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  1. In general, how people make money on the Internet. I'm an old car mechanic, I don't really understand computers, I'm interested in how people make money on the Internet, explain to me.
  2. Is it possible to make money on bets. Has anyone here tried to make money on bets, I mean sports betting? If yes, guys, please tell us about your experience.
  3. And you are meeting on the Internet. I am sixty years old, I have long gone through the stage of romantic love intrigue, I am interested in this normally getting acquainted on the Internet at my age. If you have any interesting stories about this, I will be glad if you tell me.
  4. You are watching adult videos. Recently, an amusing situation happened to me, my wife was asleep, I turned on video on my personal computer, it is an old but large monitor. Nothing boded trouble, but the door to the room opened and my beloved found me. It turns out that for women this is a blow to pride.
  5. I want to give my wife a gift. Hello guys, my wife's birthday is coming soon. I have already decided where to celebrate, but I have not decided on a gift. She hinted to me about skin rejuvenation, something about some kind of hyaluronic acid. I don't understand anything about this. Please advise.
  6. Hello everyone, I am planning to move to Hong Kong and start my business there. I want to open a market place for spare parts for cars. All goods from the USA for American cars, in order to have a profit in the exclusive segment. Someone has experience in such matters. Tell us.
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