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  1. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 3.5L with an overheating issue I can’t solve. It started overheating 3 days ago, I drove it home and I started hearing a weird noise under the hood and almost like the car was revving on its own. That day was the 1st day it overheated. Smoke coming from radiator reservoir and somewhere in the in the engine near the middle of the serpentine belt area. The next morning I turn it on, it turns on rough as hell and has a check engine light that reads p0300 and p0117. First thing i do is replace that ECT sensor but not sure if it did anything because in the process I damaged the safety on the connector but it’s still snugged in good enough not to fall off. That doesn’t solve my problem, still overheats. Next I drained the coolant and refilled it with new coolant but when I open the reservoir for the 1st time I notice that the cap has white wet sludge on it and the tank is covered with it too mostly at the bottom, I still put on new coolant. Continues the overheat. I replaced the thermostat, bled it and topped off more coolant. This time when the car is leaking coolant from underneath. Starts to sound normal but when I go drive it it still continues the overheat with smoke still coming from the reservoir. I have no clue what it is. Not sure if the fans are working. I think it’s a bad water pump? But could it also be a blown head gasket???
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