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  1. This time the fuel-efficient champion is still won by the 2019 champion HONDA Vario 150 with a test value of fuel consumption exceeding 50km/h! Vario's fuel consumption performance was 51.8km/L in the urban area and 61.3km/L at a fixed speed. The test value came to the spectrum of 55.2km/L. Using a water-cooled 150c.c. engine, it achieved such results, which can be said to be quite eye-catching. The Vario is a large wheel model manufactured by HONDA in Southeast Asia. It is equipped with HONDA's exclusive idling stop technology. The vehicle can be started without starting the motor without any noise or jitter. It is similar to the runner-up SYM FNX. Vario may seem a little strange to Taiwanese riders. In fact, it is a very popular car in Southeast Asia. In addition to the unique idling stop technology just mentioned, Vario uses the Smart Key smart key system. The Keyless design is not only convenient, but also has the functions of car search and anti-theft. In addition, it also uses a 14-inch large wheel diameter design and full-car LED lamps, but the car weight can be controlled at 112 kg. In this investigation, it was unexpected that two of the top three were won by imported cars from Southeast Asia, but unfortunately none of the Taiwan distributors introduced them, and they can only be purchased through trade car dealers.
  2. The main reason is to be optimistic about the physique of yamaha R15 V3 itself, then come to the Y brand faith, and buy a practice car. In fact, it is really exciting to see the specifications given at the beginning. The surround-type car, the Euro-wing rear swing arm, the multi-link rear shock, the inverted front fork, and the front LED headlights, equipped with VVA variable valve technology The BLUE CORE engine, six-speed gearbox and sliding clutch actually give people a very heroic feeling. I can’t help but admire that the Y brand is so rare and soft. The support of the suspension is actually very sufficient. The braking aspect needs to be strengthened. It's a pity, but a small modification can solve this problem. The timing of the slip clutch intervention is very keen, and there is no feeling of slow half-beat. VVA gives the power of the entire engine, I think it is like a fast horse equipped with excellent horseshoes to get better power assistance.
  3. Reasons for buying XMAX I rode AN400 before, and I wanted to change the bike in the beginning of 19, but I bought XMAX300 after being recommended by a friend. How is it equipped? I read the comments before buying that the original shock absorber is not very good, and I myself feel that the original shock absorber is not handsome enough, so I replaced it with a modified one as soon as the car was delivered. The brakes are replaced by many riders, but I don’t think it is necessary, and because they look good on the outside, I gave it up. In addition, my favorite part of this car is the headlights. How is the control? The sense of manipulation is great! Compared with the previous model, it is more flexible and better when cornering. It often rides on corners, so it feels very different from the previous AN400, but the seat is really not very good. Need to change sitting position. How is the power performance? The acceleration is brisk and the start is ideal, but the tail speed is not ideal because the displacement is only 300. Views and experiences on the "riding posture" of your car Except for a higher sitting posture How does the ride feel? The riding space is basically okay, but the front and rear seats are not comfortable due to the height of the seat. How useful is it? It’s very practical, looks good and it’s in place. I don’t have a back box and it’s very useful. Because I often play football, it’s very important for me to be able to stand on the center column. After playing football, I can put my shoes, clothes and pants together. It’s put into the car, and the safety design can be hung directly outside. It is also a great function for me. I don’t need to wear a helmet to walk around. In addition, it is very convenient for parking. People, don't worry too much. After owning it, what advantages do you think XMAX has? The body is light and starts quickly and fuel consumption is low. The best part is that there are many modifications. After you own it, what are the shortcomings of your car? The seat is relatively high, single-disc, and not enough light is one of them. After you own it, what parts of your car do you think is worth or needs to be modified? Straight through tube! It would be better to change to a dual disc. I have not tried the original rear shock absorber, but there are nine out of ten to replace it. It is normal to replace it. Have you encountered any interesting things while riding XMAX? Because I often have to carry people, the back seat is not very comfortable at first, because the sitting posture is uncomfortable and I don’t ride slowly, sometimes I have to sit forward, so I asked me to change the car after a month’s ride. , I was terrified (the modification fee is not small)! Fortunately, I DIY the rear seat to increase the pedals, which is not a waste, a trivial matter.
  4. In fact, at the beginning, I wanted to buy a large-displacement motorcycle as a holiday car, and then use it with a pedal to go to work. The purpose of a holiday car is a "toy", so it may not need to be very practical, but it must be very interesting, but it is helpless because I had about 12 car accidents in a year, with an average of once a month. All of them were victims of accidents, such as oil stains falling, parking being hit, waiting for the red car to be pulled, and the front wheel calipers of the car being abnormally locked. In addition, family members are biased against motorcycles and worry that large displacement is more dangerous, so the plan of purchasing large displacement can only be abandoned. Looking at the small displacement, but having fun never dies, I decided to look for cars with more "fun" in the small displacement. And whether the car can be realized at the same time in terms of practicality and fun on holiday. Actually, I personally love imitation racing cars like R15V3, but love does not mean that you are suitable for riding imitation racing. At the beginning, imitation racing has never been listed as the first consideration, which probably means that besides the low problem, imitation racing cars are not suitable for installation boxes or side boxes, and even if they are simply installed, the aesthetic feeling of the original imitation racing cars will be broken. Because I've been thinking about this question for months, but I haven't answered it. But then think about it. Since the orientation is art, why do you think so much? So in the end, it only took about a week to decide which car to buy, and then began to inquire and buy some cars.
  5. From the end of 2019 to early 2020, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R became public attention as a 250 cc sports motorbike with a four-cylinder engine was revived. Those who are curious about it can't wait to have it. No wonder after being launched, this motorbike immediately became a game to own and modify. Even the new price was played so far from the original price which was estimated at Rp. 96 million and Rp. 112.9 million. As a product that has been injected for a long time and been revived, Kawasaki Heavy Industries as the parent company does not want to bear it, everything is made to the maximum and totality. Yes, in appearance, of course, it is very different from the old ZX-25R which has a body that tends to be rounded and fat. This latest model looks more sporty and aggressive, and uses the latest Ninja family design language. If you are familiar with the latest Kawasaki Ninja 250 model, at first glance the figure of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R 2021 looks the same. But if you pay attention there are several differences in detail. What stole the most attention, especially if it was not a 249.8 cc engine, iinline four, DOHC 16 valve with fuel injection intake. The shrill of the engine at high rotation is very indulgent ears. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R 2021 is offered with two variants, namely the Ninja ZX-25R Standard, which is sold for Rp. 96 million with only one color choice, black. Then the Ninja ZX-25R ABS SE, which was released at Rp. 112.9 million with three color choices, namely green, black and blue. Prices are listed on the road in Jakarta.
  6. Harga Honda BEAT terbaru tampaknya banyak dicari banyak orang. Benar saja, hal ini dikarenakan Honda BEAT merupakan salah satu produk motor otomatis terlaris di Tanah Air. Produk Honda ini didukung oleh berbagai fitur yang dapat memberikan berbagai kemudahan bagi pengendara. Selain itu, desain yang ditawarkan juga memiliki pesona tersendiri. Honda Beat memiliki bentuk dan ukuran yang ringkas sehingga tepat ketika digunakan untuk aktivitas sehari-hari. Terlepas dari sisi yang ringkas, Honda Beat dilengkapi dengan transmisi otomatis yang memudahkan untuk beroperasi. Selain itu, motor ini juga merupakan salah satu motor dengan konsumsi bahan bakar yang sangat ekonomis dibandingkan kompetitornya. Dengan berbagi keunggulan Honda Beat, rasanya sepadan dengan label harga yang ditawarkan Honda Beat. Oleh karena itu, jika Anda tertarik untuk memiliki Honda Beat, di bawah Liputana6.com telah merangkum situs resmi PT. Astra Honda Motor mengenai informasi harga Honda Beat terbaru dan spesifikasi teknis terperinci, Selasa (15/9/2020). Honda BEAT jenis ini memiliki harga yang cukup murah. Pada tipe ini, Honda menjual Honda Beat CBS harga Rp. 16.450.000 untuk OTR DKI Jakarta. Namun, harga Honda Beat CBS dapat berubah se waktu tanpa pemberitahuan lebih lanjut. Honda Beat tipe CBS tersedia dalam empat pilihan warna, yaitu Funk Red Black, Techno Blue White, Hard Rock Black, dan Dance White.
  7. Pardasuka Village, Kab. Tanggamus, Lampung and several other areas in Lampung were flooded due to heavy rainfall.This is one of the locations affected by natural disasters in addition to other areas throughout Indonesia. Seeing this, toyota rush and Daihatsu Terios users who are members of the All New Rush Terios Indonesia (Alert) community in Lampung region held a social service event, visiting areas affected by natural disasters in Lampung (24/1).
  8. Mobil ini cukup ekonomis untuk otomatis, untuk perjalanan kombinasi jalan tol dan jalan biasa, penggunaan sehari-hari normal bisa mencapai 13 Km/L menggunakan Pertamax, tenaga dan torsinya sangat melimpah, eksteriornya tampan, penanganannya nyaman dan ringan, hanya saja memalukan, suspensinya masih terasa keras. Dibanding rival di kelasnya, sisa mobil ini sangat layak dibeli, harga Suzuki XL7 terjangkau
  9. Desa Pardaska, Cub. Beberapa wilayah Tangamas lainnya, Lampung, dan Lampung terendam banjir akibat hujan deras. Hal ini merupakan salah satu tempat yang terdampak bencana alam, selain wilayah Indonesia lainnya. Melihat hal tersebut, pengguna Toyota Rush dan Daihatsu Terios, anggota komunitas Lampung All New Rush Terios Indonesia (Waspada), menggelar acara kesejahteraan sosial untuk mengunjungi daerah-daerah yang terdampak bencana alam di Lampung (24/1). "Alhamdulillah bahkan selama periode refleksi ini, beberapa anggota kami masih bersedia untuk mendirikan sebagian properti mereka dan menyerahkannya kepada masyarakat." "Ini juga merupakan agenda rutin kami, termasuk kegiatan sosial dalam beberapa kegiatan," kata Hari, kepala kewaspadaan di wilayah Lampung. Perjalanan dari kota Bandar Lampung ke desa Pardaska akan berlangsung pada pagi hari. Di lokasi itu, rombongan disambut oleh Siti PujiLestari, kepala daerah Pardasca. Camat juga dapat membantu Anda mengkoordinasikan bantuan dari masyarakat siaga untuk menjangkau penerima. Sangat menyenangkan bisa tetap positif dalam keluarga komunitas ini. Serta digunakan sebagai kebutuhan pokok bagi kerabat Lampung, donasi yang terkumpul juga dapat digunakan untuk mengirimkan donasi kepada saudara-saudara di Kalimantan Selatan yang terdampak bencana," kata Febriana, perwakilan masyarakat. Komunitas mobil kembar ini berharap pandemi dan bencana alam segera berakhir. Namun, hal ini tidak menghalangi aktivitas masyarakat aktif untuk berbagi dengan sesama.
  10. Di pasar Honda Brio pada 2013, penjualan murah mulai dari Rp 75 jutaan. Dari catatan kami Rp 75 juta bisa minta Honda Brio 2013 tipe Satya A M/ T Karena banyaknya varian yang ditawarkan, harga Honda Brio bekas beragam. Varian Honda Brio Satya A M/T dijual seharga Rp 75 juta. Untuk yang paling mahal, menurut data kami, yang dipegang oleh 1,3 A /T seharga Rp 110 juta. Berikut adalah daftar harga Honda Brio bekas yang diambil dari Gridoto.com di sini. 1.2 A/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 95 juta 1.2 M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 95 juta 1.2 Satya A/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 100 juta 1.2 S A/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 100 juta 1.2 S M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 90 juta 1.2 S Satya M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 90 juta 1.3 A /T 2013 1.300 cc, 100 dk Rp 110 juta 1.3 M/T 2013 1.300 cc, 100 dk Rp 105 juta 1.3 S A/T 2013 1.300 cc, 100 dk Rp 95 juta 1.3 S M/ T 2013 1.300 cc, 100 dk Rp 95 juta Satya A M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 75 juta Satya M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 95 juta Satya S A/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 90 juta Satya S M/T 2013 1.200 cc, 89 dk Rp 85 juta Jangan khawatir tentang memiliki mesin Honda Freed. Sebelumnya, Otoseken telah memeriksa sesuatu tentang karakteristik umum di Honda Freed, kali ini kita akan membahas sektor mesin. Untuk sektor mesin Freed, Anda tidak perlu khawatir. Karena mesin L15A yang dioperasikan oleh Freed dan saudaranya Honda Jazz cukup tentatif. Namun ada satu masalah yang cukup ringan dan mudah diatasi. Biasanya, busi laser NGK IZFR6K-13 yang dibuat oleh pabrik tidak kuat jika tangki bahan bakar diisi dengan bahan bakar berkualitas rendah. "Gejala khasiatnya berkurang secara signifikan. Tidak bisa berjalan lebih dari 120km/jam," kata Rudy Solihin. Solusi ini cukup sederhana, cukup ganti busi dengan tipe yang sama dengan default pabrik. Alternatif lain juga bisa digunakan busi umum seperti NGK ZFR6K-11 seharga Rp 60-100.000 untuk empat buah. "Dampak terhadap kinerja sedikit lebih rendah dibandingkan kondisi normal, dan jika penggunaan busi tidak memenuhi persyaratan pabrik, akan sedikit lebih boros," kata Rudy. Masalah lain dengan Honda Freed jika kita membersihkan akselerator sambil menyesuaikan diri. Terkadang, setelah membersihkan dan memasang seperti sebelumnya, tidak aktif sedikit lebih tinggi dari biasanya. Biasanya 700 hingga 800 rpm dalam kondisi AC tertutup, ketika terjadi kesalahan menganggur, posisi drag hand menunjukkan sejumlah 1.000 rpm. Harga honda brio baru menjadi topik yang menjadi perhatian dan kami akan terus memperhatikannya
  11. Which car is better, Honda Civic or Toyota Fortuner? They have similar prices, but what's the difference?
  12. Dassy


    Visit to your local store and ask the change fee. Or make some posts on some professional platform and ask for help. If the price is finally out of your budget, maybe you can change another car, like Honda Jazz rs, or Toyota. I know it's very difficult, because this is a meaningful car for you. But the practicality is also crucial.
  13. You could buy a used car by your budget. Several used cars are still very popular, such as Honda Civic, Mezda and so on. Hope you can find the most suitable one.
  14. That is not a question. You can see that white cars are around the road. Nearly Every car has a white model, such as toyota, honda and so on. The car is not equal to your clothes. Cleaning your car regularly is a necessary stuff when you have your own car. If you really want to save your money, try your best to find the indoor parking lots.
  15. First, you can find more Audi information on its forum and ask some suggestions. Then you can pay a visit to your locar store and have a driving experinence. I think with personal experience and good preparation, you can make a choice.
  16. If you are still worried about the car credit, I would recommend you to click to this website. It can help you do the best choice and give you many useful information about kredit mobil. Hope you can find a good car.
  17. I would recommend Honda Civic2011 according to your budget. It is energetic, sleek and aerodynamic
  18. I have done some research about auto loans, and I will recommend this platform. You can learn more details about kredit mobil and pick the best one.
  19. I strongly recommend you to buy Toyota Avanza. In terms of price, you can say that it is not too expensive. Most importantly, you own a family car with an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission has become one of the main focuses in recent years.
  20. I konw a good platform, which can provide you a lot of useful information about kredit mobil.
  21. You can brouse some car forums and find some advice. It finally depends on your investment and interest. I will recomend you this wesite, you can find useful information about how to buy an proper car. For instance, Honda, Toyota and so on. Hope your enjoy your driving and take care.
  22. I would say Honda Civic. It has a powerful engine. The 1,498 cc engine is capable of releasing a maximum power of 173 PS at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 220 Nm. Besides, it contains many aftersales network and can support 5 Star Safety.
  23. Honda is a good choice. It's very comfortable and has a lot of space. The fuel consumption is currently only 8.9L per 100 kilometers. The 2.0 engine is completely satisfactory for home use. There is no pressure to start or accelerate, and it is completely sufficient after a full load.
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