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  1. I think Kia sportage is very good. Besides, Honda CR-V is also suitable for you, and the space is sufficient, and the interior space design is humanized.
  2. Personally, I think Mazda 3 is better, and I feel that the appearance of Mazda 2 is not so good and relatively small.
  3. How about Proton car? The positioning of Proton X70 is a family SUV with five seats and large space. It is highly praised in terms of safety, design and performance. As an SUV emphasizing comfort, the X70 is very competent and should meet your requirements.
  4. Hi, I would recommend Kia's new picanto, it is fashionable in shape. As a small car, it has a large trunk. It's easy to drive in the city, and it has a long-term warranty. I think it should be more suitable for you, in fact, you can also look at second-hand cars, which will be more affordable.
  5. Among the several cars you mentioned, I would recommend Honda cr-v 2016 because it has sufficient space and humanized interior design, with power enough and smooth, the same level of space is the largest, and configuration is very comprehensive, practical. In addition, I also recommend another car--Toyota Innova. Innova is an economical and multi-functional car. It is also like an SUV. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high engine power, durable handling and fuel saving. So I also recommend this car. Anyway, hope it helps you.
  6. Personally, I prefer Toyota Fortuner. It has good off-road performance and good exterior design, and it has a high cost performance. In addition, I think the large internal space can meet my needs, such as traveling. Besides, it's resistant to handling. It can drive under any road conditions. It's spacious. It's OK to go off-road slightly. Of course, fortuner is heavy, and it costs a lot of gas.
  7. I would recommend Toyota Fortuner. Fortuner's positioning combines multi-purpose MPV and four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, called SUV. The interior design adopts the basic format of MPV. The chairs with seven seats in three rows can be folded freely. There are many storage compartments in which sundries can be placed. I think the advantages are the reliability of the car and the off-road performance. The disadvantage is that the maintenance convenience of this model is not very advantageous.
  8. I just got to know about Toyota Innova recently. I've been struggling to buy it. I heard that Toyota innova is very good, but I'm afraid it will not be suitable for me. Your introduction just helps me.😃
  9. Replace lightweight tires or replace spark plugs of your Suzuki Swift. This should be a relatively simple way to improve power.You can also start with the intake and exhaust, ECU, which is more complicated.
  10. You said it in detail, because I bought a Kia Sportage before, so I always want to know more about other Kia models. It happens that I have learned about these two cars recently. Thank you for your introduction.☺️
  11. Personally, I prefer Kia. I have driven the Kia Sportage before. The Kia Sportage has a grand appearance and ample interior space. The price is not very expensive, but I think the fuel consumption is high and there is noise. So I think the overall quality is good.
  12. Hi! Do you still need to buy a car? Personally, I think Mitsubishi's car is good. It should be suitable for you, or Toyota Camry is also very good.
  13. I personally like the Mitsubishi, so I would recommend this one. If you want a racing car, maybe you can take a look at Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.
  14. Maybe don't start your Mitsubishi Montero Sport in a hurry. You can charge and preheat the car first, and then start a fire after a few minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the battery to maintain its normal voltage and liquid level. When the ignition fails to start, wait about 30 seconds for the engine to start again. Do not ignite continuously in case of running out of power. Hope it can help you.
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