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  1. Any one dealing with disappearing oil? I have maintained oil changes as indicated on the sticker. Since purchasing the 2016 Sonata I have had all changes at the dealership. A few months ago oil light came on, decline in power. Basically no oil - very little on the dip stick. Car to dealership - required 3 consumption checks at 1k miles. Each time failed and they requested one more. Failed the 4th as well. They had indicated i was going to get an engine replacement when I failed the 4th test. Long story short, that didn't happen. Hyuandai had released a TSB in March indicating dealership clean the engine and retest at 1k miles. Ok so basically they are putting a bandaid on a problem. It may take care of the problem for a while but sooner or later guarantee the problem will start again. I know about the lawsuit regarding this issue and I had the update that was required when I received notice appx 2 years ago. So everything is covered. The first event with basically no oil was at 48k miles and was almost 1200 miles till the next oil change. This car is an issue and the cleaning as I said is a temp fix. Hyuandai is not going to back it's car and this is disgraceful that customers have bought these cars and basically are scared to drive them. I can't imagine traveling in my car on vacation and encountering an issue. I have read numerous forums related to the oil situation, dealerships don't fix, the company doesn't do anything even though the powertrain warranty is in effect. People are posting about stalling in heavy traffic etc. i cringe thinking eventually someone is going to die in a crash due to this problem and some may already have. (Who's family would even know or think to have a crash vehicle checked). Does anyone have or had this same disappearing oil situation? If so how did Hyuandai and the dealership handle it. Honestly, it looks like another class action lawsuit is going to have to occur to get Hyuandai to step up and handle this issue.
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