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  1. If you love your car please don't do it, It will not look good and will be just temporary, I suggest you to save some money for it and after that get it professionally done, I want to share my experience with you, my friend and I bought a used car from Bidexport.com we got a great deal, but we don't like color of it, so we paint it with hand brush and we are very bad in it, so, finally we have to give it to professionals, to do paint job, we wasted our time, so, you don't.
  2. Hello, BMW are vary good cars both in terms of performance and style, you should go for it, as you are looking for used one, I recommend you to visit Bidexport.com you can find BMW here at best price and will get shipped safely to your home.
  3. Hello, After reading your post, I understand that you live in some very cold place and you are a daily driver, I have few car suggestions for you, but I think if they will be available in your city or not, so, you may go for Toyota, ford, Honda, and Kia, if you are looking for used car you can visit Bidexport.com you can choose from 150,000 vehicles and It will be shipped to you home easily. Thankyou.
  4. Hello, yeah, you can go with a SUV 7 seater, it will be perfect for you and you can buy used one if you have a mechanic friend with you , I know a online car auction site where you can find awesome used cars at best price and shipped to your home, just head over to bidexport.com. happy riding
  5. Toyota Rav4 AWD you should go with this one as you are getting it in under $18k and under 40k miles and you want to keep it with you for 10-15 years, so , it will be a good fit for you. why not you look at bidexport.com you may get some good cars.
  6. I'm with Japanese netizens Toyota should be every where it is a very good car, and after sales services are also great, I have bought a used Toyota car from online auction at bidexport.com and I am really happy with it, and I practically recommends all to buy toyota
  7. As a thumb rule soft tyre gives good grip on road but wear out early, hard tyre are slippery but last long so go for all season tyres. we at Bidexport.com inspect tyres of every car that customers buy.
  8. Buying a car is an easy process if you know what you want, first you have to see your budget, and after that find best car under that, which give good mileage, speed and comfortable, and also looks good, all this you can check before buying at one place on Bidexport.com.
  9. Find a new car, but don't have money to buy at once, try online auction at Bidxport.com to find cheap cars shipped to your home
  10. Have a go go with Golf 7 TSI it is a very good car you can get it in more cheap price at Bidexport.com Happy Riding To You.
  11. hello, Nice to hear that you will get a license soon, It Feels great to get license and ride a first car, to give you a good example to which car you can buy, you should look at Toyota or Honda both are good for beginners, as you have tight budget, but you can get a good car under it, just have a look at Bidexport.com they have 150,000+ motor vehicles.
  12. I think you might like a 4 seater fast sporty car with ease of use and safety, than you should buy it from a vendor who checks all this on your behalf and you can just ride on your way, so, check out Bidexport.com you will get best deals on cars here.
  13. If you would have bought a car from bidexport.com they also have shipping service fast and affordable,
  14. Yeah! this car is very expensive, choosing from so many cars is vary time consuming job, but also interesting, I suggest you buy a Honda, Toyota, or something competitive to these, you may head over to bidexport.com for used cars, at very cheap price.
  15. I agree with you, Honda produces best cars and also best bikes If you need to buy a used Honda car you can head over to bidexport.com
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