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  1. Are you thinking about selling your auto parts? If so, then Car Part is the place where you can Sell Parts Online. Car Part is a resourceful platform to expand your reach as an auto parts seller. We will connect you with the interested buyers to provide you the comprehensive price for your auto parts. For more details, visit us today!
  2. This post comes with the tutorial of Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding for BMW F-Chassis by using Launch X431 PAD VII. Here is the specific procedure: In the main menu, select Local Diagnose Then select European>> BMW Read vehicle version info and click OK Select Automatically Search Confirm the vehicle info and click NEXT Then you can see if the car module is normal In System Topology, it shows the ZGM is abnormal In System list, there is a fault in the ZGM (Central Gateway Module), it is CD0487 ZGM: Synchronisation Process for flexRay failed After this procedure finishes, there may still be a warning light or fault code displayed until the vehicle has completed a road test, and the ignition switch off for 10 seconds and on. Make sure no DTC Next step is to do Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding: Click Coding/Program Select Personalization Confirm the vehicle info again and click NEXT Getting the vehicle detailed configuration info… Select CAS (Car Access System – CAS/FEM/BDC)>> Function selection Read the operation tips carefully To avoid data loss due to improper operation, firstly select backup data function If a problem occurs, you can choose to restore the data function. You can also encode it to restore the default state Auto Start& Stop memorized last state and Switch off auto start & stop by default are disabled, click the drop-down button to change them to enabled Recoding has been completed Finally, back to the main menu and select automatically search again Now you can see all modules are normal, there is no fault code. Done! The device used: 2021 New X431 PAD VII PAD 7 Full System Diagnostic Tool with Smartlink C Support Online Coding and Programming: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/launch-x431-pad-vii.htmlhttps://www.eobdtool.co.uk/
  3. Now if you need quality used Plymouth transmission as quickly as possible, then auto chunks are the right place for you. We are one of the leading online auto parts locators offering transfer cases at the most affordable prices. Here you can find a variety of used auto parts for different brands. https://autochunks.com/used-transmission/plymouth/
  4. Hey everyone! My friend hired locksmiths SW19 because he lost his car keys. Well, as far as I know, a regular locksmith can help those who get locked out of their vehicles. So does anyone here know what auto locksmiths do? What separates them from an ordinary auto locksmith? Any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Cadillac has an excellent reputation for producing quality luxury automobiles with some transmission problems. But Here, every gearbox is tested to meet our high quality & performance standards. Auto Chunks also offer the best quality automatic & manual transmission for your Cadillac vehicle. https://autochunks.com/used-transmission/cadillac/
  6. Acura high-quality components such as transmission, engines, alternators, radiators & many more. We have proudly been a source for cheap & reliable used automotive parts for domestic & imported vehicles. Our offered transmissions are cleaned, tested & inspected before shipping. Our vast majority of parts come backed by a standard warranty. https://autochunks.com/used-transmission/acura/
  7. Are you looking for some stores to buy used or new car parts? If so, then Car Part is the place for you. Rather than sharing a limited list of stores, we at Car Part have come with the list of the best Car Parts Selling Sites. These sites will connect you with a large number of car part sellers across Australia. Without wasting much time, fill out the form and click send a request button. To know more, visit us today.
  8. So I'm going to be acquiring a Toyota Corolla AE101R model with a 4A-FE engine sometime in the near future and would like to slowly modify it but I cant find anywhere to buy aftermarket car parts for this particular car. Would anyone know a website I could use to source the parts? P.s. I'm not interested in doing an engine swap, not yet anyway.
  9. People can make money online with the help of an eCommerce website, with the help of an online website they can connect with more people globally and can sell their products. For developing an eCommerce website Magento is so far considered as the best platform for developing an eCommerce website as its benefits are top-notch. Benefits of Magento: Feature-rich and powerful platform SEO friendly Faster loading Flexible content management Highly customized Advanced reporting
  10. Hey guys, I plan to buy a little practical car in about a month. I have a some favorite models. For that I need car insurance but I don't know which one is better. Can someone help here? Thank you in advance Cheers Udom
  11. Henrique


    In order for the bike to meet your expectations, you must choose a frame that suits your weight class. Then you need to pay attention to the parts that are included in the package. I can recommend the marketplace satom.ru There are many good bike sellers out there. They will advise you.
  12. Get the best and affordable Vintage HO Trains parts and accessories only at Trainz. We have a wide selection of vintage toy trains on all scales. Here you will find Vintage HO Trains from manufacturers like Marklin, Varney, AHM, Mantua, Rivarossi, Tyco, and Life-Like. We offer our vintage trains through both online auctions and fixed-price sales.
  13. Yitamotor provides a wide selection of LED lighting accessories such as LED LIGHT BAR, INTERIOR & EXTERIOR CAR LIGHT, LIGHT STRIP, etc. At Yitamotor.com, We offer you the best selection of automotive LED lights with the latest cutting-edge technology for our customers worldwide. 12% off code for all items: YITA12 As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that the car plays an important role in our life. We aim to offer a superior product with safety ensured, fashionable design, efficient delivery, and considerate customer service. We refuse to say we are the best, but your satisfaction and respect will be the best praise for us.
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  16. Hollywood Leather Jackets Leather is a highly coveted piece of material for car seats and other parts Porsche (100% Real Leather) Audi (100% Real Leather) Volvo (97%-99% Real Leather) Although BMW has some of the best good quality synthetic leather known as Sensatec Leather we also the best quality of leather products like biker coat, jackets, outfits.
  17. Looking for the premium Car Parts Brisbane at affordable prices? If so, then Car Part is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of high-quality spare parts such as wheels, rims, alloys, batteries, air filters and many more. Car Part is one of the leading and trustable car parts suppliers in Australia. Moreover, we also deal with buying and selling used car parts.
  18. Hi there, I m here to sell new Mazda Car parts to Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and other region Customers in UAE who are looking for Genuine Mazda Spare parts in much less price than others dealers who are selling. We have all Mazda Auto Parts for all Mazda Vehicle Models such as latest CX-5, Mazda 6 and many more models. We also deliver Mazda Car parts not in UAE but also in other Gulf countries. So please contact us today if you're looking for Genuine Mazda Spare Parts of any Mazda Model. You can contact us here: Dealer Name: Al Ajil Auto Parts Trading Co LLC. Telephone: +97165432784 Mobile: +971503012710
  19. An ordinary/commercial locksmith deals with security-related services for schools, offices, commercial buildings, etc. An auto/automotive locksmith is responsible for solving car key problems and saving you the trouble of relying on public transport. There’s also emergency, residential, and forensic locksmith. For an emergency locksmith, no matter what time, you can call and they will come to offer a solution. Most emergency locksmiths operate mobile units, so you don’t have to worry about how you will get the locksmith solution you need. Residential locksmiths deal with home security. They ensure your home has high security that can discourage burglars from attempting to rob you. Most of the time they are called in for lockout solutions, lock installation, broken door locks, duplication of keys, and extracting broken keys. A forensic locksmith uses their skills to assist in criminal investigations. They primarily work with law enforcement, helping to catch burglars who break into homes, cars, and offices. Hope this helped (;
  20. Looking for the premium Car Parts Brisbane at affordable prices? If so, then Car Part is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of high-quality spare parts such as wheels, rims, alloys, batteries, air filters and many more. Car Part is one of the leading and trustable car parts suppliers in Australia. Moreover, we also deal with buying and selling used car parts. For more information, visit our website https://carpart.com.au/blog/carpart/top-9-performance-auto-parts-suppliers-in-brisbane
  21. Get the best and affordable Performance Parts Brisbane at Car Part. We are Australia’s most trusted and a leading supplier of aftermarket parts of cars. We focus on providing quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. At Car Part, you will get an entire range of car parts which includes rims, engines, etc. You can buy and sell the car parts as per your requirements.
  22. Hello Christine, Let me try to answer your questions and then hopefully give you a way to slove your AC issue by DIY. The garage you took the FJ to is correct, the engine cool/heating system and AC system are two separate systems. Although in modern vehicles (2000 and on) the AC and heating systems have been linked together to work as an HVAC system. In otherwords in modern vehicles the AC can and does run at the same time as the heater depending upon what setting the operator selects. This is done to help keep the air in the vehicle comfortable and moisture free at the same time. But the two systems are separate and servicing one will not affect the condition of the other. Why your issue reared its head after the other maintenance was completed is hard to say, but if you weren't having AC problems before the maintenance then its stands that you shouldn't be having any after the maintenance was completed. So based on this I would like to recommend you try something on your own before you take it in for more work. In vehicles today we owners actually have the option to do some maintenance of our own and one of those that we can do if we decide to is servicing our vehicles AC. Auto AC systems use 134a. 134a is proven to be much more environmentally safe and easier for the "regular joe or josephine" to use. So if you want to try it or if you have a friend who is mechanically inclined and wants to help then let's try this: Go to Walmart and purchase a can of EZChill 134a refrigerant , costs about $30.00 (see the picture below) make sure it has the gauge. Also be sure to buy the can that includes "stop leak". On your Cruiser , under the hood locate the AC piping and the port that will allow your to connect the quick release/lock conncetor that is on the end of the hose of the EZChill can. The connector will only attach to the low pressure connector of the system. The High pressure port is much larger so that we can't connect the 134a can wrong. Here is a link to a vid that kinda walks you through the process: https://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2007_Toyota_FJ_Cruiser_4.0L_V6/air_conditioner/recharge_freon Once the can is connected, start the engine, turn the AC on full cold, now go to the gauge on the can and look to see what it indicates. The gauage has some numbers and three color settings Blue, Yellow and Red. These will give you a ready reference of your systems operational status. If your system is low on charge the gauge will show it. It will also show if the system is charged enough or overcharged. But based on what you mentioned in your post I'm willing to bet your system is low , especially if it has gone through a couple hot summers and hasn't been serviced at all. If it needs charging, simply push the trigger and 134a will flow into your system. Continue to add 134a until the gauge shows "charged". Then go inside the FJ and see if its cooling. So Christine I would like to recommend you begin with this step. If you or someone who is better capable does this , for sure it'll save you a diagnostic charge and if all goes well a servicing charge also. Take your time, follow all the safety instructions in the video and on the can and let's see how it works out. Come back here and let me know what you decided or what you did. gbs1952
  23. Mazda is a reputed company in manufacturing piston engines. It has engineered V-twin , inline-4 and V6 configuration, and a full w12 engine. but sometimes it fails because of some fault in the engine. This fault engine damages your engine and other components of the Automotive. So you need to replace your engine. It is better to change a car engine than buy a new car. Mazda engines include manufacturer-approved parts that replace original equipment that was faulty. Although these engines come with new rotor housings, rotors & the latest dual-spring OEM apex seals. These engines offer zero miles. All parts are sent through the machining process by licensed professionals. The engine’s parts are brand new OEM parts & provide the customer with a revitalized driving experience. These refurbished Mazda engines for sale are sitting in our warehouse right now, ready to be shipped to any destination. Conclusion:- Auto Techio is the largest & trusted car engine service center in the USA that provides the best in quality remanufactured engines for sale. Our highly skilled team of technicians offering the best experience of remanufactured engine service. Also, our 100% commitment to client satisfaction makes us a prime distributor & dealer of remanufactured engines in the entire USA. for more information visit here:- https://autotechio.com/remanufactured-engines/mazda/
  24. Are you searching for “Used Car Parts Dealers Near Me”? Then pause your search at Car Part as at Car Part, we provide you with a list of leading used car parts dealers to buy or sell used car parts. We will connect you with the best sellers and certified wreckers. After placing your order with us, you will start getting offers on your specified part. To explore more, visit us today.
  25. Routine car maintenance doesn’t sound like an exciting topic at first. But it’s one of the most important considerations you can make. Getting your auto maintenance routine right will save you a fair amount of stress. Never again will you wonder what to get serviced when. And you’ll save yourself money by eliminating those unforeseen breakdowns. Here’s the routine auto maintenance schedule you should follow. Scheduled Maintenance Is King Observing various service intervals is key to maintaining your vehicle. Some items require more regular checks than others. A preventative maintenance plan will save you a lot of time and money. Be sure to consult with a reputable auto service facility. They will be able to advise you on the correct scheduled plan for your car. Here are the various auto maintenance schedules to follow: Regular Maintenance Checks There are some regular maintenance checks that every car requires. Most of these checks should take place either weekly or monthly. Make sure you keep on top of these five items: ● Check your tires regularly. Make sure they are inflated correctly and check for even tread wear. ● Keep a regular eye on your engine oil and coolant levels. It’s best to check these every time you fill-up with gas. ● Check under where your car is parked for any fluid leaks. ● Keep your windshield washer fluid topped off. ● Be sure to do a visual check of your engine cavity. Be on the lookout for any leaks or cracks. The Six-Month Checklist Your six-month checklist doesn’t require regular attention. It should be conducted twice a year, depending on your mileage. If you’re averaging over 3,000 miles, then it’s time for the six-month check. Here is what your trusted mechanic will see to: ● Change your engine oil and oil filter. ● Rotate your tires to increase their lifespan. ● Get your battery checked for any signs of leaks or malfunctions. ● Check your brake fluid levels and top of if required ● Conduct a spare tire check. Including a tire pressure and the tread quality check. ● An express brake inspection. This will include visual inspection and a braking test. ● A suspension check. The Annual Checklist Next is your annual checklist. These items aren’t as essential to the day-to-day running of your car. But they do play an important role in keeping your car reliable. Your mechanic will check the following items at your annual service: ● An air-conditioner and heater inspection. ● Change the transmission fluid and filter. This may need to be flushed depending on its quality. ● Replace your windshield wiper blades. ● Perform an engine tune-up to maintain your car’s performance and fuel economy. The Three to Five Year Checks These more periodical checks are mostly routine replacements. Over time, some components begin to age and require replacement. Here are the items that need to be replaced every couple of years: ● Replace the battery. ● Change the engine belts. ● Replace the fuel filter. ● Conduct a thorough test of the electrical system. ● Flush out old engine coolant. The Auto Maintenance People in Pompano Beach At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we offer personalized scheduled maintenance plans. Our certified team is equipped to work on a wide array of performance cars. We’ve been servicing South Florida’s Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and exotic's automotive community since 1978. Our Pompano Beach facility can offer you a detailed routine auto maintenance plan. Call us today at 954-746-0488 or follow Foreign Affairs Motorwerks on Facebook for the latest updates.
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