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  1. The Enforce Market Share Strategy was used by British businessman Richard Brandon in the early 80s when he formed Virgin Atlantic Airlines. The competition from British Airways was too great and so Brandon embarked on a global hot air balloon ride.He crash landed half way through but the world media had already noticed and flighted the written words on the balloon,"Fly Virgin Atlantic Airlines". Virgin Airlines was now surely entered entering a multi billion dollar airline market More Here
  2. The Stop Drug Abuse Initiative is effective because it speaks to the hearts of people who are battling with drug addiction through creative art expression View Details
  3. The crime reduction initiative is very effective because it speaks to people involved in crime through artistic expression View Details
  4. Guns in the alleys Guns in the valleys Guns on the street Guns where people meet America The Gun Society Guns in the hands of the little ones Guns in the hand of the big Ones..Continues
  5. Let us face it everyone wants a life full of pleasure,a better life.There are 8 steps in achieving this starting with change More
  6. Abraham Lincoln set the black man free on paper in the year 1863.On the ground it has taken so many years for the powers that be to set the black man free.To this day,America is still not following the full command of Lincoln Read More
  7. Three black men killed by US police Rodney King,George Floyd,Daunte Wright.Here is a song against racism Watch Video
  8. Open a free iban account and send money world wide with cheapest rates Transferwise
  9. Raymond M is a songwriter and music producer.He writes hip hop,pop,rock,ballard,soul,reggae etc.Sample his work here Play Song Contact him by signing up and sending a direct message here Visit Site
  10. You need to know why you take drugs,that then becomes your key to overcome drug abuse.This only testing program will help you to overcome drug abuse Start Here
  11. In the 80s Japan was the main tech and innovation entity of the world.Cheaper cars mass produced.The small portable cassette player,the walkman,the robot.Today technology has become a free for all.Anyone from any nation can create an app in the comfort of their homes.Japan is stuck in the technology path and needs to become even more creative or change the ball game altogether by venturing into something else Source
  12. In order to stop drinking you first have to find out why you drink alcohol. Some people drink for entertainment,some drink to fit in,some like the "high" feeling and some drink because of much bigger and deeper reasons.A free five minute online test will help you to know why you drink and how you can stop drinking Take Test
  13. No one wants to die but many people deny Christ the very fountain of life.When I say Jesus Christ killed death it is beyond human understanding and that is what makes the true statement so sweet and timely.He died so that we could live and this time,forever More
  14. Covid 19 can be naturally treated by hot water through steaming View Details
  15. Japan will ban all diesel and petrol cars by mid 2030.Europe,America and beyond are already making electric cars to adapt to the future.View quality,warranty backed used electric,hybrid,petrol and diesel cars View Stock
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