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  1. Well, you really ended up on someone else's battlefield. Hello, now I will explain to you as I can. There are procedures for skin rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid is often used, injections are made in different layers. For example, biorevitalization is a special tool for such purposes. If you decide to give her what she wants, take a high quality, then the result will be good. She also does it for you, and not only for herself. So a gift for two is a very good deal.
  2. Yes bro, I have something to tell you. I have lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years. when I arrived, I opened my store there for building materials. I liked the fact that with them foreigners can easily start their own business and get a work visa. I registered a company here, I just sent them a package of documents. They solved all the issues with the local tax office for me, all work permits. All I could do was work and get paid. So you can do it. Good luck.
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