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  1. Make sure the builder releases the lien he has on the property.
  2. Wow! It looks incredible! It's actually your footprint in the city's street art.
  3. If you're looking for a plate compactor suitable for a compact tractor like the B2601, you might want to consider specialized attachments designed for this purpose. While it's not as common as regular plate compactors, there are options out there that can be connected to your tractor's 3-point hitch.
  4. Your story really resonated with me. It takes a lot of courage to openly share your experiences, and I admire your determination to take charge of your health.
  5. I've also been looking for this kind of training. Gonna follow the thread to see what the others have to say
  6. Not even sure what to suggest. Maybe try just texting with someone and then meeting when you have some free time
  7. I was able to attach the photo. I have tried numerous ways and perhaps it’s just not the greatest image. I also tried straightening the photo to see if that would work. Unfortunately I’m not around this little one now which means I’m not able to take my own photo. Thanks for any help.
  8. It's a wonderful hobby that your daughter has chosen, and with the right tools and materials, she'll be creating amazing prints in no time.
  9. Nice, thanks for including the pic of the CMB and LKA buttons. Nice to know they can be disabled with a push of a button! That actually looks like Road Departure Mitigation, not Lake Keep Assist. I think LKA is tied to Apative Cruise which the manual states is disabled when VSA is completely disabled in +R mode.
  10. It sounds like you want to start a business you know absolutely nothing about.
  11. There have been a few threads on this topic, the search bar is your friend. Seems like most have had little love for roadside assistance. You may be better off putting your money into a fund to have available when needed. Oh, and a good toolkit to make repairs yourself.
  12. Uber driver is a self-employed, not a small business. No employees. No shares
  13. Check the Microsoft smart card group policy and registry settings
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