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  1. What coating do you use for you car? Why exactly it?
  2. Good day. Some people often get traffic violation tickets and there can be many different situations. In general I agree with previous answer, I think you should pay for all your traffic violations. Now there are special services on online portal(more info here - https://njmcdirect.biz/) which gives opportunity to pay your traffic tickets and other charges. So you can solve this problem very fast!
  3. I think you can find a lot of modern models in internet. There are many reviews, just read several of them and I'm sure you will find the best variant which will cover your needs.
  4. Process is quite difficult and requires experience and all necessary tools and equipment. Usually the 5 steps of making a new asphalt road are: - Cleaning the Surface - Getting the Base Layer Ready - Installation of Binders - Placing the Main Asphalt and Joints - Rolling the Surface
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