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  1. Why did you decide to buy flowers, I think it's too primitive, maybe better to buy some certificates for example, girls love it very much.
  2. I liked the choice of clothing from this brand yves salomon https://superpodium.com/brand/yves-salomon Pretty popular now a manufacturer, and most importantly the quality of clothes really good. They use only natural materials, and value their reputation. So take something there for yourself and your wife.
  3. My wife loves branded things, I want to give her a gift of shoes and a bag for spring. Can you tell me which brands are the most popular right now?
  4. Why did you decide to choose yoga to choose, it is more suitable for professionals, but beginners good start with Pilates, exercises can be performed independently at home
  5. I am a novice developer, has already started to create his first site, so tell me where you can find icons for websites? Preferably free options
  6. I can tell you that Swiss watches are very expensive, it takes a lifetime to work for them, there are good copies of brands in online stores. Are you considering this option?
  7. I am in Dubai now, I met a very beautiful girl. I want to make a surprise for her today, send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, tell me where to buy flowers?
  8. I like sneakers by Lacoste brand such sneakers look very expensive, and the quality is very good. I've been wearing them for years.
  9. In yoga the most important thing is to learn how to breathe correctly, and the best way to do this you will teach a professional, so I think in the studio you will be more comfortable
  10. In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. There is a special tool that will help make a mass unfollow twitter https://goless.com/marketplace/mass-unfollow-twitter The only thing you need to register on this site, and then do everything according to the instructions. With this program, you can delete everyone very quickly
  11. I want to keep up with news from around the world. Advise me where to read the news, but only if the portal is reliable. And the information was verified
  12. We bought in the store Globusoff they have reasonable prices, and most importantly you can order home delivery. How many of these discs do you need? And what color would you like?
  13. Buy a phone from a well-known brand, such as Samsung phones from this manufacturer are time-tested, for how much money do you expect in general approximately?
  14. Can you guys tell me where you see the currency forecast? I need to know what the forecast for tomorrow euro to HUF. Suggest a trusted resource. That would be accurate.
  15. I have been to Mexico a couple of times, I can say that I was not very impressed with the country. Better to go to Thailand, by the way prices are much cheaper, and more beautiful cities
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