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  1. A gospel sermon touching on the signs of the times.Duration 11minutes.Download the audio recording for free DOWNLOAD NOW
  2. What is your favourite car and why?
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  6. I always say with positive thinking you make the doctor's work easier.You will react to his medication quicker.Even when you cannot access a doctor,the correct feeding or training of your subconscious mind by your conscious mind will result in you overcoming many diseases.It is not about having a lot to live for.It is about knowing you will make it.How do you know? When you give your subconscious mind the right information long enough.Download this free audio teaching called You Can Be Cured Of Most Ailments Through The Power Of Positive Results DOWNLOAD NOW
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  11. There is something common about these following billionaires.Bill Gates is a creator of software.Mark Zuckerberg is a creator of social networks.Larry Page is a creator of search engines.Google is now the biggest brand in the world worth one trillion dollars.We are now in the golden age of creators VIEW DETAILS
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