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  1. I can tell you where they always sell beautiful and fresh flowers. Here recently bought a gorgeous bouquet of nada, the price online you can see right on the site https://bellafleur.ae/shop/bouquet/nada-bouquet/ Say I understand correctly that you need a bouquet with delivery in Dubai? I just went to them personally in the store
  2. Galem

    Branded goods

    What kind of things exactly are you talking about? Sporty or every day? I like the brand LACOSTE, they always have new collections, very beautiful and colorful.
  3. I order for myself and my family clothes and shoes on ebay.ru, they have a great selection and branded things too. And by the way, I want to note that things are original
  4. Galem

    Yoga classes.

    Well, if you're new to this business, then you should definitely start by trying classes with a trainer. After all, yoga is not too safe, you can tear or pull ligaments. I would recommend you to try bikram hot yoga for a start https://oneyoganyc.com/bikram-yoga . This yoga is good for beginners and it will make your body flexible and feel good.
  5. You can choose free icons for a website here https://gogeticons.com/ They have a lot of different icons, both standard and unusual. In general, you site on what theme? To begin with, I think you have enough of these options, and then you can look at other resources. I also recently graduated from courses in development, I will make web sites
  6. It is best to buy watches from a Swiss manufacturer, they are in great demand. I would buy myself a watch from this brand, Breitling Navitimer https://zorro24.com/breitling/navitimer/ A very large selection of models, for everyone. How much do you expect to pay? Many models are discounted at the moment, hurry up and buy.
  7. My sister recently had a birthday party, she just lives in Dubai, I ordered her a bouquet on this site flowwow.com , they have fresh and not expensive flowers
  8. I really like sneakers from the brand Loro Piana https://superpodium.com/brand/premiata They have a new collection on their site now, a lot of bright and spring models. Have you already decided in leather do you want sneakers? I've looked for a model in white, I think the spring is the best option .
  9. I have long wanted to try the game in a casino, of course a lot of doubts, but do not try not know. Advise which game is better to start? And really can you win money there?
  10. Galem

    Yoga classes.

    I wouldn't do yoga on my own, you can pull muscles or ligaments there. It's better to do it with a trainer at the studio. By the way, you can sign up for a yoga class here in NYC https://oneyoganyc.com/yoga-classes You can choose the option that suits you best. I also want to sign up, the studio is good and famous
  11. I know you can install a special app and it will clean up your tweet. But I think that's too long. It would be faster to manually delete the unnecessary
  12. Usually when I want to know the news of the world, I use Google portal, there verified information 100%. But I advise not to trust unknown resources, a lot of false information.
  13. And where did you buy the planetarium itself? Yes it is a good thing, very interesting to watch as adults and children. but buy segatoys discs you can on this site https://astronomix.info/planetarium-discs.html The cost is not too expensive, and many interesting options, I here also want to order there. Delivery is fast.
  14. I want to buy a new smartphone, advise which one to choose, it is important to me that would be a lot of memory and games can be played. Only on the operating system android
  15. I use the resource bestchange.com, there is always information right, and most importantly updated every day at the same time, this is a big plus. Other sites do not have this kind of information.
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