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  1. It is a good looking car. As long as it is reliable and built well it will probably be a success.
  2. The Monaro, is a 4 seater 2 door vehicle. I think you will find that it will be pleasing to the eye and fast as well. It will be popular. The only thing against it is that it is not made in USA.
  3. Well there is always the Pontiac ( holden ) GTO
  4. Definatly a winner on Fords part...I'd have one and I am a GM man!!!
  5. Godzilla is the name that the Australian motoring faternity gave the R32 in 1990 " before it got banned " for punishing the V8 touring cars of both Ford and GM. Because the v8's were not as advanced as the Nissan's they banned them.....Nothing like a sore loser.
  6. F1 Cars are v10, not v8, and Sami's car will kick your *** both in the straight line and definately around the track. You would be no competition for him, and don't get me wrong, I like Camaro's but I have seen hugely modified Camaro's get blitzed by relatively mild GTR "Godzilla's"
  7. DC is starting to bring out the Hemi again....Just watch them
  8. If you got the opportunity to sit with the COE's of the big 3 automakers in USA and give them your opinion of what they should do with there vehicles what would you suggest? Ford: Create a mid sized fast 4 dr sedan that is available in stick of auto...Goto Australian Falcon GM: Bring in the Holden Commodore along with the GTO. Bring back the GMC SYCLONE / TYPHOON DC: Make an American sedan along the lines of the Eclass Benz
  9. kiwi

    F1 Season 2002

    It appears that with the final race to be held in Japan, that I was right. I hope that they get the opportunity to be #1 if not in 2003, but 2004.
  10. Get the Caddy for free and buy the RX7. Work on the Caddy and have two cars...COOL
  11. Sounds to me that turbo zx3 does not know anything about THE GODZILLA and is trying to be a smart ***. Simply The GTR Skyline can and does consume Porsches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Japanese Gentlemans agreement is for 206KW which is 276 HP. You prove to me that they have 276HP and then I will think about believing you Turbo_ZX3
  12. The handling of the R34 and 33 are more advanced than the R32, but suppose it depends on the driver and situation. 1/4. track, or off road.
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