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  1. Can I have some fries with that shake? 😉😉
  2. Is it Kosher? It’s sunny. It’s raining. Is phosphate bad in drinking water? Phosphates are safe to ingest at reasonable levels. They are important complexed components of all plant and animal based foods that we consume because they are components of all cells.
  3. A little knowledge is dangerous. He couldn’t get a job and here he comes In the sweat shop. I don’t work for Disney Studios. Here I come to fix it. This is easy I’ll show you. Who’s taking responsibility for all of this?
  4. I made blankets for every NCAA college in the country. This was the complaint I got. You made them exactly alike. I can’t tell which one is mine. Don’t do that. 10 start nn c — 3&6 or a&w is color 1 nn c — 2&4 or y&g is color 2 nn c — 5&7 or t&i is color 3 50 yg:2=g/3=a 4=y 5=t 6=w 7=I; nn F:start-1x1; 55 gosub 100-150*nn 59 end c — length of the pattern nn c ———— 80 << s:<1->a-a/y-y/t-a/<1->a-y; Y:3=a/4=y/5=t/6=a; sx sx sx sx nn >> s:y-a/t-y/<1->a-a/y-y; Y:4=y/5=t/3=a/7=y; sx sx sx sx nn << s:t-a/<1->a-y/y-a/t-y; Y:5=t/3=a/4=y/2=t; sx sx sx sx nn >> s:<1->a-a/y-a/t-y/<1->a-y; Y:3=a/4=y/5=t/6=a; sx sx sx sx nn << s:y-y/t-a/<1->a-a/y-a; Y:4=y/5=t/3=a/7=y; sx sx sx sx 90 >> s:t-y/<1->a-y/y-y/t-a; Y:5=t/3=a/4=y/2=t; sx sx sx sx nn c —————- 100 << s:<1->a-a/y-y/t-a/<1->a-y; Y:=a/=y/=t/=w; sx sx sx sx nnn >> s:y-a/t-y/<1->a-a/y-y; Y:=y/=t/=a/=g; sx sx sx sx nnn << s:t-a/<1->a-y/y-a/t-y; Y:=t/=a/=y/=i; sx sx sx sx nnn >> s:<1->a-a/y-a/t-y/<1->a-y; Y:=a/=y/=i/=w; sx sx sx sx nnn << s:y-y/t-a/<1->a-a/y-a; Y:=y/=i/=a/7=g; sx sx sx sx 150 >> s:t-y/<1->a-y/y-y/t-a; Y:=t/=a/4=y/2=i sx sx sx sx c ———— any 3 color is done. It’s been done for ever. I have it with me all the time. why am I asking you what to do, never the less having to give you money for what I already did. Somebody here flipped there lid. What the f am I looking at?
  5. I’m telling you. I know what I’m doing. 🙄 A surf casting braid has more wax on the line.
  6. Do you ever hear voices? Industry and Salary Information Starting salary for a rookie cop in the NYPD is $42,500. Additional compensation includes unlimited paid sick leave, medical benefits and a retirement plan. Opportunities for overtime, night time differential pay and holiday pay means that a rookie cop can earn significantly more. Knitting machine operator A knitting machine operator is responsible for operating industrial knitting machines; repair yarn-related faults at the knitting head and fabric press-offs; also, to identify knitting faults; and He makes more money than you. https://www.indeed.com/q-Knitting-Machine-Operator-jobs.html?vjk=74520a15f77d7437 12 hours a day, 6 days a week O.T. Let me show you what to do. No!
  7. I didn’t know. Nobody told me. Forever Ike
  8. https://youtu.be/CezxwuMg_2U Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington vs Jose Argel 09/23/2022 ((FULL FIGHT)) I watched the copied recorded YouTube vid. It looks like he hurt his hand in the 4th round. Not much on it. https://boxrec.com/en/box-pro/851120 For Shu Shu _____________________ https://boxrec.com/en/box-pro/1028303 Here comes Kel trailing behind. _____________________ They’re both featherweights. 😉👍
  9. WOW! They’re helping me.
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