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  1. Now temporarily residing in Dubai, and here I met the girl of my dreams, very beautiful and intelligent. I want to buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, advise me where I can look.
  2. Ranila

    Branded goods

    I usually order all my family things on Ebay, there are very good quality brands, and the price is reasonable. By the way, delivery is about a week.
  3. My wife really likes things from the brand Gucci https://podiumlook.com/gucci/ Show this site and your wife, maybe she will like something. And in general, things and shoes from this brand are very popular and fashionable. So think about maybe worth buying them. And in general, for how much money are you counting?
  4. Ranila

    Yoga classes.

    I've been wanting to start practicing yoga for a long time, and now the time has come. What's the best way to do it, should I do it on my own or go to a special trainer?
  5. I like the vector icons for the site, use this resource flaticon.com option is very good and a lot of interesting. What site are you doing now?
  6. For a long time I have been dreaming of a good brand-name watch, here I have saved a decent amount, and now I can afford it. Tell me where to buy a watch, and how to choose?
  7. Flowers in Dubai you can buy in the store Gflow. Shop , they work around the clock, so at any time you can go and pick up a suitable bouquet.
  8. Here comes the long-awaited spring and I want to buy a branded sneakers, suggest where a great selection of sneakers, preferably that would sneakers brand were
  9. Ranila

    Yoga classes.

    I've been wanting to do yoga for a long time, I want to tighten up my body and become spiritually calm. What's the best way to do it? On my own or with a trainer at the gym?
  10. You can install a special extension in your browser using a code and everything will work out. Do you know how to open the admin panel? You can do it in five minutes
  11. I found a good portal for myself where you can read markets news and the world https://bbg-news.com/ And in general it is right that you are interested in news. Now it's time to be aware of everything that's happening in the world. By the way, this portal is very handy, everything is clear there, and you do not have to look all over the site for the information you need.
  12. And where did you buy your planetarium can't you buy discs there? They probably sell them separately. In general, it's a good thing, we like to fall asleep to it
  13. What's the point of overpaying for a brand? Vivo is a great smartphone ku me taukoy, I am very satisfied works like clockwork. And no glitches at all, and the games are a pleasure to play
  14. There are a lot of different sites now, but the information is not 100 percent keep in mind. I usually look at google, they publish there sometimes directly coincides with 100 percent.
  15. You can see the hotels of Playa Del Carmen on the map https://bit.ly/3G8jygK It is a resort town right on the ocean, there are a lot of nightlife and discos. If you are young and fun, I recommend you go to that town. Hotels look closer to the ocean, in what month are you planning to go there? I'm going too.
  16. A large selection of free icons you can find here on this site https://gogeticons.com/ I like to look for icons, the interface of the site is quite clear to all. And install them easily, you can just download, and you can also code paste. I did not have to pay for such icons, they are the same everywhere.
  17. You can find free fonts for your website here https://myfonts.club/ I'm a beginner designer too, and there's a great selection. I usually use the more classic ones, like Sans. But sometimes you need to apply a slant, or large, then look for suitable on other sites. It's convenient that on such resources they can be inserted, through the code and download
  18. Ranila

    Yoga classes.

    I'm a pretty restless person, I read that you should do yoga, it's good for both body and soul. So tell me, is it better to do it on your own or with a trainer?
  19. Ranila

    Brnd things.

    I can advise you store amazon, you can order there strictly originals. I very often order there for the whole family things and shoes, from the bernds I prefer Lacoste
  20. I've been into these spiritual practices for a long time, they really help to establish peace of mind. And it's very good for the body, I've become very flexible, I'm that good.
  21. I take it this is your first time in Business? It's very convenient for both customers and employees. You can read more about it on this site https://m4bank.com/. They talk in detail about this contactless payment system. By the way, we also want to connect this system, we think to sign a contract next week.
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