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  1. I bought my boat new back in April. I’m already having intermittent issues with the lights. One of my brake lights comes and goes, and two of the three red running lights in the middle between the two brake lights do not work. My plan is to rewire the whole deal, using a double wrap of adhesive heat shrink on any splice or spot where water can intrude. I’m not sure where my ground is run, but I plan on bringing it back up to the front of the trailer. If you have some high quality trailer lights, what brand are they? I have read LED is the way to go, which I agree with. Need those two smaller lights as well as the two rear brake lights. Any other suggestions you have to try and keep saltwater away and everything working as it’s supposed to?
  2. I have a rotary table with a 90 To 1 reduction and also 4 division plates which cover a wide range of holes can any body tell how to work out the number of holes to use so that I can divide this into 100 so that I can scribe that l can scribe the lines I know that I need to turn 3.6 degrees so less than a full turn of the handle
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