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  1. In most people's minds, Honda's motorcycles are relatively large. I have seen Honda PCX and Honda Scoopy, but they are not Honda's smallest motorcycle. Honda’s smallest motorcycle should be the Honda Monkey. Yes, just listen to the name and you will feel that this car is compact. This is Honda Scoopy ↑ This is Honda PCX ↑ And the last one is Honda Monkey 125.↑
  2. Recently, I saw a hot post on Twitter. Japanese netizens asked an interesting question, "Does your country have a Toyota?" It seems that the netizens' options are affirmative. In the comments, I read an interesting story. Toyota's first real mass production car was born in 1936, the Model AA, but it is not so much development as the assembly of the first mass production car. The chassis and gearbox are directly copied from a Chrysler model. Other parts of the body are mostly made of MG and Ford parts, of course Toyota has also cast some of it itself. The body design completely imitates the Chrysler Airflow. As for the reason, the founder Kiichiro Toyota knows that his factory does not yet have the ability to design new cars, while the Chrysler Airflow design is a few years ahead of that era and can develop itself for Toyota. Leave more time for the appearance of the car body. It seems that the first step to success is to rely on the achievements of the predecessors. Knowing that learning and innovation are an important factor for Toyota's success. I hope that car manufacturers in some countries will not only know that they are copying cars from other countries. Although it may not be practical, I still look forward to one day Toyota can make a scooter like Honda Scoopy or Honda PCX.
  3. As we all know, Honda's most popular product is the car, and the Accord and Civic are the star products of Honda. The Honda brand is keen on research and development of machinery, which is why many people think that Honda only makes cars. As everyone knows, the beginning of Honda Motor in the mechanical field originated from the two-wheeled scooter, which is the predecessor of today's motorcycle,such as Honda PCX, Honda Vario, Honda Scoopy. After Honda Motorcycle won the championship in the world's highest motorcycle competition in 1961, Honda became the company that produces the world's first-class motorcycles. Even motorcycles are very expensive, and they deserve to be Honda.
  4. So I lost the keys to 2014 Honda Civic and my son tried to start it with a screwdriver and damaged the ignition, can I get it started without keys? By the way, now my Honda CRF 150 is my only vechicle.Oh, the civic is my old friends, so don't tell me to change a new car......
  5. Car/motorcycle driving recorder is very important!! Everyone can understand by looking at the picture. It was because this motorcycle suddenly appeared in front of my car that I had no time to brake and hit it. But I didn't have a car safety camera and didn't capture this scene, so the traffic police said it was my problem because I didn't pay attention to the safe distance while driving. Ah, not only that, but I also have to compensate for the maintenance cost of this kawasaki klx, see the price and you'll know, this is not a small cost. So, everyone remember to install a car security camera! Whether it's a motorcycle or a car.
  6. As an essential daily communication tool, the worst thing that a smartphone user may encounter is that the battery runs out. A charging port with sufficient voltage is also necessary. As a motorcycle rider, I often use the map application of my smartphone to go to a certain place. If the battery of the phone runs out, I can't drive the motorcycle at high speed.The power bank may be useful, but it is still not enough for me, because I ride for 6-8 hours a day, so I am looking for a motorcycle with a charging port. As far as I know, Yamaha motorcycles have charging ports, such as Yamaha Xmax and Nmax, but their prices are a bit high. Are there any other recommendations?
  7. I am a fan of Kawasaki and want to buy an authentic Kawasaki cruising motorcycle. Speaking of this, the first thing that comes to mind is the Harley. Of course, Indian motorcycles and American Victory motorcycles are also very good, but no matter which brand of car, it can be as little as 100,000 or as many as hundreds of thousands. It will definitely be difficult to pay. This raises a question, can it be paid in installments? My experience is that at present, the only reliable loan channel is bank personal consumption loans. But I haven't seen many such cases so far. Can such a mature loan product for automobile consumption not be used on motorcycles? Have any brothers who bought it leave a comment. Kawasaki KLX 150 L
  8. Also can a girl find a boy by doing like this? I mean if owning a motorcycle.
  9. The kawasaki klx series has always been a popular motorcycle racing car series in Japan, and every time it has won a good place in a motorcycle race. In order to show its performance more intuitively, I searched a few videos on Youtube, and finally chose the one I think is the most interesting to share. Kawasaki KLX 150 & 140
  10. Inside Racing Yamaha Nmax 2020 155 : 115km/h The Variable Valve Actuation is retained and helps with the top speed, which I recorded at 115km/h (this system switches intake lift and duration at 6000rpm with different intake cam lobes, to give optimum bottom and top-end power). Yamaha Nmax November 2020 prices start from ₱119,900 for base variant Standard and goes upto ₱134,500 for top-spec variant ABS. From the video, we can objectively understand that the design of Nmax is very suitable for racing, and its speed is very fast. However, we still need more data and look forward to more outstanding performance in 2021.
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