street is familiar with. Plus, it also features exclusive 2-tone matching. There are two types of test drives: Xiong Cang Gray body color with striking golden roof color and Xiong Cang Gray body color with beautiful red roof color, combined with the slim body shape of the hatchback body, with exclusive 17-inch Piano permission. As for the interior, as soon as you sit in the car, you can strongly feel the inner frame is all hard plastic and has a "hands-on" direction, but personally, I like this design. t have to worry about "natural decay" after a few years. In addition to being non-stick to hands, easy cleaning and maintenance is the most competitive advantage. And because it's a GT-Line model, a sporty D-Cut steering wheel is used, with metal and carbon fiber trim panels and composite seats with Tiger Nose motifs, along with metal adjusters, brake pedals, etc. On the exterior, it is obviously a charming design. Although the major tool is a traditional analog pointer, the onboard computer is a 4.2-inch color integrated form. The original 8-inch touchscreen multimedia audio and video system works seamlessly, and it also has wireless connectivity found only in millions of luxury cars. Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto functionality, so drivers don't have to struggle with a bunch of cables every time. Another pity is that wireless charging comes at an extra cost. We strongly recommend installing a clean "wireless" space in the front seats. In terms of power, it is equipped with a new generation "Smartstream" 3-cylinder in-line turbocharged gasoline engine. Although the power is still the same as the previous generation (120 hp / 6,000 rpm) with higher fuel efficiency and 48 V light diesel-electric system, torque increased by 2.9 kgm compared to the previous generation, reaching 20.4. kgm. As soon as you begin to accelerate, you would experience an incredibly fast speed! In fact, the engine generates torque instantly, compensating for the empty period before the engine revs up until the turbo is activated, completely eliminating the common problem of engines. Low displacement turbochargers are difficult to start. As the throttle gets deeper, however, tracking weakens, and it reverts to the performance of this tiny engine, but it's more than enough for town stopping and going, and even a bit like a car. Another advantage of the 48V diesel light electric system is that even if the idling engine stop function is activated, as long as the system's 0.44 kWh lithium battery still has power, the air conditioner will still have a red alarm light if it is in the hot summer in Taiwan. We can say that it is super useful. Moreover, the vibration when activating the engine's idling stop function is also significantly reduced, which encourages people to activate this function and contributes to protecting the environment. In addition to the above basic functions of the 48V oil light system, the slightly modified Stonic system also includes a "Sail" mode of surfing. After releasing the throttle at 30~120km/h in ECO mode, the system automatically determines if the engine can be turned off to allow the car to run in pure electric mode, that's why gasoline smart Stonic 1.0T - electric GT-Line can reach a speed of 19.9 km/L One of the secrets of excellent average consumption. In the ADAS section that Taiwan buyers pay the most attention to, the SCC intelligent cruise control system, which meets SAE Level 2 standards, can be said to be the most detailed and reassuring during operation! Smooth and linear acceleration and deceleration, together with the advanced LFA lane keeping assist system at top speed (0~200km/h), as long as you hold the steering wheel lightly, the car can be kept stable. centered in the right lane and with absolutely no drift or drift, you won't feel tired after a full day of test driving. Along with FCA Front Active Brake Assist "including pedestrian, driver and vehicle detection", BCA Active Collision Avoidance Brake Assist for blind spots and Master Brake Assist RCCA collision avoidance for rear traffic and other assistance systems, it adds to Taiwan's narrow streets with many cars. However, the SCC's operating speed range is 10~180km/h, and there's not much opportunity to use it in stopping and going in urban areas, so a little attention is needed. Other safety designs include a body structure that uses more than 51% advanced AHSS high-strength steel and is equipped with six SRS auxiliary airbags, providing the vehicle with comprehensive safety protection equivalent to a big car. For "sweet blood" drivers, the feeling of European driving is also the unique charm of the Stonic 1.0T petrol-electric GT-Line smart line. Although it looks like a CUV, it feels very close to a hatchback! Not to mention, you can easily travel through the streets and alleys of the urban area. After hitting the mountain road, the chassis is solid and the roll resistance is good, combined with the solid feel and precise steering, you can really enjoy a small turn. In Sport mode, if you need to climb slopes or accelerate, the engine will also intervene in time to provide instant torque. Paired with the seven-speed manual and dual-clutch automatic, there's no problem with the occasional rush. Many friends are also looking for the ideal CUV in their minds. Although there are many choices from domestic to imported, or there is no ACC, or there are many cars, or taxes are not good, etc. At this point, I will recommend KIA Stonic 1.0T Smart Hybrid GT-Line to them. Fuel consumption is amazingly nice, and the annual tax is only 8,640 yuan. No matter whether it is evaluated in terms of security, economy, or attractive appearance, they all deserve praise.
  7. Honda Showroom Honda Philippines President, Masahiko Nakamura, said the venue was refurbished to showcase Honda's world-class vehicles, embodying elements of a new visual identity and embodying the brand's design philosophy of Honda to life will inspire visitors to anticipate the joy of experiencing Honda. CEO of Honda Automotive Makati Inc. (HCMI) Steve Gingco has announced digital innovations designed to improve agency operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Genco also explains that HCMI is the first Honda dealer to use a video messaging app that allows customers to stay informed about their vehicle's condition during repair or preventive maintenance. In addition, HCMI will pioneer the project of planting one tree for every Honda vehicle sold. Eventually, this will be done on other AC Motors auto brands. Volkswagen Showroom President Felipe Estrella of Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (Volkswagen Philippines) led the brand presentation as he outlined his plans to further strengthen Volkswagen's SUV line-up, as evidenced by the T-Cross' positive reception in the market, while also providing incentives. special rebates and financing programs on German-designed and built vehicles to make them more accessible to more Filipinos. Palanca, who is also the CEO of Ayala-owned Volkswagen dealers, announced the launch of a limited-time promotion, a special Santana compact sedan auction program, as part of the opening ceremony. Isuzu Showroom President of Isuzu Philippines Corporation Noboru Murakami congratulated and supported Ayala Group as a reliable partner, including 12 Isuzu branches in the National Capital Region, Luzon and Visayas. Isuzu BGC Gallery Branch Manager, Eric Wambangco, explains the leading truck manufacturer's latest business solution, the Isuzu Truck Rental Program, which highlights the many practical and business benefits of leasing Reliable and economical trucks from Isuzu. It includes the elimination of warranty or mortgage fees and maintenance worries, reduced asset risk, and flexible ending options up to seven years. He added that the special offers for the N-Series are also available with the Isuzu Truck Fest program, as well as the following options: free body conversion, insurance, shipping voucher or spare parts, cash or low deposit when renting. KTM and Husqvarna Showroom AC Motors Centrale is also home to one of Europe's largest motorcycle brands. Known for its go-anywhere power and pure street performance, the KTM flagship store is located here, offering the latest models and a complete after-sales and service experience. Husqvarna also shares the floor with models with improved and refined designs with shared chassis with KTM. KTM BGC is the number one agent for the Orange brand in the country, with distributor Adventure Cycle Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) the main exporter and producer of KTM and Husqvarna in the region. Kia Showroom Kia Philippines Automotive Group President Emmanuel "Manny" Aligada has revealed that Kia Philippines will soon "unbox" a new model to showcase Kia's advancements in technology and innovation. And more than six months after the launch of the new Kia movement locally, half of the dealer network will take on a new identity, continuing its "Inspirational Movement" ambition by the end of 2022. Iconic Dealership Inc. (IDI) For his part, Chief Executive Officer Bob Anthony Palanca expressed IDI's commitment to becoming the leading dealer in the Kia network through a focus on customer engagement and expanding its footprint. Making its brands more famous under one roof, AC Motors, AC Industrials` (ACI), the auto and motorcycle business, inaugurated the AC Motors Centrale factory in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on June 28th. It is a space of 3,000 square meters, which is home to Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen and Kia and two motorcycle brands KTM and Husqvarna. AC Industrials' automotive and motorcycle retail and distribution business has been an integral part of the Ayala Group for 30 years, enabling AC Motors to provide mobility solutions to Filipinos. AC Motors Centrale showcases the synergies and synergies of our automotive and motorcycle portfolio and will play a pivotal role as we enter the next phase of mobility, and electrification, ACI President and CEO, Arthur Tan, said during the show. Bob Palanca, chief executive officer of Iconic Dealership Inc., which manages the Kia, Volkswagen and Maxus brands and is one of three business units in AC Motors' portfolio, said the one-stop dealer is a concept the time has come. AC Motors Trade+ is an auction-based service for new buyers and existing owners that streamlines the entire used car sales process, offering just five days from inspection , auction and payment. Customers can also trade vehicles of any brand, not just those sold by AC Motors. AC Motors is the first dealer group in the Philippines to launch such a used car program, powered by an online automotive portal with one of the largest digital audiences in the country. AC Motors Centrale is home to four of Ayala's five brands - the fifth, Maxus, is a commercial vehicle brand, which is not included as there is a Maxus Taguig dealership nearby. It is located within the former Honda Global dealership that has been expanded to include the KTM and Husqvarna brands. It is set up in such a way that the agency itself encourages customers to look around. From our experience, we know that buyers who show up often know exactly which car to buy, why they want it, and whether they can afford it. AC Motors Centrale offers more for those who are still deciding which car to buy. For example, a person may want a compact car for daily commuting and may realize that buying a motorcycle is more profitable after seeing and experiencing it. Each brand has a separate offering on the exchange that is, again, specific to the target market. All is well for the customer. Palanca pointed out, explaining the benefits and membership perks customers receive through the AC Motors Fleet, Ayala Rewards Circle and Ayala Enterprise Circle programs for businesses. small and medium enterprises and large enterprises. He also shared a little anecdote. It's called AC Motors Centrale because on Google Maps a search for 932 28th Street corner of 9th Avenue shows it's almost in the center of Bonifacio Global City. Regarding ACI's upcoming electric vehicle projects, which have already been announced including Volkswagen and Kia vehicles, Tan said the one-stop dealer will become the place to sell, service and recharge the upcoming electric vehicles. debut. Vehicle. AC Motors Centrale will be part of our sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem, allowing our customers to comfortably enjoy the electric vehicles we will soon introduce, said Tan. AC Motors is the parent company of AC Industrials (ACI), the holding and investment arm of the Ayala Group in industrial technology, vehicle manufacturing, distribution and retail interests. It also operates one of the most digitized dealer networks, providing a seamless digital journey for customers. As a result, no less than 45% of current sales are made through its many online portals. The recently launched online financial app engine and further digitized processes deliver a seamless and efficient customer experience. AC Motors operates the largest Honda and Isuzu dealer network in the Philippines, while AC Industrials has built close partnerships with Honda Motor Company and Isuzu Motors of Japan over the past three decades through joint ventures. for distribution in the Philippines. At the June 28 grand opening, guests were treated to a guided tour of AC Motors Central facilities with listings for each brand.
  8. Hi All, I am currently in my final year of university. I am studying Business and Marketing at Coventry University. As part of my final year, I am tasked with creating a dissertation project. I have chosen to research and provide solutions for electric car usage for automotive organisations. The survey that I have created is to help understand consumer beliefs on electric vehicle performance, the infrastructure that supports electric vehicles and specific car app usage. The title of my dissertation is ‘To Identify and Provide Solutions to the Challenge That Automotive Organisations Face Marketing New Electric Powered Vehicles Against Existing Petrol/Diesel Powered Vehicles to UK Consumers Who Are 40-55 Years Old’. The survey is designed for people with all varying levels of knowledge on electric vehicles. To take part you must over 18, living in the UK and accept the statement and conditions at the beginning. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will help to provide valuable insights into a very contemporary issue. This is the link to the survey: Daniel Ovenden Dissertation Survey - Electric Vehicles Thank you in advance. Dan
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