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  1. Dodge Tomahawk The fastest motorcycle on the planet! The motorcycle did not go into production. Each bike is assembled by hand. There are about 10 of these in the world. This monster has the same "monster engine" at its core: an 8.2-liter V10 engine with 500 hp. allows the Tomahawk to accelerate to 468 km / h. Manufacturers say, in theory, their motorcycle is "drive" as much as 675 km / h! Only such a crazy pilot for test races was never found. Maximalism is American style!
  2. I listened to my playlist many times and I got bored with all the songs. You can omit the names of your favorite songs
  3. The structure of the cover letter is as follows: Appeal; Representation of the candidate, i.e. You; The purpose of your contact with the employer; Your value to the employer: skills and competitive advantages over other job seekers; Thanks and contact information.
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