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  1. 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Fuel pump fails AFTER RECALL PERFORMED!!! Read below for details that might save you a huge headache!!!! Unfortunately......now begins the social media campaign against Checkered Flag Honda 6541 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502 https://honda.checkeredflag.com/?utm_source=GMBlisting... First Issue, tried the old "If you buy the extended warranty we will get you a lower interest rate.....That's not only wrong...but actually illegal in some respects. Second Issue, received a quote on transmission fluid change $199.95 a little steep but ok, I can handle that...bill after hours to get the keys from the sales dept.. $280 and some change....WHAT? Third Issue, Brought car in for oil change, said they did a 32 point inspection....say the air filter needed to be replaced....nope...I did it 2 days earlier...then the service advisor says "oh that just comes up for everyone"...so basically they don't do any inspection at all...just change the oil and take a guess at what you need. i am sure they wouldn't mind taking the full bill and throwing away a brand new air filter.... last but not least...ahhhh... the fuel pump recall..... NHTSA campaign number: 21V215000. This recall is an expansion of recall 20V314. So I make an appointment, take the car in and drop it off at the dealer...they say they can do it in a day....I get the car back and it seems to drive fine...no issues...about 250 miles later... the car dies on the side of the road. I get it towed back to the dealer...dealer claims at first that its a failed battery control module...still under warranty...no issue....ok I am thinking this isnt going to be so bad... a few days without the car, I can survive, they replace the part...car still wont start... uhhhh WHAT?. Now they say its contaminated gas.......and want $2200 to fix it..including replacing the brand new air filter...lolz:/ I go up to the dealership the next day to take a look for myself....speak to the tech doing the work, says he pulled gas from the tank and its "cloudy" and smells funny from the gas filler door. ( I guess he likes to walk around and smell gas tanks...i dunno...) I fill my car up and my wifes car up at literally the same pump... no issues with hers...now I start digging.... The tech says he doesnt have the gas sample to show me...but "trust me"? I ask him, is the car all put back together If I choose to tow it out of here..looks me dead in the eye and says...yeah its all put together🙁. ... I get the car towed back home because I don't believe these people....look in the trunk and bolts/tabs laying everywhere, passenger rear seatbelt tucked back in behind the rear trim...not accessible at all. I make 6 different calls to 6 different Honda dealers around the area to explain the symptoms....6/6 say its because the tech didn't install the fuel pump correctly, they even admitted that it has happened at their dealership (now was that so hard? admitting that sometimes people make mistakes) I opened a case with Honda America... case manager hasn't called...its been 5 days....called to escalate....customer support says they prolly wont get to me for a couple of weeks.... Went to a local Honda dealer and asked to look at an unopened box for the replacement fuel pump part......replacement part has no identifying part number.....turns out recalls are voluntary by the manufacturer, no requirements, no audits to ensure dealers are performing recalls....just their word.😕 Fuel has been tested, nothing wrong with the fuel…If the car just dies and stumbles to restart after the recall is done… even a couple hundred miles after the recall… it is almost certainly the work done on the pump… if your dealer is honest, they will admit that and fixit…if not, they will claim something else that is dumb.:/
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