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  1. Firstly - apologies for the long post... My partner has a 2005 Porsche Boxster and a few days ago she mentioned that the "electrics were acting up". She couldn't describe it more clearly than that, other than there were times when the ignition key wouldn't do anything or everything would go off briefly... Cut to yesterday and she called to say the car was completely dead. I drove over to her and confirmed the car was as if the battery was disconnected. Nothing worked - windows, lights, ignition, dash, central locking - everything was completely dead. I suspected a flat battery (even tho it didn't make a lot of sense) so started connecting up some jump leads. I briefly tapped the crocodile clips together once connected to just her battery and they sparked violently. At this point, everything came back on and the car started easily. I followed her back home (about 8 miles) and the car didn't miss a beat. When she went to start it this morning, it was dead again. I had to mess about with it to open the bonnet (it's an electrical release mech) and in the course of doing so, it all came back to life again. Here is what I've checked so far... Negative & Positive Battery leads are securely attached to the battery with no corrosion Negative Battery lead is securely attached to the body with no corrosion Battery appears to have plenty of juice once everything is fired up I'm pretty competent with mechanicals and know one end of a circuit tester from the other but automotive electronics are definitely not one of my specialties. It feels as though this problem is going to be something obvious and I'd like to rule out the simple stuff before taking it to a garage Can someone recommend any obvious things I can test / examine?
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