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  1. Which car is better, Honda Civic or Toyota Fortuner? They have similar prices, but what's the difference?
  2. Dassy


    Visit to your local store and ask the change fee. Or make some posts on some professional platform and ask for help. If the price is finally out of your budget, maybe you can change another car, like Honda Jazz rs, or Toyota. I know it's very difficult, because this is a meaningful car for you. But the practicality is also crucial.
  3. You could buy a used car by your budget. Several used cars are still very popular, such as Honda Civic, Mezda and so on. Hope you can find the most suitable one.
  4. That is not a question. You can see that white cars are around the road. Nearly Every car has a white model, such as toyota, honda and so on. The car is not equal to your clothes. Cleaning your car regularly is a necessary stuff when you have your own car. If you really want to save your money, try your best to find the indoor parking lots.
  5. First, you can find more Audi information on its forum and ask some suggestions. Then you can pay a visit to your locar store and have a driving experinence. I think with personal experience and good preparation, you can make a choice.
  6. If you are still worried about the car credit, I would recommend you to click to this website. It can help you do the best choice and give you many useful information about kredit mobil. Hope you can find a good car.
  7. I would recommend Honda Civic2011 according to your budget. It is energetic, sleek and aerodynamic
  8. I have done some research about auto loans, and I will recommend this platform. You can learn more details about kredit mobil and pick the best one.
  9. I strongly recommend you to buy Toyota Avanza. In terms of price, you can say that it is not too expensive. Most importantly, you own a family car with an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission has become one of the main focuses in recent years.
  10. I konw a good platform, which can provide you a lot of useful information about kredit mobil.
  11. You can brouse some car forums and find some advice. It finally depends on your investment and interest. I will recomend you this wesite, you can find useful information about how to buy an proper car. For instance, Honda, Toyota and so on. Hope your enjoy your driving and take care.
  12. I would say Honda Civic. It has a powerful engine. The 1,498 cc engine is capable of releasing a maximum power of 173 PS at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 220 Nm. Besides, it contains many aftersales network and can support 5 Star Safety.
  13. Honda is a good choice. It's very comfortable and has a lot of space. The fuel consumption is currently only 8.9L per 100 kilometers. The 2.0 engine is completely satisfactory for home use. There is no pressure to start or accelerate, and it is completely sufficient after a full load.
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