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  1. Anybody have an old Windows 95 install CD? I need to run an old Win95 program and the oldest PC I have has Windows XP, and it won’t work. It cannot be the Win95 upgrade disk. It would have to be the install CD with the license key. I can buy one on eBay but trust the folks on here more.
  2. Hello, I’m a single man from California sailboat owner/live aboard that actually sails her boat. Suggestions on dating apps?
  3. Hi everybody, I just put together in an hour or so this little "software" for ear training. It's pretty basic (no graphic interface, like in the good ol' times), but might help someone out there to train his ear for intervals. If you are scared of running an unknown executable on your machine (which is... normal), here's a link to virustotal (I honestly have no idea how can only ONE antivirus finds it's a virus, but I'll definitely never buy that product in my life...)
  4. Hello, My name is kameha I'd like to share these walk cycles I created in college I miss staying up all night to animate with my homies but apart of growing up is taking responsibitity and learning news skills to help you improve in life personally I want to be a video game animator not for the games but the future of 3D animation, animation is changing everyday and it's scary how much we lost but gaineed when we went to 3d but that's another story for another time I guess. If you liked my animations please leave a like as it helps out with my videos.
  5. I have no car, no job, and no hope to get one. I'm currently staying with family and have no money to pay for anything. I don't know what to do and my disability is pending from a mental illness and I need money to live on until a discussion is made. Am a high school graduate. I'm living day to day and I'm focused on today please help.
  6. Hope this is the best place to ask this. I am in the process of starting a company that does networking and AV for both residential and commercial, and trying to pick out a system to start with. Control4 won't even consider me until I have been in business for a year, C4 and URC both have sales requirements. I don't mind going to training, but I don't want to have to sell a specific amount of there products or be kicked out. I am going to check with my local RTI distributor, but anything else I should consider? I am targeting budget customers, so looking for reasonable prices.
  7. Hello One more month until E3 2021 digital event, the game that I would personally love to see Forza Motorsport Reboot, I've heard rumors saying this game's career mode might be story-driven just like Codemasters' Toca Race Driver series, I hope Turn 10 won't ruin this game's franchise. Unfortunately, Sony won't be attending E3 2021 and we will see if they have the intention to return by next year. The following companies that will be attending are: Microsoft Nintendo Ubisoft Square Enix Many others.
  8. Winner of a second chance drawing in the Modelo Holiday 2021 instant win games/Sweepstakes. Prize is a $30 promotional Visa virtual account good for Internet purchases or mail/phone orders.
  9. The U.S.-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, has made a pretty bold move in China in the hopes of capturing a strong market share. Tesla has recently announced that the company will start taking orders in China from 8th February 2019. The surprising part of this announcement was that the company would be selling its Tesla Model 3 at a considerably lower price than it had announced earlier. Previously, a long range all-wheel-drive variant of Tesla Model 3 was supposed to be sold for 499,000 Yuan in China which is equivalent to approximately 74,000 USD. According to the most recent announcement by the company, a long-range RWD variant of the Tesla Model 3 will roll out to the Chinese market with a price tag of 433,000 Yuan which is equivalent to approximately 64,200 USD. The difference is of about $10,000 which might be a decisive factor that wins the hearts of a majority of the Chinese consumer. Yes, we know that both of them are different variants but still, the new price tag is still a steal.
  10. I’ve recently just had my haircut in preparation for Lockdown 2.0. ? I’ve had about 12 inches cut off but it is still shoulder length. I suffered some hair loss from my burns and have had tissue expanders a few years ago, which massively helped. However, I’ve noticed now that my hair’s shorter, the gaps I’ve got left are more noticeable. Must be something to do with how my hair now falls. Does anyone have any experience with tattooing to give the illusion of more hair?
  11. I am building a new website for someone and they’re concerned that if I make any alterations to their previous website that it would affect how theirs appears in search engines. My question is if it would be better to link the new website with a different URL on their existing one, or if it would be smarter to rebuild it using essentially most of the content that would be triggered as keywords. The layout is quite poor, so I would be rewriting all the code, but a lot of the text would remain mostly the same.
  12. death on our streets
  13. Hey. im looking for some casino gambling offers that can be international or for my country Israel do you know any networks that have that offer? thank you!
  14. Does the use of cannabis have any effects on building muscle? And if so, why, how and for how long...?
  15. I have these two pyrex dishes that I used three time for my lye and lye solution before learning that glass and lye is a soaping no-no. My mom really likes this type of pryrex dish and she was wondering if instead of throwing them out, would be safe to use these dishes for food now? We could run them through the dishwasher a couple times and/or maybe wash them out with oil to react any residues left. What do you think?
  16. Getting a club tattoo
  17. Getting a club tattoo
  18. Is it roofs or rooves? Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew of a supplier for vacformed coach roofs like those supplied with the old Mallard kits. I find them really nice to work with and preferable to the brass or aluminium roofs that come with the later Blacksmith versions, or the Comet coach kits. I've been looking around the usual suppliers but to no avail.
  19. I know this is the parrotlet forum and I have received great advice for my parrotlet. My parrotlet is doing great and has very health diet. He finally took to Harrison’s pellets, small amount of seeds, and loves his fresh foods. But my English budgie is very stubborn. I offer him all the same foods as my parrotlet. He runs from pellets (all brands) and wants only his seed (Volkman). He used to eat nutriberries but now does not want them. He does eat little bits of broccoli, carrot, and spinach. He has a cuttlebone and mineral block he nibbles at sometimes. I have thought to supplement with a liquid vitamin very sparingly in his water. I am running out of options and finances of buying and buying different things to deal with this stubborn little budgie. He is 10 months old, a sweetheart, and a big time talker. Thanks for any ideas.
  20. F/V Harvester is being offered for sale after an extensive refit and modernization completed spring of 2022. This refit included new decking, paint, stainless steel radar mast, anchor tree, a full Furuno TZT3 installation, and a complete rewire by Octopus Marine Electronics. This JC 31’ Pilothouse. Spray rails and rear lifting chines were integrated under previous ownership to improve ride quality and sea-keeping predictability. She has been maintained to the highest standards. Harvester is in the water and ready to fish; this unique fish raiser is being offered at $140,000. She is currently running out of Point Pleasant, NJ. Hull ID - JCAWA438H203 
Surveyed - 4/25/2021 Length - 31’ Beam - 11’.2” Power - Volvo TAMD63p Hours = 2611 (currently in use) Performance: WOT 2850 RPMs 20-22 knots 13/GpH (depending on load condition) 
Fast Cruise 2450 - 19-21 knots 11/GpH Cruise - 2100-2450 - 17-19 Knots 9/GpH Electronics: 

Furuno TZT3 - 16” (2021) Furuno TZT3 - 12” (2021) 
iCom - 603 - x2 (2021) 
Digital Antennas - x2 18’ (2021) Furuno Satelite Compass (2021) Furuno Open Array Radar (2021) Transducer B275 HWL (2021) Transducer Furuno 3kw 60 kHz Garmin Auto Pilot Durabrite = 2x (2021) LED Navigation Lights (2021) Trim Tabs (2020) Fishing Equipment - Hydraulic Windless / Pot Puller Custom Anchor Tree (2021) 
Gemlux Blue Water Out Rigger Bases (2020) Gemlux Carbon fiber 21’ Out Rigger (2020) Forward fish box - massive rear fish box. 
 Electric - 

 Complete rewire by Octopus Marine Electronics (2021)
 Pilot House color-changing LEDs. Maintenance - 

Deck Replaced and painted - Carolina Blue (2022) After Coolers Removed & Serviced (2022) Valves Adjusted (2022) Engine Aligned (2022) Motor Mounts (2022) 
Damper Plate Replaced (2022) Bottom Paint (2022) Pilot House - 

Heat provided by Diesel heater Fresh Water Holding Tank Fresh Water Head Brokers may be paid a flat fee for unique customers at closing.
  21. kind of a hot topic right now. where you do you land? personally i am against it. i think shit ideas like this and defund the police (which i know is not exactly what they mean) are some of the reasons that the dems didn't do as well as they could have in the last election. i know that college is fucked. tuition goes up every year, its way too expensive. BUT you know what you are agreeing to when you sign the papers. you can't agree to repay the money, get the money, and then expect the balance to be wiped clean. doesn't work that way when you get a mortgage or car loan. doesn't seem fair to the people who paid their loans back. doesn't seem fair to the tax payers who backed the loans. I can see the other side of the argument that it would allow those people to put that money back into the economy but that just doesn't hold enough water for me. thoughts? change my mind?
  22. Spotify is one of the largest free music platforms in the world today, with countless songs, authors, albums, playlists, and more to diversify users’ discovery. It also has endless integration and comprehensive links with all social networking platforms, helping users share their playlists with friends and the world. Not stopping there, but its song recommendation system is also preeminent and modern, promising to bring users to new content of their favorite genres.
  23. i have repairs that need to be done, to get to the place, behind a stove, super is insisting I move furniture away, which with a bad back I simply cannot do. Can super refuse to move one piece of furniture that needs to be moved so super can move a stove which he willing to move? Can super refuse to do necessary repairs if I cannot move one piece of furniture? Thank you.
  24. I was thinking about asking this question for some time now. With the now incoming metaverse and big gaming building gaming platforms on Etherium, Polka, Solana, ETC. Websites will follow, and WEB3 in my opinion will be built on decentralised platforms. It's not just Bitcoin, and Etherium as currency. it's a whole eco system being built. Payments are instant. I remember in 2009 people asking me about bitcoin lol, and I told them it was a giant scam... never be anything it was like between £10 - £50 a coin or something. it is now £50K a coin!!!! I even got offered by some company (can't remember) to pay DW for content in bitcoin and I laughed them off (DOH). I was very sceptical for a long time but the more I read about how it all works, I don't see anything but this being the future of payments and social media, gaming. * who's into crypto? * What do you think of it? * what do you know about it?
  25. Hi, I am just finalising the configuration of my first home CCTV system. I will be fitting AcuSense cameras combined with the 7608NI-I2 NVR. However, having read many helpful posts on here, I now plan to go with a mini dome above the front door (either DS2CD2563G0-IS or DS2CD2545FWD-IS), instead of G2 turret, having read that the shorter IR distance should give a better close up image in that space - I think it will look aesthetically better also, even though I know it is not AcuSense. My issue is that I have a PIR light above the door also. Ideally, I would put the dome at the back left corner of the sofit above the door (as you look at it in the pic), so very close to the PIR light. Will the PIR light being so close cause an issue with the image? If I need to locate the dome further forward I might not see the person stood on the step properly. Does anybody have any experience of this issue please? Thanks for any help
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