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  1. Should I install a hydraulic e-brake, or just keep the stock hand break and use it to drift?
  2. Honestly just become a mechanic, I gave someone advice for FREE, that would’ve costed them like $400 in person.
  3. Complete Gearbox w/welded diff for trans, go to a pick-a-part and get parts for half off
  4. Simple solution, lightly turn to the left, and yank the steering wheel to the right, then floor it while already moving, ez pz, if you don’t die, you’re good! If you die, I was never here, what’s this
  5. No problem! ;D If you need cheaper parts, you can search for a pick a part near you, you can get small or big parts for a lot off, like a muffler would be $100-$250 new, if you go to a pick a part, you can get a muffler for around $30. I don’t use mufflers 😉, but it’s just a example. When you get the engine running, leave it run for around 10-15 minutes, roll up all the windows and close the doors, this will help charge the battery and get it going, after you leave it running for 10-15 minutes, turn it off for a minute, and turn it back on, if the engine only turns on once, that means there’s still mechanical issues, if it turns over all the time, that means your good.
  6. Yes, the solenoid could be the issue, but it isn’t just the solenoid, it could be the solenoid housing, or the wires itself, one faulty wire could cause an engine to not run, you can do what I said before and rent or use a multimeter, and check to see if the housing, along with wires is getting electricity passed through it, also, here’s a quote from Google that might help answer your question! ^^ ”When the solenoid goes bad, something happens so there is inadequate or no current to the starter when you turn the key. Internal corrosion may freeze the slug in its “away” position. ... And that's what happens when a solenoid goes bad — the engine won't turn over.” I was a bit lazy to explain it on my own, I do have a question for you however, how much did you get your van for? I searched and couldn’t find any used or new, thanks! ^^
  7. I can maybe help with the vehicle only giving you “3 clicks”. I’m gonna give a quick explanation and link a video explaining it in more depth. The first thing your gonna want to check is to see if your battery has any voltage, as you said you’ve jumped it already so I assume it does. If your battery has voltage, check to see if your spark plugs even has electricity passing through them, you can rent a multimeter, or just use one from a friend, or use one if you have your own. Now that you have a multimeter, test to see if the spark plugs are R.I.P or, work perfectly fine. If your spark plugs are good, next your gonna want to check your timing belt, you can probably look up your engine model and see how to get to your timing belt, most of the time when a timing belt is loose, it’ll skip hinges, or it’ll be off the hinges completely, if either of these issues is occurring , I recommend replacing your timing belt all to get her, instead of fixing your current one, the problems will continue to come back if you keep fixing the same one over and over. Timing belts normally last only 10 years, so you might be a little overdue... Heres a video going a little more in depth, hope I could’ve been some help!
  8. Hello, I’m really pondering whether I should continue to restore my 78’ Monte Carlo. I got the car for free, and all the emblems, are rust free and in perfect shape, the rear body work was spray painted on saying, ”Rip Prince”. Then, the lower rear fender rusted, and was spray painted with white spray paint (cars color). WHY. Repairs Needed I figured that each fender I would have to replace would be around 325 each, each fender has a chrome lip on the bottom of it, which is in perfect condition, and each fender is in good condition, but the front left fender has a huge dent in it, attempted repair with hot glue, and when it failed, they gave up and never tried again, every other fender besides the rear left fender with the spray painted rust. I also need new trunk carpet, new rear seats, new passenger seat, new drivers side door panel, new door hinges, new front windshield. The windshield is optional, but I want to replace the oem windshield with a after market one that says Brandi in cursive, triibute to my dog ;-(. I also need a new carburetor, along with new gas pedals, new dash ENTIRELY. I also need new wheels/rims all around. Cosmetics/Paint The color of the Monte Carlo current is white, but if you look deep, like in the trunk or inside of the doors, the color is a deep red maroon. Inside of every 78’ Monte Carlo, the door panels inside with the windows, are regularly the cars oem color. I was to repaint the car a candy paint maroon, along with keeping the red interior, this costs around $325.00 for a inside and out wrap though. I’m also gonna get a front windshield sticker that says Brandi, which is only $10.00, but is priceless to me. So, Let me know what you think, should I repair it, or sell it? One last concern I have is, fully restored Monte Carlos go for $10,000-25,000. ok thanks for reading, or not 😕
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