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  1. I really do want a motorcycle license and I tried my absolute hardest to convince my grandpa to let me get one because it costs less than $800 to get a bike license and bikes tend to be much cheaper than cars... However, since my mom and dad died in a motorcycle accident when I was younger, he is very detested in me getting one. I understand where he is coming from which is why I don’t want to pry and bring up memories which should stay buried. I am planning on purchasing a dirt bike for recreational use though at some point in my life!
  2. Thanks a ton! I was so lost because there are so many types of cars and types of maintenance that I don’t even know where to start. I wanted to start somewhere to see if this hobby is something I enjoy, so i really can’t thank you enough!
  3. Hey guys, Im a sophomore in highschool and my grandpa said that he’d let me buy a car for myself. I worked 3 jobs over the past few months and made a total of $4,863. I have absolutely no knowledge in vehicles nor do I know what’s considered good or not. Ive been trying to do research but I always get sidetracked by other cars or other details. Could somebody tell me a car which I could purchase with low maintenance and high fuel economy? Below are some of the cars that I absolutely want but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea for a beginner like me to get them. honda s2000, subaru brz, toyota 86, nissan 350z/370z, acura rsx, sw30 mr2, 4 gen mustang, scion FR-S, mazda miata, and other cars like that.
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