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  1. You can order flowers in this store Flower place dubai here is their phone number, call ahead and tell what you would like 89954786852
  2. We decided with my wife to update our closet, we want to buy branded things, from a well-known manufacturer. What would you advise? What brand is popular right now?
  3. I like sportswear, I like Lacoste, I buy them on the official website. They have a lot of new collections, so you can find something for sure.
  4. Davidik

    Yoga classes.

    Yoga is a great sport for the soul and the body. I found some lessons on youtube on my own, now I'm doing exercises, and it's going really well.
  5. Have you tried looking in Figma? I remember finding different options in my time, but they are the simplest. If you want something more interesting, you have to pay
  6. What kind of watch do you want? More of a classic watch, or a sporty one? I got myself an Apple Wathc, it suits me fine, plus it's waterproof.
  7. There are a lot of companies that sell flowers now. I liked this bouquet of nada https://bellafleur.ae/shop/bouquet/nada-bouquet/ It looks very beautiful and expensive, and most importantly now it is spring and it is just right. And the price is not expensive, I think your girlfriend will be delighted with such beautiful flowers
  8. You can order sneakers on ebay.com, they now have fast shipping and the sneakers will be with you in a week. And they also have a lot of well-known brands
  9. I do not recommend playing in the casino, first of all it is too addictive, and secondly to win there is not real. It's all a scam for money. So think carefully.
  10. Davidik

    Yoga classes.

    Yoga is a great sport, you will have a healthy and beautiful back, and a flexible body. I'm doing it myself, I found videos on youtube and I'm repeating everything, so far I'm doing it.
  11. I started using Twitter not too long ago, and I signed up for a lot of them. And now I'm not interested in reading them. Who knows if I can unsubscribe from all my contacts at once?
  12. And I read all the news on this site bbc.co.uk Save it as a bookmark, it publishes information very quickly and is always verified. I don't like Google news.
  13. We bought a large planetarium at home, but it came with few disks. tell me where a large selection of disks for the planetarium? I need a good store, thank you who can tell me!
  14. Here you can see what smartphones are considered the best for this month https://tech-oracle.com/top-smartphones/ I think you should pay attention to vivo iQOO 11 It is considered a gaming one, and it is in high demand. I also want to buy a new phone, because I do not have enough operating memory, I could not download anything
  15. The exact prediction eur huf you can see on this site https://pricpr.com/eur-huf/ I can say that the site is excellent and clear interface, I just figured it out. I would like to use this site as an alternative to the Internet. And you actually for what purpose do you need it, you want to sell? Or do you do business?
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