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  1. Not meant to fill the shoes of the F-body, just a new car they are bringing into the line up, which the performance world has wanted for a while. -Sporty -Four door -with RWD, -V8, -and a manual transmission option.
  2. That maybe true ZX, but when it comes to who is king of the hill in terms of performance and sports car. Ford is not winning. And yes I read the same article you did about a supposed 12.3 et Cobra. The rest of the story you negletced to mention was that it was a professional driver from Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine, who had access to a special edition Press car which usually means that version the public will never see. All the other reputable magazines that tested it such as Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Even Hot Rod Magazine all said it was a low 13 second car. The lowest ET of all of them, was Car and Driver posting a 12.9!!! The Z06 will run 12.4 to 12.3, and the Camaro SS even by Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords magazines' OWN ADMITION - with a full tank of gas - in the 120 degree heat of Arizona will run a 12.89, - regularly run 12.9's. They also indicated that a bad driver could still click off a 13.5 in the Camaro SS despite not knowing how to drive the thing. The Cobra should be able to hang with the Camaro SS, but to the Corvette and Corvette Z06 it loses. Neither on the track nor the drag strip. And furthermore as I pointed out, the Camaro SS will out accelerate, out brake, and out-handle the new Cobra. And it did so 2 years before the Cobra ever came out. So whoopty-doo, Ford Finally made a car that can actually hang with the GM F-body without modification. While I am ecstatic as you that they built the Cobra, you have to keep in mind, it's only as good as the Camaro SS was when it came out with the '01 version LS1 engine.
  3. I finally got around to installing the fan shroud on the '72 Mustang. It's too bad I had to drive all the way out to Phoenix Arizona to get the fan shround though. But hey, if you need the part - you need the part. What can you do? If my budget had allowed it, and possibly later, I'll take off the shroud /lose the mechanical fan and run a performance radiator for either Be Cool or Fluidyne. And run twin electric pullers. So I'll free up some horses and it'll run oh, maybe 30 degrees cooler. Which is good because you want the maximum engine temperature to be set not by your radiator or cooling ability - fans, but by your thermostat. So it'll probably allow me to run a higher temp. thermostat. Like a 195. Good for winter heating! I didn't have the actual hardware for the mounting so for now I just zip-tied it to see if the clearance would be ok with an aftermarket flex-fan. Seems to be ok. And on that note, after driving it around and even idling in traffic, it seemed to run fine and start up, even when hot. So maybe I finally pegged the cooling, although I know heat-sink/electrical is part of the problem. So eventually I will have to install a starter heat sheild, and heat wrap the headers, and battery cables. So it looks like I might start driving it around more. Needs a lot of fix-up stuff though. Not difficult but, for example there is a screw missing on the rear valance and its hanging/scraping on the exhaust tip. So that needs to be buttoned up, the driving side mirror which I also got in Phoenix needs to be installed, although they aren't much for actually working on that style mirror. Hmm maybe as power mirrors they would actually be worth something when you're driving? Oh well. That and then I need to try and see if I can clean up and make sense of the spaghetti wiring under the dash that some fool did a 'quick fix' I'm thinking a painless wiring kit. But we'll see.
  4. .484 lift is kinda weak though. Mild motor or not, I doubt I'll ever put anything less than .488's and more likely around .510's lift. TPI is ok, it works, but it's not designed for performance engine's. I'd be much better off with the Edelbrock MPFI Pro-Flo Fuel Injection kit. It utilizes a closed loop, speed density unit on the computer and has a lot more agility to changing conditions. But, either way, I got the 231ci V6 on the engine stand about a week ago. Now, I'm going to mount up the 305ci on the other engine stand and begin working on it.
  5. You already landed a 305 LZ. Otherwise it would be a consideration. I'll certainly build this engine before getting to work on the 231ci V6. Hopefully I will have both done, although with the 305 I can wait for ??? until I actually get the opportunity to drive it around in something. The 231ci V6 will be the one I want to get slapped into something fast (G-body). That will be a hopped up version of the GNX motor. (300HP/375TQ) so realistically it could see 350HP and over 425 FT-LBs...from a V6! Ahhh the fun one could have with the bragging rights on that one. I'm curious as to see how the 305 will do on the dyno, after assembling a Summit Racing Forged bottom end, 10:1 compression, and a bore and stroke to 347 with the Edelbrock Performer RPM package up-top. All that aluminum should shave some weight too! Though it would be expensive, and perhaps I'll do this someday but carbureted initially, but swap over to the new Multi-Point Pro-Flo Fuel Injection system. Crank & Go driveability with the awesome power of a SBC. Win/Win! And I imagine behind the right transmission, and gearing the gas mileage on an engine like that could realize 20 MPG. *sigh* ...someday I'll actually get around to just bolting it up an engine stand, spending hours in the garage just looking at it. (I need help! )
  6. That's all fine and dandy but it was never disputed nor argued by me or anyone else that the Mustang outsells the Camaro. The comment made was that the new Cobra Mustang is as fast as the current Corvette. Which is a falsity. As it doesn't even beat the SS Camaro down the drag strip. And my numbers are based off of the Cobra and SuperSport Tests done by: Car and Driver Magazine Road and Track Magazine Hot Rod Magazine Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine If you are actually going to check it out I can give you the issue and page numbers. But I don't think that is actually of any interst to you, since you are ranting about a useless point that no one initially commented on in the first place. Mustangs do sell more than Camaro's. How the number sold has anything to do with power output and traction and hence going faster is beyond me. It just means that chicks dig the convertible V6 Mustang and that my friend is who is buying up all the Mustangs. Not the Hot Rod crowd. For going fast down the quarter mile and laying the smack down on Autocross tracks. The weapon of choice for the budget minded is still the Camaro.
  7. Taking a newer model Xtreme S-10 would be pretty nice as a pro-street truck. It'd be a lot easier with an older mid to early 80's S-10 (or Equivalent - Ranger etc.) so yeah that would be a fun project. More than likely I've pretty much planned on using the 305 for another Jeep Wrangler project. Pick up where I left off on the last Wrangler (before it got totaled). If that's the case, off-road it's all about Torque, torque and more torque and down low around 2,000 to 2,500 RPM. Basically a stump puller. But, I certainly don't know what the future holds, so I may find a TH-350 tranny, get that rebuilt and then mate it to the 305 for a running drivetrain. I could either sell that to a Hot-Rodder, or find a decent body/frame muscle car with no engine/tranny for cheap $$$, then slap my motor in it and have it running a couple days later. Drive that around for a while and/or sell that as a turn-around and make a few grand on it, if not more. So? we'll see. As soon as I finish the Yukon's 350ci. I'll put the 305 on an engine stand and start the disassembling process. IF it weren't for standing water introduced into the motors' internals I would be just giving it gas and 12 volts to get it to fire with the missing parts it needs. But as I said before, a rebuild is simply the smart thing to do in the case. My only other factor now, beyond what level to build it up, is am I going to leave it carbureted and possibly roots blown, or should I go for fuel injection and always leave open the possibility of a centrifugal supercharger. The latter would be better gas mileage and fit under almost any stock hood. Whatever I do, it'll will be a 'looks' engine from the get-go. More 'show' than 'go'.
  8. No current produced Mustang: out accelerates out brakes, or reaches the same top-end MPH number as the Camaro SS. Look at the figures, that's not bias, it's fact. I own two Camaro's myself. Big deal? How you figure it (the SS) was 'beaten' out is beyond me. Camaro's haven't been selling, nothing to do with the Mustang. Mustangs sell because women find the V6 version "cute" I dunno about you, but I wouldn't want my car - a sports car...a muscle car to be thought of as 'cute'. Anything short of being called "a rip-snorting, in your face, beast" I would tend to be a bit dissapointed. Anyway, The Mustang now (the Cobra) makes it more appealing than ever before to me. Short of the 5.0. But, truth is the top-o-tha-line as far as performance goes for the ol' pony still is only able to keep up with the Camaro SS. And cost 7,000 bucks more doing it! I would like to think that Ford is every bit as capable of staying in the horsepower game as GM. But just as long before and now, stock for stock you pull up against an SSM6 with a Cobra you'll get pulled on by a fender. For all intended purposes I would call it a clutch race, and that the cars are pretty much even. However, at the race track "...it don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile...winnings' winning!" As cliche as that may be, it is true. But beyond just the 0-60 folks. The Camaro still comes to a halt in a blood-rushing 120 feet from 60 MPH. The Mustang even with 4-wheel discs is not contending that matter. Same for top-end. And as far as handling I haven't seen any reports that the Cobra will outhandle the SS suspension package. Even with an independant rear suspension. Then you look at the fact that the Cobra needs a supercharger, 3.55 gears, and a 6-speed just to run 12.9 ET. When the Camaro has done this first with only 3.23 gears and NO supercharger. It may sound like I'm bashing the Mustang and I'm really not. I really think its a great product and I am glad to see that Ford is at least making an honest stab at the king-of-the-streets title. While its the best they've ever done - they're not there yet. Just how it is. The '03 Cobra Mustang is awesome in it's own right. What it was in '02 and what they've managed to turn it into in just one year. That's impressive. In essensce, they made the Cobra R...with A/C and Mach 1 sound system. Too cool! With bolt-ons, sure it could take a stock Camaro SS. But that's nothing new. Mustangs have been doing that since '67...playing catch-up. The winner in a race...SS vs. Coby may not be visible to the naked eye, but the traps know. All I ever meant is that if Ford really wanted to impress me, especially when the Camaro wasn't trying to go out with a bang and still rips a 12.89 with a pro driver. That they would at least make it (the Cobra) a few steps ahead of the SS to the extent that the winner is visible by the human eye. Cobra has two big thumbs up from me. It's just that I can only be so ecstatic about a car that cost closer to ten thousand (more) than not, and all I've got to show for it is a 10th or two slower than what the Camaro SS has been doing for a couple years now.
  9. Honestly, For having 390 Horsepower it's not as fast as it should be. It doesn't hang with the base coupe Corvette, much less the Z06. Sorry. The magazines are all testing it this month, and last month. It seems that just as I had told everyone all along - it won't beat out the current (and NOT supercharged) Camaro. I said I would be dissapointed if it didn't go 12.7 ET. Well, Best anyone has gotten it to go (magazine wise) is C&D. Which was a 12.9. All other magazines are pointing to a 13.3 second car. Not all that impressive for the "Cobra" name plate. But as I've said, at least Ford is finally putting the Mustang where it should have been a long time ago - a true competitor with the Camaro. I like the new Cobra more than any other current Mustang, but in my opinion it failed what it should have accomplished. Good car though.
  10. Dare I say perform a search with the words "Jetta" and "enthusiast" ???
  11. I need a little more than 650 to 900 horsepower, that would not meet any of my personal goals. Twin turbocharger setups are nice...for the super rich. However I'm not about to spend 50,000 on engine work, when I can make more power with a simple supercharged SBC that will cost less than $10,000.
  12. How does engine size relate to gearing and hence MPH?
  13. Pontiac, I was wondering the same thing, but unfortunately he did mention that you would have to purchase a multi-thousand dollar turbocharger first. I mean, who doesn't have a few extra thousand lying around to make turn a motor into a turbocharged monster??? (forgetting to include all the wiring, and mechanical modifications needed to make the engine function from N/A to Turbocharged) So I guess he got away from us this time. Pity. I was really looking forward to laughing at rice. :mad: next time, I 'spose.
  14. ha ha ha, typical ricer. Sorry bud but there is no chip that will net you an additional 48 horsepower, much less "48+" horsepower. *sigh* what a 'box' racer.
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