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  1. Exacly, 5th runs out at about 170 and if you shift into 6th the rpm will drop down to 3-4K and the car will start to decelerate.
  2. '91 Si Hatchback, black, B18C5, turbo, mmm...
  3. Well, that's in fourth gear... So you would be hauling *** way before 95 mph.
  4. The power curve is too peaky... For example, it might be like 1000hp at 7000rpm, then 1500hp at 7500rpm and then 900hp at 8000rpm.
  5. Charger... Impalas of that age just didn't appeal to me.
  6. The generator died... Go to the dealer if you're rich or you could spend about 6 hours with a Haynes manual and some tools in the garage. I'm pretty sure that's the case because I've experienced similar problems more than once. You could jump start it and see what would happen...
  7. People, people... Who buys a McLaren to just drive it around town? Umm... Like, no one... Ever hear of Boost Control? Variable valve timing? All those crazy gadgets could also be used to reduce power when it's not needed. And you must remember that 1001hp is the "peak" output... Nobody knows what the powercurve will look like on that thing.
  8. First, the cab and the front wheelbase needs to be moved forward to eliminate the overhang and make it more Ferrari like. The lights, Ugh... They really need to be moved up. Gullwing doors are a nice idea, but not when they make the car look like a battle tank. Overall shape? After the rear windshield ends so do the looks. Sure it's a prototype, I know that... Hopefully these problems will get attended to.
  9. The most dissapointing automobile from BMW yet... It has less amenities, less luxury and a bit more engine power... And they charge you $40K while you're getting less? I'm also willing(but not able) to bet good money that it will get it's *** kicked in the slalom and auto x by the first gen M3.
  10. Looks terrible, although it's a prototype hopefully all the proportions will get sorted out.
  11. GT2 costs less than that... What a fucking rip off...
  12. I'll take a blue Miata with tan leather interior and a 5spd... Regular rice boy mods and I'll be perfectly happy.
  13. Damn, the SS is 320... It's a toss up, really...
  14. There was the LT4 Vette in the end of the C4 run, 330hp.
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