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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing it! By the way, I'm traveling to tropical countries soon. Do you know where I can find some info about vaccination requirements?
  2. Hey there! I totally get the struggle of finding the best loan deal in a flooded market. I'm in the same boat right now.
  3. I'm tired, oh, I've tried designing/developing/managing my own website. I was trying to save a dollar, which ended up costing more than I thought. Trying to keep up with SEO took a lot of time, distracting from doing business. When I started looking for a web designer/developer, I found that there are many people who claim to have experience in SEO. Upon further questioning, I found that the vast majority knew nothing about the NSA or the tax business. As the economy continues to decline, you can bet that you will also see an increase in the number of "experts" on websites. Just like we saw in the NSA case. My advice to you, if you are going to hire a professional website developer, be absolutely sure that you will not waste your time and money. There are many website designers/developers, but few people know our business.
  4. Sup, here we talk about our favorite games ever. we can talk about the characters in the game or who should be in it!
  5. Guys, I want to try to come up with a way to insert the output from this URL directly into the SQL Server table. I would like to see if it is possible to do this directly from the SQL server as a stored procedure or TSQL.
  6. I want to create a simpler dentition molding for a project, something like this from Fypon: I downloaded a few tooth molds, but they all have more details than I would like. Is there a way to simplify an existing form or create it from scratch? Thanks!
  7. It's pretty simple actually. There are many applications for working with documents that can help you.
  8. Also can you help me understand what 4.2 means … i bet on american college football NCAA and NFL games since i a teen , would love to understand and try my luck on badminton.
  9. I enjoy a wide variety of mushrooms and mycology in general. Can't wait to find my first Morel of the season.
  10. I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but I'm in a similar situation with my backyard. I recently bought a house, and my garden is a complete mess! So, I totally get your struggle with patchy spots on the lawn. As for recommendations, I recently came across a website that offers turf rolls, which might be worth considering. They have some helpful tips on their site too. By the way, have you checked if your patchy spots are due to grubs, disease, or dog spots? Identifying the cause can help determine the best approach. It's always nice to connect with fellow homeowners dealing with lawn care and whatnot. Good luck with your lawn journey, and feel free to share any tips or updates.
  11. There are so many people who are also willing to sell their property much faster because they need money. I think when it comes to selling your property quickly, there are a lot of people who tend to make mistakes, and one of them is in a hurry. Haste is not a solution to the problem, rather, it causes a lot of problems. If a real estate agent gets a hint that you want to make a quick profit by selling your property, then he will devalue your property even more. In this scenario, not the one who is engaged in real estate will suffer, because in the end he will earn his commission. the only person who will suffer is you, because the property belongs to you. I think when it comes to selling your property, you also need to keep it running. Just think about selling your car. If you service your car, you will get a good price, right? Moreover, the efforts of a real estate agent are also of great importance when it comes to selling your property. You just need to make sure that you are working with the right real estate agent. In my country, people usually work with many real estate agents. If a particular real estate agent brings clients, then he gets the right to remuneration
  12. Doing the cybersecurity course and getting a course will be helpful but what colleges see is how you apply that in real life as in a project, protecting the school website, you know something like that.
  13. I'm trying to get into a good university for writing, just trying to make sure I stand out to other students
  14. So this out-of-state fellow has very fine hair and we did about 2500 grafts on him without any trouble. It's been about a year now...we shot this video a few months ago....and I remember him calling me when I was seeing patients and skiing in Aspen last year and his Walgreens literally had an answering machine from when I was 9 years old. Eventually, we got through and treated significant postop acne and I THINK that usually really slows down growth. Well, not in this guy..at 5 and a half months he looked great and I suspect his 13-month video will be significantly better in terms of hair growth. Interestingly we did 3 guys last year from this southwestern US capital city and all 3 got significant acne...we've subsequently done those 3 guys a second time and didn't have trouble with his 2nd case. Mystery. The video is: youtube.com/watch?v=Cy_dNxFrzkE
  15. If I sell items online and ship them to customers, as the shipper of the items (not the receiver of the items), do I count the shipping postage cost as a regular expense or as a COGS. It seems to me that it would be a regular expense, but I want to make sure. Thank you in advance.
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