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  1. Two problems: 1. Previously my left mirror moved to the extreme downward position on its own any time the selection switch lever moved to the Left position. If I positioned it with the power buttons, after positioning I had to immediately turn the selection switch lever to the Center position else the mirror would move all the way down, even with my hand off the switch and the lever sitting in the Left position. However, now even with the selector in the Center position it's in the extreme down position and won't move using the mirror selector switch at all. 2. Recently my right mirror started moving all the way down as soon as the engine turned on, even with the selector in the Center position. If I position it manually with engine off, it will automatically point all the way down as soon as the engine turns on. The engine must be on for this to happen. (If I just turn the key to the accessory position, it does not move down.) An autobody friend suggested that perhaps the switch is defective, so I removed the door panel and disconnected the cable to the selector switch, thinking that at least now I can manually position it and it will stay put. Alas, when I turn the engine on, the right mirror moves to the extreme right position, pauses for a second, then moves to the extreme down position. Grrrrrr. How is that even possible? It must be getting power from another source than the selector wiring. And without a signal from the selector, it must want to move to a default full down/right position. Is it still possible that the mirror selector switch is defective? If it was sending the correct signals to the mirrors, would that fix it? BTW, I'm aware of the "feature" that points the mirror down 5 degrees when in reverse. Trust me, this is a different issue, since the mirrors drop to the extreme down position (not just 5 degrees), and it even happens when the car is not in reverse. (I posted this to hyundai-forums.com a couple of days ago, but no responses.) Thanks for any help you can give. Wayne
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