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  1. Camaros get better milage than rx-7s and same milage as 300zx, vr-4s and supras.. OOPS (theyall get around 16-18 mpg in the city)
  2. Ls-1inthebrain

    Supra Is CURRENTLY the most desireable Japanese Sports Car

    ^ ok save it next time.. Skyline then NSX then Supra...not really the EVO is more wanted..and the STI
  3. Ls-1inthebrain

    VR-4 A Better Deal Than The Almighty Vette?

    umm well that was alot of ignorance.. the vr-4 is a 14.0 second car...with a good driver MAYBE high 13s. the z06 is a 12 second car...the vr-4 weighs 3800+ pounds to the vettes 3200+ or whatever.. the vette has 405hp, compared to the vr-4s 320hp (in some years less) The corvette gets better milage thanks to 2 overdrives, the vr-4 get bad milage. Corvettes are known for better milage than s2000s. as far as handling the z06 is worlds above the heavy vr-4, th 'vette corners 1.00 Gs stock. that's higher than the EVO and much higher than the STI. Th corvette has near 50/50 front back weight distribution, unlike the vr-4. The vr-4 is an unreliable car, transmissions don't last always with fuel problems and the stock turbos HARDLY ever are good for 12s. Team Corvette has won the GTS class (beating ferrari) at Lemans..the top WORLD CLASS RACE twice in the last 3 years. meanwhile the vr-4 was not even entered for racing and never would qualify...NISSAN never won, only japanese company to win was MAZDA- wich is FORD'S bitch. also..GM owns 20% of SUBARU..GM is #1
  4. Ls-1inthebrain

    Decisions... Decisions...

    do not do something you will regret. the porsche is the way to go. The viper has no refinement whatsoever. it's a convertible truck. most human beings on this planet won't have this choice in their lifetime, the rude styling of the viper has no class to it. it's an improvement that i would LOVE to have; but the porsche is a fine fine machine. the viper still looks like a cartoon car, and the interior looks very ho-um. like a truck's. the 911 is a fabled car, with upgrades it can outperform the viper in the straight line, handling wise the porsche has a tremendous advantage. The porsche would age gracefully, the viper yo never know.
  5. by the way, the rx-7 gets worse milage then the average v8. The new supra (395) will have a v8. The nissan GTR will have a v8. i see they're finally catching up.
  6. Ls-1inthebrain

    Audi 1-2, Bentley 3rd at LeMans

    Audi will continue to kick ***.
  7. Ls-1inthebrain

    93 MR2 NA vs. 94 Prelude Vtec??

    mr2. v-**** or no v-**** it sitll got little hp. the mr2 is a turbo also.
  8. Ls-1inthebrain

    New Power Ratings for the M3 GTR V8

    "350 HP would not make it all that much quicker than the standard M3, as the weight for the V8 would be higher" the new car will be lighter actually. lol. it's gonna be a beast.
  9. Ls-1inthebrain

    What does TVR stand for?

    Speed 12. nuff said.
  10. Ls-1inthebrain

    ford probe GT turbo

    probes suck.
  11. Ls-1inthebrain

    LS1 Twin turbo'd HP Ratings

    the new vettes use the Ls6. 50,000? you're gettin robbed. yeah it costs acouple of thousand more but not all that. and if you can't do the work yuorself you should learn, and should you even be driving that car if you can't put in labor? along the lines of 8000 is more like it. the corvettes can take 600hp on stock parts. clutch if you like.
  12. Ls-1inthebrain

    Is a 96 Acura NSX a good buy?

    the new c5 is probabyl better if you think about expense and parts. since the c5 is has a common gm engine. the nsx is obviously rare. it should be reliable, but it's not really a light car. it does have a mid-rear engine which is something most people don't get to drive in their lifetime. it's reqally up to you they're like apples and oranges.
  13. Ls-1inthebrain

    RX-7 Parts

    yes expensive specially the jspec lights.
  14. Ls-1inthebrain

    Eagle Talon 3000gt engine swap

    haha. first of all the vr-4 is a awd. the only fwd 3000gt engine is the non turbo one. if it's tsi (turbo) shouldn't his talon be awd? anyways whatever the case may be. just telling to upgrade that. or sell it and save for a vr-4
  15. Ls-1inthebrain

    Chevelle Fans

    1970 chevelle. 454 nuff said