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  1. I just got to know about Toyota Innova recently. I've been struggling to buy it. I heard that Toyota innova is very good, but I'm afraid it will not be suitable for me. Your introduction just helps me.πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Replace lightweight tires or replace spark plugs of your Suzuki Swift. This should be a relatively simple way to improve power.You can also start with the intake and exhaust, ECU, which is more complicated.
  3. You said it in detail, because I bought a Kia Sportage before, so I always want to know more about other Kia models. It happens that I have learned about these two cars recently. Thank you for your introduction.☺️
  4. Personally, I prefer Kia. I have driven the Kia Sportage before. The Kia Sportage has a grand appearance and ample interior space. The price is not very expensive, but I think the fuel consumption is high and there is noise. So I think the overall quality is good.
  5. Hi! Do you still need to buy a car? Personally, I think Mitsubishi's car is good. It should be suitable for you, or Toyota Camry is also very good.
  6. I personally like the Mitsubishi, so I would recommend this one. If you want a racing car, maybe you can take a look at Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.
  7. Maybe don't start your Mitsubishi Montero Sport in a hurry. You can charge and preheat the car first, and then start a fire after a few minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the battery to maintain its normal voltage and liquid level. When the ignition fails to start, wait about 30 seconds for the engine to start again. Do not ignite continuously in case of running out of power. Hope it can help you.
  8. I wanted to buy a white car before, but I finally bought a black Camry.πŸ˜‚ I think it is necessary to clean them in time. For white cars, once stained with stains, it will be very obvious. Of course, for general dirt and other stains, it is easy to clean, so that it can be prevented. And regular waxing is one of the maintenance of white car paint.
  9. I recommend Toyota Vios. After all, the quality and workmanship of weichi cars are very good, and they are very cheap. And it's durable. I think it will fit your brother.
  10. Or you can take a look at the Toyota Camry, Toyota has high quality, good durability and high reliability. The overall feeling is quite commercial, with low fuel consumption, and its performance can stand the test in all aspects.
  11. Are you a beginner in racing? There are a lot of good cars. It depends on your specific requirements. Like several Ford cars are very good and suitable for racing, such as Ford Escort, Ford Fiesta, or Nissan 240sx. You can also check out the relevant automobile websites.
  12. If you need a car with more space, I would recommend Toyota Fortuner. The positioning of Fortuner is a combination of multi-purpose MPV and four-wheel drive SUV. The interior design adopts the basic format of MPV. The chairs with seven seats in three rows can be folded freely. There are many storage compartments in which sundries can be placed. But for people who are not used to such a big car, it may not be able to control it well. Despite the problem of getting on and off the bus, Fortuner is basically excellent in handling and performance, and it's not very expensive.
  13. The Audi a3s is good, and second-hand ones are not too expensive. If you really want it, I suggest you go to the forum to see more relevant information about Audi. If you buy a used car, you must ask about the situation of the car, and then drive for a test. Remember to check and see if there are any problems.
  14. Maybe you can take a look at the Yaris 2019, which can be used as a daily commuter, and it is not very expensive. It also drives smoothly and handles flexibly, with a large space.
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