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  1. SUERTE I’m not your friend
  2. The black whales are here. What does a whale mean in stocks? A 'Whale Trade' is trading position which results in abnormal profits. Allow me to illustrate; a whale trade generally occurs when a trader who often makes a profit of 10 thousand on a capital of a lakh, ends up with a profit of more than a lakh. This is MOZ! Edith
  3. It’s the gay Pollock.
  4. He comes on the pier and decides he wants to fish close to the entrance. Baits his hook with a shrimp tosses it over the side and catches a bonefish.
  5. Either you brake all the rules or meet your quota. Born on a South Carolina cotton plantation. Eartha Mae Kitt was ostracized at an early age because of her mixed-race heritage. At 8 years old, she was given away by her mother and sent from the South Carolina cotton fields to live with an aunt in Harlem. In New York the shy teen auditioned for the famed Katherine Dunham Dance Troupe. Kitt was the daughter of a Cherokee and Black mother and an white father she never knew, and from the age of eight she grew up with relatives in an ethnically diverse section of Harlem, New York City. Kitt who came from extreme poverty and a difficult upbringing — never knowing her biological father. Kitt's Native and African American mother gave birth to her at 16 and then abandoned her. The owners having children with the slaves. illegitimacy - Who’s taking responsibility for this?
  6. Yo! She’s a descendent of skateboard. Remember Lefky? I’m telling ya bro.
  7. He has what it takes. The technique isn’t there. He’s winding up and round housing. He did it early in the bought. 🫣 His straight cross is a fraction of a second as he closes the combo,with the hook and before the cross falls directly back the hook gets delivered all with in fractions. Your body lateral or head bob and weave can’t reach movement. Neither can your footwork with in that shore to a distance. He put POWER behind it all. the coach put me in the center in the ring while I was all geared up ready to start sparring. Fully extended his arm with his fist in my face and yelled good and loud. KEEP OUT OF HARMS WAY!! It’s me and Duwin. this is private.
  8. I was seconds away from getting up and giving him a ear full. I didn’t see anything.
  9. This one’s a match made in heaven. They’re both sure of themselves. They know what they’re doing. Hockey rules the world. I know about everyone else’s business. Not near looking to help anyone but after it’s over. I’m looking to benefit from it all. How did this happen? What Happened? On March 24, 1989 the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling 11 million gallons of oil. The ecologically sensitive location, season of the year, and large scale of this spill resulted in one of the largest environmental disasters in U.S. history. If I were you I would give those people a ticket.
  10. I said to the owner. I’m planning a trip to Alaska. If you give me the job I’ll take you with me.
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