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  1. Thank you for the fast reply, I sure do appreciate that. I tried to save a couple hundred from having a shop do the labor but im completely clueless at this point and will just take it tommorow lol. Thank you for your advice, it makes perfect sense to me
  2. I have a 2006 Chevrolet HHR and the passenger back wheel is bent inwards...does anyone know how I can fix this? It looks like 1-2" inwards, no wheel damage and no subframe or lower control arm damage. I replaced the back wheels with the front ones to check if it made a difference, it didnt. It makes a weird rubbing sound when turning to the left only, not when going straight and not when turning to the right. As if the wheel was scraping metal. My steering wheel is off a bit too, 15 degrees clock wise. I installed new tie rod ends and did the front alignment. It wont allow me to add pictures over .98mb (my 1 picture is 6 mb)
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