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  1. BC Game Clone Script is a ready-made software solution for creating a similar cryptocurrency gaming platform like BC Game. The platform is designed to be secure and transparent, and features multiple game types, including slots, dice, and blackjack. The script is developed using advanced blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and DApp. It provides a secure, reliable, and decentralized gaming platform for online cryptocurrency gambling. The script also offers various features like secure transactions, provably fair gaming, multiple payment methods, and more. hivelance is a leading BC Game Clone Script development company, providing custom game clones and white-label solutions for the gaming community. We use cutting-edge technologies to create stunning games and user experiences. We offer custom game development services, game design and development, game implementation, game optimization, and other related services. We have successfully launched numerous projects for clients from various countries. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients. visit our website for more info- hivelance. com/bc-game-clone-script
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve been in a read-only for a while, and decided to request a review from the amazing community for my profile too. Application: exceptional promise, digital marketing – growth of digital product-lead companies Letters: CEO of the company I’ve been working for for the past four years, explaining my results & impact on the growth of the company – CMO of the company I’ve worked (not consulted) for during the last year, explaining my results & impact on product growth as well – Chief Branding Officer of a big IT company from my country, explaining my industry impact + my results that are possible to validate from external sources (we didn’t work together directly), also supporting my OC2 since he’s a specialist in what I’m building my OC2 around Evidences: overall doc on the growth of my main employer’s company that is generated by marketing processes that I lead w. proof and mentions of the company as a key market player, MC, OC3 a doc on a product launch that led my employer to be recognised as one of the top software providers in the industry + get a big chunk of global market share, MC, OC3 a doc on another product launch with a very quick result turnaround, high ROI & outside recognition, MC, OC3 a doc on MRR growth for my second employer that was generated through marketing channels, way higher than the SaaS industry average, with benchmark comparison, etc., MC, OC3 Salary + bonus documents, comparison to average salary for my country in my industry (I’m 15% over the top-10% of the market)., MC opinion leadership doc with a webinar (almost 100,000 views) and two articles I’ve published, OC 2 mentoring doc with three letters from my mentees (CEOs/Founders of digital product-led companies) and my mentoring profiles overview, OC2 a course that I’ve helped to build as an invited external expert for one of the biggest EdTechs in my country of origin, with a gratitude letter from the platform and a course overview, OC2 two public lectures - one for a gaming company, one for university students studying marketing, OC2 What do you think?
  3. Hello, I am a complete newbie in HTML and have only a shallow understanding of the structure, coming from a python background. Therefore I could be a bit slow understanding the answers, sorry in advance. Basically I want to build a function into a website which i made by using the SaveAs webpage option in a Microsoft Excel workbook. The webpage, as it is, updates automatically if i change a cell in the corresponding microsoft excel workbook and should continue doing that. The function I want to build should switch between the worksheets in chronological order. That means I want to display the first sheet for 5 seconds, then switch to the second sheet and display it for five seconds, then the third and so on. Additionally I want to hide the ribbon in the bottom of the worksheets. Could something like this be done? Excuse me if the question is trivial. I thank you for your time and would be extremely greatful if someone could try and answer me.
  4. When I was a teen it was a big deal. You had to know the right kid in the playground, give them a passport photo and a tenner and they would get you a fake driver's licence mocked up. It looked dodgy as hell but meant that we could get into the pub and drink WKD to our heart's content. What fake ID did you have? Is it even still a thing??
  5. Alright, I've already made a banking system in my game where the Player can either withdraw or deposit money in the bank. But that's kind of a little boring in my taste. I want to expand that greatly. The green area of the Variables in the screenshot below is what I have made to create a banking system, so no need for changes in these, but the red area is what I don't know how to do. Here's how I wish to make the Loans, Debt, and Taxing system function in the game. I'll be explaining it as detailed as possible: A. Loans The Player can take loans from the bank. Repayment of the loans will be automatically withdrawn by 10% of the money in the bank account once a day (in-game time, I have the "LNM_ GameTime" plugin and can settle this with a parallel event plugin command, Event name: "Loan Repayment at 2 PM" for example). • If the Player has money deposited in their Bank account, the bank will automatically withdraw 10% of the money from the Player's account to partly pay off the loans, as said, once a day. B. Debts from loans Whenever the Player doesn't have enough in their bank account to pay off the loans; the loan repayment should forcefully strip the account and take the last dime till it's 0 left in their account... the rest of the unpaid percentage should automatically be added to debts + interest, and this will continue each day until the Player does something about it; has choices to pay the debt or the loan, or both when having cash ready for the bank. C. Debts from bills Debts should also apply for, let's say unpaid "hospital bills", for example; if the Player's character dies, they will be transferred to the hospital. • If the Player is having both the cash and the money in the bank account, the bank account will be the first to be checked and withdrawn from. • If the player only has cash and either too little or nothing at all in the bank account, (the account will be stripped and) the rest of the cash will be paid automatically to the "hospital" (and the rest of the unpaid amount should be added to the debt if the amount is not enough either in cash or in the bank account). If the Player neither has any cash in hand nor money deposited in the bank, the unpaid bills will automatically be added to debt. When it comes to cash, it should not apply for the automatic repayment of loans. Loans and debts paid in cash should always be done manually by the Player at the bank. While money in the bank account is always the first to be checked to be withdrawn from automatically. If the Player earns cash while having debts and/or loans to pay at the bank, the Player's cash money must be unaffected until the Player's free will to pay off the debts and/or loans at the bank in cash. Also; whenever the Player has debts, loans should be denied to the Player whenever requested at the bank. D. Taxes The Tax system is kind of different and has nothing to do with debts or loans. • If the Player rents or buys something exclusive in-game. There'll be taxes. For example, renting an apartment; that's 25 dollars a day. If also having an exclusive entry to a certain place, or being a member, that's 50 dollars a day adding up to the 25, and that's 75 dollars a day. • The Player can get rid of these, and the taxing will stop for whichever feature the Player chooses to cancel. • The Taxes should be paid automatically through the Player's bank account. • If there's no money, the feature(s) will be frozen and inaccessible for the Player. • If there's not enough to pay for all or most of the features, it'll be paid for feature(s) at random that the last money can afford and the rest of the features will become frozen and inaccessible for the Player. Anybody kind enough to help me out on how to do these? Hopefully, I explained it well. Thank you in advance.
  6. Let your all powerful Globalist Overlords provide for you and tell you what you can obtain and when. Fascist scum is destroying America and the lives for all of us and future generations But Bidunce doesn’t do mean tweets!!
  7. Is the D version of the Minolta 85 1.4 worth the extra money? I rarely use a flash and my understanding is that the D provides the distance value to the flash. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am upgrading my lenses and do not have a fast prime. Any suggestions are welcome for other lenses. I am currently using an a99 and have the following lenses: - Minolta AF 80-200 F2.8 HS APO G - Minolta 28-70 F2.8 G - Minolta - AF 50 F1.7 - Sony DT 18-135 F3.5-5.6 SAM
  8. Hello Spool Street community members, We hope this message finds you well. We're excited to introduce our company, Fast Auto Shipping, to all the passionate car enthusiasts at www.spoolstreet.com. We understand that your vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation; they're an extension of your personality and a prized possession that you've invested time, money, and effort into. That's why, when it comes to shipping your beloved cars, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner to ensure they are transported safely and efficiently. At Fast Auto Shipping, we offer a range of top-notch services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our offerings include: Open and Enclosed Trailer Transport: Choose between open and enclosed trailer options, depending on your vehicle's requirements and your preferences. Our open trailers are an economical choice, while our enclosed trailers provide added protection for your high-end, classic, or exotic cars. Expedited Services: If you're in a hurry, our expedited shipping services ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination promptly, without compromising on safety and care. Door-to-Door Delivery Services: Enjoy the convenience of our door-to-door delivery services, where our skilled drivers pick up your vehicle from your preferred location and deliver it right to your desired destination. We take the hassle out of car shipping, so you can focus on what matters most to you.
  9. Not Dover.....but a similar situation (i.e. long queues). Hundreds of trucks divert route amid Ukraine war Extract: Hundreds of international and local freight trucks are diverting their route to avoid conflict in Ukraine to use a border crossing on Turkey’s border with Georgia in order to deliver goods to their destinations via the Caucasus, causing kilometers-long lines on the highways. The Sarp border crossing in the northeastern province of Artvin has been extremely busy lately because of the war in Ukraine. International freight companies are directing their trucks to the border crossing, local firms also prefer delivering goods via this safer route. The result is up to a 25-kilometers long line of trucks on the highway in this province on the Black Sea province, stretching toward the Sarp border crossing. Drivers of some 1,200 trucks have to wait for days to clear the border. Trucks block one line of the highway completely, occasionally causing traffic congestion on the highway.
  10. I can access my usual betting site when on WiFi but when I go onto my mobile data I cannot get to the same site. It is the same when using chrome to access any betting site. Is there a setting that is preventing me accessing these sites? If so where is it and what do I do to turn the restriction off. Any help appreciated.
  11. my moultrie trail cams pics are coming in full size for an instant then got square shape, but if i hit windows picture viewing software to crop it it shows full size.. any ideas of another picture viewing program or how to fix the software in windows ten?
  12. Would you engage his services? A month and a half ago, I took fancy to an escort who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. His photos, ad, and vids are enticing. He and I have been in communication, and last month we connected via my IM'ing him at RM's site. At that time he quoted his requested fees of which I was OK. In my getting back to him, I stated that I'd hope to see him at the end of November. Well, did I? No. Plans had changed for me. He's in my Buddy's List at RM, and I can keep up with him and others on a daily basis if I so desired. I continued to view his photos and vids and yearn for his company. I decided to write Instant Messages to the three clients who had reviewed him. To date only one responded favorably and quite encouraging. From that I became more than eager to see him. Lo and behold I relayed to him that I plan to be in San Francisco on December 31 and would like to meet. He fired back an IM, and in it he stated that his rates had changed: $400 for one hour, $600 for two and so forth. He mentioned other rates, but after reading the preceding-- I returned a message to him in which I stated that I'd take a rain check. Well, apparently he didn't understand that, for he wrote back a favorable and encouraging response. What would you do if a similar situation happened to you? Because I've had difficulty posting RM's particulars-- I failed to post here, but his "stage name" is: Theo_SBUK, the young man whom I think looks deliciously mouthwatering.
  13. I’m putting this in it’s own thread rather derail the thread it came from. Armchair Biologist wrote: Don’t forget about I-bonds. They are adjusted to inflation. If you buy them right now through April you’ll get a guaranteed 6 month return of 7.12%. Every 6 months the rate changes based on inflation. The only caveat is that you have to keep them for a minimum of 1 year. If you cash them after 1 year, but before 5 years, you lose the last three months of interest. That being said, as long as inflation is high, and you don’t need the money right now, it’s a win-win….even if you cash them and lose the last three months of interest. There’s probably not any investments that’ll return 7.12%in the next 6 months that guarantees your principle back. I know, probably not the best place for financial advice but what the heck. If a guy had a few $grand$ laying around in savings drawing diddly for interest, I-Bonds seem to be a decent place to invest some extra cash that is safe and not needed for the foreseeable future. Thoughts?
  14. Basically i went to my orthodonist today to talk about my crooked teeth, and apparently my bottom jaw isn't in the right place either, it's too far back, i always thought this was normal and you could choose to set your jaw in front or have it be behind your top jaw but apparently it's not normal lmao. like rn my bottom jaw is behind my top jaw. but yeah basically he was talking about pros and cons about both of them and said it's up to me and my parents, my parents are saying i can choose but i really don't know what to do. invisalign seems way better with eating and stuff but they're not gonna do as good as a job as braces would. however braces i'm limited with food options but they'll do better at straightening the teeth and jaw. he said it'll be like an A- job compared to an A+ job with braces being A+. so yeah. vote on the poll TLDR: Braces = less food but teeth and weird jaw look better Invisalign = more food but teeth and weird jaw look a bit worse then they could be.
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